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[Drama 2019-2020] Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀


The love wrectangle and the kiss prediction  

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  1. 1. Who will Seol Ah end up with ?

    • Tae Rang ! The poster says it all . TR is a complete sweetheart, he made her a better person and the feelings are mutual.
    • Jin Woo ! 10 years of marriage , deep remorse & repentance, 200% effort . Deep down SA just needed to realise she loves him too.
    • Men ? Who needs them ? She should just focus on her career... ( please don't kill me dear male viewers :D)
    • Let's not waste their chemistry - I think Jin Woo and Tae Rang should be the end game.
  2. 2. How many more kisses will we get from Jun Hwi and Chung Ah?

    • This is a family drama...so we will be lucky to get one more...
    • What ?! With their chemistry , there would be at least two more.
    • The power of positive thinking - one every weekend! :D

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The problem this show has is balance.  We can count the amount of likeable characters on one hand.  When all we see is characters you'd love to throw into a wood chipper it's hard to motivate yourself to watch, even if you really the two stars.

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I want to first of all thank the person who recommended this show to me as well as the invite to join this thread. I finally caught up with the show and I seem to be enjoying it so far. Certainly there are characters that I don’t like in this show but that is to be expected and yes they are mostly the same as the rest of you as well. Infact I seem to have nicknames for most of the characters already as well.


Now before I start of I want to just want to ask just how badly was Cheong Ah bullied in school that she ended up with bruises that she decided to attempt suicide. I actually sympathize with her character not that it does her any good.




Someone asked as to why she never reported this fact to her parents or even the school and another response to this was that she didn’t want her parents to worry. I think to an extent that is correct but she may have also realized that informing them would be of no use. The simple but sad truth of the matter is that no matter how much schools or teachers claim to care about a student’s wellbeing and welfare that is mostly hogwash unfortunately. So unless you have influential parents or sufficient evidence to back up your claims you might as well forget the school taking any kind of action in regards to your claims. Her parents don’t seem to have any kind of influence so telling them would worry them at most. Actually perhaps only her mother would be the one worrying her dead beat of a dad wouldn’t care a bit. Also while she did have the physical evidence of a beating I doubt that she had any witness that could verify her claims that she was actually getting bullied. Infact her claims could easily backfire because the bullies could easily claim that they never touched her and that perhaps she was getting abused at home and she was blaming that on them.

It’s possible that if she involved her sister in her problems she might have been able to resolve the issue but I doubt that the sister would have gone to that extent since she mostly only thinks about herself and not of others.


Another problem of bullying is that there is no clear cut solution to it and it also varies from place to place. For instance, if the school decided to take action at most they could do one of two things. Which would be to either suspend or expel the bully. But this may not always get the result that the school wants. In these cases, it is very possible that the bully can easily retaliate on their victim when they return or simply take out their revenge for being reported when the student is out of school. If reported the school can easily claim that while the student’s safety is their concern that will only be valid while the student is on school premises. If the bullying happens outside the school won’t bother to take responsibility for the matter and claim that anything that happens outside are the problems for the children and their parents at best.


In all the years that I had been a student I have only heard of one case of expulsion for bullying but like I said in that case there were ample witness to that event that the bully couldn’t escape the punishment. It also probably didn’t help his case that a few days prior to him bullying said classmate this student had threatened one of his classmates with a flick knife. That certainly didn’t do him any favours and before someone wonders just what grade this was in. the kid was in the 6th grade if I am not mistaken. His actions would probably lead him on to the path of a delinquent if he didn’t learn from his actions but that is me going of topic.


So in short I feel like her telling anyone about her problems probably wouldn’t solve anything. Her best bet would have been to either stay in a group or simply ignore the matter. Note some people may think that ignoring the bullies is efficient and that they will eventually lose interest when the victim doesn’t fight back. But that is either untrue or you have to be extremely patient as it can take a long time for them to lose interest. Ignoring them simply makes them think that the victim is indeed weak and they continue with their harassment.


