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  1. I don't think the writer has enough time make the ending any better. I still like this show regardless.
  2. today's rating per https://wiki.d-addicts.com Date Episode Nielsen Korea (%) Nationwide Seou 2019-10-16 15 7.981 8.405
  3. I've seen multiple JNR's interviews in the past and I've noticed she seems to have been a little awkward and a little reserve toward her previous co-stars. She looks very comfortable with LSY and she has a lot of skinship going on with him offscreen ( such as high five, hitting him, etc..). I would not be surprised if these two become reel after this show ends.
  4. This is the only one show excite me every week!!! Love the craziness this has brought us to the viewers.
  5. today's rating per wiki.d-addicts.com Date Episode Nielsen Korea (%) Nationwide Seoul 2019-10-09 13 7.316 7.808
  6. As much as I love Mo Suk Kee (ISH is killing this role - I'm happy for her that Graceful Familiy is doing well)....but my most favorite Mo's family member is...PICASSO. The reason is because his/her( not sure if picasso is a boy or a girl) name is easy to remember.
  7. I just finished watching the movie " the witch part 1" and i really love Kim Da Mi. She's really a good actress. Can't wait for this drama. PSJ is great also.
  8. I think we will get to see more of her works since she certainly can act (especially her eyes - with more roles she'll get better). If you notice the romancing scenes you can see that she outshines SSR 's acting with her lovingly gazing eyes. Don't get me wrong SSR is fantastic actor but when it comes to romancing he may not be the best. Overall - I really like this show a lot and i cried a lot for ED and JH scenes (the last scene made me cry of happiness for them).
  9. @AlexandraReid how is the rating in Taiwan work? Is the rating for BWGM considered good or bad?
  10. I really like this show because I just became Puff's fan after watching WGM with Kim Heechul. I hate the fact that this is a 1 episode per week drama.
  11. I just started watching this show because i just realized the main female lead is from Eulachacha Waikiki season 1. I really loved her on that show and she's doing very well here.
  12. @luvcrabbieshinhwa my apologies, I misread your subtitles question. This site has English subtitle only and I normally download the file to watch since I could never get good reception via streaming.
  13. I will watch this show regardless. Hopefully he proves me wrong ( actually he doesn't have to prove anything to me...he's a mega rich actor so he won't need my support). I'm going back to being a lurker. Thank you for your thought and perspective. Have a wonderful day or night.
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