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  1. I just finished watching episode 14...I do not think they did the deed yet. I can't explain it but I am 90% sure of it.
  2. The rating is low for this wonderful drama. I guess SK people are not into fangirling stuffs ( the subject matter turns people off- maybe???).
  3. I still love the show regardless...I have been PMY fan since her first show and always watched and supported her and I still do and I never looked at too much at her previous co-stars (they were all hot)...but somehow in this show in most of the scenes my focus tense to shift to KJW more that I look at PMY. Ryan is so so beautiful!!!! HPL ROCKS in my book.
  4. I am not at all disappointed about the bed scene(we have to remember that this isn't an erotic genre); it was beautifully done, and it was lovely scene. The story development was flowing nicely. I bet the creator of this show wants to save the best for last...maybe we'll get a steamy scene that we are all craving for.....
  5. How come it is so quiet here today. Is episode 13 not as good as the previous episodes? I was busy with life so I was not active in lurking around here.
  6. One thing that's worth buying is investment (invest your time on yourself and invest your money on buying assets that will produce you money so that you don't have to go to work for other people).
  7. @bobacha we are in the same situation. I have to say watching HPL has been a very entertaining ride. Reading through, all the messages, recaps, opinions, and a lot of great edited videos and gifs, is as much fun as watching the drama itself. Thanks everyone for making my life a less stressful one. Also: What I like about this forum and KJW -PMY forum is that we are seeing a lot of positive sides of fandom. No one is putting anyone else done. Lets enjoy this wonderful drama and our Leads and continue to make it a vibrant and positive place.
  8. I think when she got home after the overnight tripe and starts going through all the pictures she took of Ryan.
  9. I'm tempted to start watch Voice 1 while waiting for episode 12. Anyone here would recommend that I should watch Voice 1?
  10. Are you sure PMY is in the same generation as these girls? I believe Jun Ji Hyun started acting awhile back since 1998 while Song Kye Kyo started back prior to 2000. I think PMY debuted around 2007(correct me if I am wrong) I have to say that PMY acting abilities is comparable to these actresses but her on screen KISSING abilities and her CHEMISTRY with her co-actors has surpassed majorities of her peers and/or her senior actresses. Back to HPL, episode 10 is so so good. I'm loving our leads (on screen and off screen).
  11. I watched WWWSK ( don't expect too much ...just watch for the gorgeous actors) for PMY as she is great in every drama. Seven Day Queen was great and it was better than WWWSK in term of story telling.
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