Sorry for rambling about this. But bullying is a bit of a sensitive topic for me. So I will leave that for now and move on to other parts of the show.


Someone also asked whether or not Pa-Rang was joking when he said that his sister may have found her real parents. From what I have gathered none of the kids are biologically related. This could be seen when they had that meal and the thing that they recited. Can’t recall the exact words but it was like they had more water in them or something to that extent. Their point being that there are some things that are stronger than blood and those bonds are just as strong for them.


Then we have the Judge mother. Who appears to be righteous to the extent that she doesn’t care whether a person is from a rich family like herself or that she pained the full inheritance tax that others might avoid. But the sad truth is that she is worse because she has abused her positon. Remember the case of hit and run in which her son was involved in. Guess what she didn’t simply cover it up. She did something worse she made someone else take the fall for said crime as well. No wonder her son is full of guilt that he wanted to kill himself. Though I do wonder if Cheong Ah had agreed to date him that day would he have still committed suicide or not because according to his letter to his brother he did mention that he wanted to live or something to that extent.


Speaking of that event it seems that neither of the people involved have fully recovered. The judge seems to get concerned whenever she sees someone in such a positon since she thinks back to her son and probably does still suspect that he committed suicide but tries to comfort herself whenever she thinks of what Cheong Ah told her. Ie that he died trying to save her life as that is a much better alternative.


His brother aka Soldier seems to be indifferent but that is further from the truth but for him it is different because he has a better idea of the matter due to the letter that he received. Thank god for snail mail.


As for Cheong Ah I think that she to hasn’t fully recovered from her own trauma. If one thinks about it she probably isn’t living her own life but the life for him as he mentioned. Remember prior to attempting suicide she had more than given up on studying since she knew that she wasn’t all that smart. Perhaps since she had given up on life that might have also been the reason. But now she is suddenly studying real hard and whenever she goes out she is sure to take his student ID with her. In other words, she is living the life for him and she needs to live her own life if she wants to get over the trauma that she has


The one good thing though is that she wants to do this on her own. If I know the judge she probably would have been more than willing to pay for her education but she probably refused and deliberately kept her distance from her for this reason.


Speaking of the last episode and its ending. Have no fear she isn’t going to get caught or recognized. It simply is too early for that to happen at this point. Remember Soldier is also there and he will instantly find out her identity and we really can’t have that if we want to stretch this for fifty episodes and all. This means that he will come to her rescue and tell his Aunt that she is here to see him or something to that extent. Basically he will point out that since she isn’t an employee at the company there is no way that she could know who the Aunt is.


Oh by the way I really considered what nickname to give her. I came up with Wicked Witch of Korea. But since I already gave the witch title to two people in my last drama and people would start to complain that I don’t have much originality when it comes to nicknames I decided to go with Harpy instead. She clearly is a character that we are meant to hate and she does it well. I don’t know about the actress comment that she didn’t want to play a villainess again but the director managed to convince her to play it since her role was that of a Cute Villainess. To be honest I have seen her in a few shows but she never was a real villainess more like a supporting role to the main second lead or something to that extent. As for her being cute I disagree with their assessment. There is nothing cute about her screaming like that and treating her underlings like dirt. Frankly I enjoy it everytime one of those people talk back to her. Such as her current maid who not only refuses to quit until she calls her by her proper name and all. Harpy is nothing but a big bully. So it seems that this show really is about bullies and bullying. I will admit that her screaming does seem a bit funny at times but then we have to remember that those people on the receiving end don’t feel it like that. Therefore, I also don’t find it all that amusing as I once thought it would be.


Come to think of it she tries to claim that Seol Ah might have been the one to leak the photos of Dojin and Her coming out of a hotel room but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out in the end that was her doing. She might have thought that it would have been enough to make them break up but instead her son decided to marry her something that she was against. On one hand I do understand her concern as a mother but she tends to go overboard in her actions. Which is probably why she doesn’t get along with Seol Ah. Seol Ah is someone that holds her own to an extent which the mother isn’t used to. Somehow I feel like Seol Ah might have her issues but at the same time she might have tried to be a good DiL and would have eventually fallen in love with her husband. But due to the nature of her MiL it would have been extremely difficult. For instance, in one episode she tried to bring her flowers and what was Harpy’s reaction. Throw the flowers in the bin and when she cut her own fingers trying to snatch those flowers away she tried to blame that on Seol Ah. Seol Ah certainly didn’t get the life that she was expecting but I guess that is her equivalent exchange for her current life style.


In some ways I do feel sorry for Seol Ah. She lives in a gilded cage. So to others she may have the perfect happy life but that is far from the truth. But then again that is the path she chose on her own and no one forced her to do so. Plus, she doesn’t seem to care all that much about her family to the extent that she has not only cut of all ties with them but also claims to be an orphan.


Regardless of this from the people that I really hate she probably comes somewhere in the bottom. Harpy really takes the cake for the most detestable person followed by her father. Then the Two Mothers can have a toss up between who is worse.


Speaking of her mother does anyone think that the writer is planning another show where the parent ends up with a major illness. The mother has been shown to have pain in her chest and is shown in the preview to be at the hospital. Please don’t let her have cancer and who will at the last moment have regrets for her actions which caused a lot of problems for her children and all. Infact her actions harmed other people as well. Consider the fact that she considers Baek Rim as a potential SiL she is now willing to throw him under the bridge just so that she can protect her daughter. While I can understand a parents will to protect their child they must know that certain lines mustn’t be crossed because instead of helping them it will either hinder them or turn them into monsters.


I do have a question regarding Seol Ah though. Someone mentioned how could she behave like that towards Cheong Ah when she knew that her sister tried to commit suicide. Does she even know that her sister tried to do that? From what I gathered was that her parents told her that the victim was someone that Cheong Ah knew and that she had only gone there to persuade him not to commit suicide but that she failed. So in this case she is only aware that one of the party was going to die and not her sister. Perhaps if she was aware of the truth she would have been better towards her. It did seem that the sisters used to be on better terms before her wedding.


Now on to the fact that many people blame Chef’s sister for her affair with Dojin. To this I would mention that she isn’t entirely to blame. Sure going after a married man is a thing but did she know that her boss was married. Her brother didn’t seem to be aware of who Seol Ah was prior to the accident so it is slightly possible that the same could be said for his sister as well. Though that is highly unlikely since she closely worked with her boss. But that isn’t my real issue here. To be honest it takes two to tango and Dojin was probably equally at fault as well over here. We know that he probably didn’t cheat on his wife until the day of the accident. But the question is just when do we consider him cheating. Does the kiss between the two start the affair or was it something else? For instance, when we consider his past actions we might consider that as the starting point. What I mean by this is that he took her on numerous business trips some of them even abroad. Was she truly needed on those trips. We know from his mother’s words that he switched another secretary for this current trip (or was it a driver. My memory is failing me) if it is indeed the matter of a secretary then we can safely assume that the company probably has numerous ones and ones that are sufficiently more qualified than his current secretary. If that is the case wouldn’t the secretary get the wrong idea. Not only that it also seems that he is extra nice towards her. Willing to cut his trip so that she can first head over to see her dead mother (due to it being her death anniversary) or giving her the funds so that her brother could open his own restaurant. She probably got mixed signals from him and then on that day he responded to her confession with a kiss. True factors could have played into it. He may actually be a nice person so he would probably help anyone out like that but it could be something else as well. In other words, I feel like he set himself up for being in an affair. He had an itch to scratch which his wife wasn’t providing so he decided to look elsewhere. Which is wrong by the way incase someone was wondering if I was okay with him cheating on his wife.


But the main question we currently have in the show is not about the affair but as to why did he cause the accident. I doubt that it was to set his wife free and even if that was the case he could do it on his own why involve his secretary. There certainly seems more to the story. Were the two of them fighting in the car. For instance, was the sister expecting him to suddenly divorce his wife and marry her and he refused to do so. Which caused them to fight which resulted in the accident. For instance, Seol Ah is clearly jumping to conclusions that her husband was having an affair but as far as we know that didn’t happen till the day of the accident. Can Seol Ah be blamed for the actions of someone who has a one sided crush that doesn’t indicate that the other party is guilty. Infact she herself deleted all evidence on her husband’s phone without verifying the facts.


On to matter of Dead Beat Dad or DBD for short. He is another character that gets on ones’ nerves. He lives in his past glory and thinks that he is the next big thing. But I am sure that if he were to ever go out on the street nobody would actually recognize him at this point. Regardless of this he doesn’t care about his family one bit. He takes them for granted. His wife is like his personal servant/maid and bank. He doesn’t do anything on his own but wants to be taken care of by his children and if one thinks that it was bad of him to take his youngest daughters piggy bank and all the money in it that isn’t the worst of it. When his wife wasn’t providing him the funds for that even he not only stole his daughters medal but is planning on selling it to make up the funds that he is short on. He could easily sell of his medal instead he chooses to sell his daughters hard earned medal. No wonder people don’t like him.


Speaking of the daughter her pairing seems to be with Paran who is Chef’s brother who seems to have a love line with Seol Ah. So how is this going to work out. Will the daughter and Parang just remain as friends or will it be okay for them to be together since he and Chef aren’t related by blood.


I guess Chef and Seol Ah will end up together simply because he sees the real her. Ie he knows exactly what kind of troubles she is going at home with her MiL and she knows this on top of the fact he still sort of looks out for her and doesn’t judge her. Perhaps she will start to feel sorry for him which will eventually develop into something more. For instance as someone mentioned that the video of them will go viral and people will mistakenly assume that those two were having an affair etc.. At this point he may try and take the blame for the incident since he might feel responsible for it happening. Let’s face it if he hadn’t suggested for her to buy him a meal she probably wouldn’t have been there that night and thus wouldn’t have gotten caught on camera. While his intentions may have been nice to led to unnecessary complications. Not only this you can be sure that Harpy is going to use this incident to her advantage regardless of the truth. So most probably it will turn out that one of the marriage clauses will be that if Seol Ah is caught cheating she isn’t going to get a single dime and this will be what Harpy uses to get all of her son’s property and all to prevent Seol Ah from getting them.


Speaking of affairs what do you people think about the secretary. Does she actually love Dojin or is she Seol Ah ver 2,0. Ie she claims to love him but she is actually after his wealth and comfort like Seol Ah but perhaps she is more willing to play with him which his wife isn’t doing so. If that is the case, then I do feel bad for Dojin slightly. He does deserve someone that actually loves him for who he is and not what he has.


On a side note can someone confirm the actress that is working with Soldier. Isn’t she the Korean Elf aka the actress that was the female lead in Happy Sisters if I am not mistaken. She looks extremely familiar but when I have searched a few websites unfortunately none of them mention her or the character so I can’t confirm this. Not that should be of any importance in the show.


Since we are on the topic of Soldier it seems that neither of the main leads have recognized each other so my question is who will be the first to recognize the other and how. I guess it is possible that Cheong Ah doesn’t recognize him because he has gotten a new hairstyle but even then I doubt that she would have recognized him if she met him again because she did bump into him at the funeral of his brother and neither commented on that meeting then. True he was in a daze so he is probably excused. Also one can probably assume that even when they recognize each other it will be sometime later that they will discover that they are connected by the brother as well, it will be interesting then how they face this problem and overcome it. Not to mention the family objections and whatnot. I also wonder what Seol Ah’s reaction will be to finding out who her sister is dating. Will jealousy strike and will she be the one to spill the beans to try and break them up;



Anyway while I have more to add I am feeling really sleepy now. So I think I will go to bed. So take care all of you and keep posting.


PS @nohamahamoud2002 that train scene that you posted from a Bollywood film seems really familiar. I think that I have seen it in bits and pieces but never from the start. I know that it has that Monkey Khan as the main lead. If you can tell me the name I shall be extremely grateful.  Kudos.

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A few thoughts on the latest episodes...


I am going to say something controversial, but let me explain. SA is not as terrible as people think. Yes, she is spoiled. Yes, she can be a richard simmons, but she is like that because of her mother. I don't feel sorry for DJ because before he ever went on a date with SA, he knew what she was after. He was spying on her and overheard her meeting with the matchmaker and knew that she wanted someone wealthy. In fact, she came right out and told him that she didn't believe in love and just wanted to be taken care of. He knew what the jig was and STILL asked her to marry him, outright because he has this made up fairy tale in his mind of conquering this woman's heart. Personally I think that is unhealthy. His actions don't match what he says he wants. You want love, so you marry someone who doesn't believe in love. And I am also not buying that he is so in love with her. Infatuated, yes. Obsessed a bit, yes. I question that love because when SA told him she didn't believe in love, he never took the time to find out why. He doesn't appear to have any interest in her family. He doesn't appear to have any interest in her outside of how she presents herself, yet he wants her love. That is a red flag. Had he taken this interest, he would've found out why SA is like this. Her mother. As the eldest daughter, she has sat back and watched her mother, her entire life, work to the bone for their entire family, while her husband sits on his @$$ day in and day out doing nothing. Their family is living in squalor all because he is too proud to go out and get a job because he wants to hold on to some glory from the past. SA is traumatized by this. Her mother has put up with this mess for almost 40 years because despite all of that, she loves the father. :tired:


In fact SA and CA's parents relationship is the reason that all of the girls are messed up and have no interest in love and marriage. They simply don't want to end up poor and miserable like the mom for the rest of their life. Take CA for example. She has found a new lease on life despite being kicked out, looked down upon and basically blamed for the fact that the eldest sister cut them off. And all of this has been since she tried to commit suicide. The father talks to her in such a hateful and abusive tone and the mother says and does nothing. I am not buying that the mom did all of that covering up the suicide to save her daughter. She doesn't want any more problems because she has to protect the family and her husband's ridiculous pride. If she was trying to protect her daughter so much, she would have seen to it that she got therapy and lots of love. CA has no support. She is fending for herself while still keeping her head up and trying to make it. I am glad that she has chosen to study criminal justice because she has definitely seen and experienced her fair share of injustice in her young life. This is why I am not surprised once again, the mother wants her to throw her friend under the bus to save the sister because that is who she is. The mother knows the eldest sister doesn't like her or respect her and she knows why, but she also knows that SA is the father's pride and joy and thus has to be protected by any means necessary. 


SA is still playing checkers while everyone around her is playing chess. First, once she discovered the affair, she should've started collecting evidence. It was dumb of her to delete all of the pictures of that girl and her husband out of her phone. She should've sent those pictures to herself. She should've taken pictures of the "couple suitcases". Now, his mother is going to use her alignment to the secretary's brother as a way to finally get rid of her. DJ's mom is my second person I hate the most on this show. She loves her son, but her son is also HER meal ticket. She knows nothing about how to run a business. Her place has been kept by her son's acquiescence and hard work. Now that he is in the hospital, the ship is starting to sway a bit. She has been afraid of having to turn things over to her sister for quite some time. She is nervous about JH working there and so she is desperate too. But, getting rid of SA is going to backfire. Hate her or love her, SA is a public figure, with a large following and plenty of fans. If she tries to stain her reputation, and then later the truth of her son's affair comes to light (for example, the secretary ending up pregnant), then they are finished. I believe this will happen because look at how quickly karma caught up with DJ. He is also dumb. I don't for one minute believe that TR's sister is some young, innocent employee who fell in love with the boss. She planned this. She probably saw "the arrangement" between he and SA and knew that love was the magic words to get him. 


That man is going to wake up out of that coma and be devastated by his mother's actions. By then, SA will have actually discovered love with TR and it will be too late. 

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@nubianlegalmind, I admire adults who don’t blame their parents for their situation. I know Seol Ah didn’t want to be like her parents but she could have worked hard and make something of herself like normal people do. She had a good job and could have probably gotten promoted if she worked diligently. I am squarely blaming her for her predicament because living a “better” life doesn’t mean she had to live a luxurious life. I have no sympathy for her marriage situation and I kind of hope she doesn’t get a dime out of the divorce. Many people are not rich but live a decent life.

It’s amusing to me in a way because just this week I was listening to someone comment on his opinion of a good therapist vs a bad therapist. He said in his opinion a good therapist is one who makes you take responsibility for your life and your situation rather than blaming others especially your parents even if your parents were imperfect or terrible. The past is unchangeable but the future hold many possibilities when a person is determined to be responsible for herself. SA’s parents might be poor and terrible but she’s an adult now and could take responsibility for her life. If she doesn’t want romance and marriage, that’s her choice too. It’s not required even if it might be a stigma in their society. She seemed like a brave woman so she could have and should have taken a different path rather than act on her mercenary goal of using somebody’s wealth and status. 

So, if DJ’s situation is unsympathetic because she doesn’t love him and he knew it, SA’s situation is equally or even more unsympathetic because of her covetousness. I don’t know what made her think money comes without a price. DJ’s mother is indeed terrible but I think it’s good that she’s the price for SA going after DJ’s money. 

Also, SA was always adored by her parents. It’s Chung Ah who is often denigrated by her dad and pressured against her will by her mom. Yet, she’s trying her best to live her life in an honest and hardworking way.

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For some reason I like the scenes between SA and TR, regardless of 

the place and situation they are in.


The scenes between CA and JH are always  kind of interrupted, but I like their

chemistry so its enough to just be on the screen.

CA is not naive.

She realized that JH is too good of a catch. :D




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On 10/24/2019 at 10:43 AM, celebrianna said:

So, if DJ’s situation is unsympathetic because she doesn’t love him and he knew it, SA’s situation is equally or even more unsympathetic because of her covetousness. I don’t know what made her think money comes without a price. DJ’s mother is indeed terrible but I think it’s good that she’s the price for SA going after DJ’s money. 

I agree with you. I wasn't talking about the role her parents played to let her off the hook. She absolutely chose this life. I was just looking at the reason why she is like the way that she is. Desperation made her choose marriage as a way of getting out of poverty, however, it doesn't appear she was making that much when she was on the air. Now, she has built a social media following and I think she should use that to earn a living and the lifestyle that she wants for herself. I don't agree with her method, but I do understand it. Like I stated previously, she is going to end up back living at home and having to scrape and start all over. I do think she should receive a settlement in the divorce, after all, if she is complicit, so is her husband. I just don't think that he is going to let her go so easily once he wakes up.

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@nubianlegalmind, I did wonder if she wasn’t making much as an anchor woman or if she squandered her money on luxury items and expensive gym membership that she couldn’t afford. Regardless, she lived at home and was probably not paying rent. She could have saved her money and invest in education to advance her career...like normal people do. It didn’t seem like she was actually financially contributing to the household. 


The reason why I don’t want her to get a dime is so that she can learn a well overdue lesson about life and get her act together and grow a heart. 

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Thankfully I really like the lead OTP . Look forward to more of their interactions 

Unintended coffee date :P

i suppose when SA bumps into her mum at the hospital she’ll quickly try to send her off by taxi . @celebrianna she’ll regret all her actions later . Something drastic has to happen for her to realise it 






Just realised from this BTS shot , it was filmed in May 




By the way the actor who plays the Moon father ( yes the nice cop ahjussi ) will step down from the show . So sad . He was one of the characters i like . I Guess they hv to look for replacement actor 


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So some  observations that I remember

1. Double X Chairwoman  ( a.k.a CPP - Crazy Psychopath :lol:) surprisingly could not recognise Cheong Ah even though she removed her mask but she knows she has seen her somewhere. I liked that JH is not afraid of his aunt , though he is careful not to be disrespectful.  In the long run, he will be the only who can stand up to her 

2. Seol Ah is still hard to like no matter how I try to see the reasons she has made these choices...but I suppose that taxi scene with her giving money to her mum shows that she has some conscience. 

3. What's a weekend drama without someone having some terminal or serious illness  eh :ph34r:- mum needs a hysterectomy...personally I was so mad at the mum again for asking Cheong Ah to bury the truth , i think she needs a brain transplant. :skull:.

4. Everyone in this drama likes to keep secrets from everyone in the name of protecting the other person's feelings. I wish Moon TR would tell SA he is not the husband...he is too kind...

5. Jun Hwi has been distancing himself from mum as she has not been honest with regarding the real circumstances of JG 's death.  That has created a wall btwn them. He is catching on to something - mum mentioned the release date . I think the person who took the blame for JG's accident will be released soon. 


I hope this time CA does not listen to her mum and bury the truth...it feels tiring even as a viewer who has learned to manage her expectations...I think she is going to ask JH for help from the preview.


I really hate seeing CA making poor choices


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@triplem, we have to get used to the rule in family drama that family trumps conscience. That’s why I’m putting my hope on JH to save the situation. 

You made me laugh about CA’s mom needing a brain transplant. :lol: Anyway, someone had commented a while ago on MDL that it looks like CA’s mom will die because of the ending theme that appeared in episode 1. The mother was missing in the picture of the characters. I didn’t see the picture myself so I had no clue. I watch on Kocowa and they sometimes cut off the preview and stuff at the end of the episode for some drama shows.

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I checked tonight’s cuts , and yay it has some lead OTP scenes where there seems to be good development . I was too lazy to check out the rest but this was hilarious. Chung Ah called him to meet , she needed to tell someone about her doubts over the skid marks and the accident etc 

So before she told him , she offered him some food ...lol ...

part 2 in spoiler 



So JH’s mum went to look for CA . I really like this scene... JH mum In her own way always tries to look out for CA . The IG handle briefly explains what happened . I think it won’t be so hard for the OTP when they eventually get together, I believe JH mum is reasonable & actually has a good heart 



The official YT cuts did not show how the two ended up in this place but it’s like they are setting up  the romance . :wub:To be honest in spite of everything ( large cast , a number of sub plots) , the drama does give decent screen time for their interactions.

Preview . I look forward to it 

@celebrianna let me check the introduction on Viu . I hope mum doesn’t die , as much as I get mad at her ..she holds the family together.  It’s true that I really hv to get used to this whole family trumps conscience thing . Frustrating sometimes but I can understand why . Are all weekenders like this ? 

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@triplem thanks for the clips and preview. That clip with CA and JH’s mom was a tearjerker for me. When she saw that CA uses her son’s name tag on her bag...my heart broke for both of them. I do hope that even if they have more rough patches ahead that eventually these would give way to a solid MIL and DIL relationship. 

I do wonder though if the judge will eventually have to serve time if it’s revealed what she did for her son. 

Now to OTP, it was hilarious. I couldn’t help wanting her to take those rice grains out of his hair. :lol: It looks like they probably went to the accident scene though separately. 

@triplem, yep pretty much it’s like a crime to defy your parents and elders or to do the right thing if it hurts your family. That’s a general trope in these family drama shows. I don’t understand it myself.

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