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[Drama 2019-2020] Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀


The love wrectangle and the kiss prediction  

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  1. 1. Who will Seol Ah end up with ?

    • Tae Rang ! The poster says it all . TR is a complete sweetheart, he made her a better person and the feelings are mutual.
    • Jin Woo ! 10 years of marriage , deep remorse & repentance, 200% effort . Deep down SA just needed to realise she loves him too.
    • Men ? Who needs them ? She should just focus on her career... ( please don't kill me dear male viewers :D)
    • Let's not waste their chemistry - I think Jin Woo and Tae Rang should be the end game.
  2. 2. How many more kisses will we get from Jun Hwi and Chung Ah?

    • This is a family drama...so we will be lucky to get one more...
    • What ?! With their chemistry , there would be at least two more.
    • The power of positive thinking - one every weekend! :D

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Seol In Ah And Kim Jae Young Have A Tense First Meeting In Upcoming Romance Drama

Sep 20, 2019
by R. Jun



KBS2’s upcoming drama “Love Is Beautiful, Life Is Wonderful” (literal title) has released new stills of Seol In Ah and Kim Jae Young.

The drama tells the story of normal people who tried their best to succeed in life, but whose plans didn’t quite pan out. It follows the romance between a woman named Kim Chung Ah (played by Seol In Ah) and a man named Goo Jun Hwi (played by Kim Jae Young), both students of the civil service exam who have given up on dating and marriage. However, apart from their outlook on love, they are quite different: Kim Chung Ha has a strong sense of loyalty and justice, while Goo Jun Hee has no interest in others.

In the latest stills, Kim Chung Ah and Goo Jun Hwi meet for the first time, and already things look serious. Kim Chung Ah, who is always bright, cheerful, and optimistic, looks concerned as she listens to someone on the phone, while Goo Jun Hwi watches intently.




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Watch: Seol In Ah, Jo Yoon Hee, Kim Jae Young, And More Catch Feelings In “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” Preview

Sep 22, 2019
by S. Park



A preview has been released for “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life”!

This upcoming KBS 2TV drama is about the romance between a self-assertive woman studying for the civil service exam and a mean-spirited man who doesn’t believe in marriage.

In the clip, Jo Yoon Hee says, “You’re a high school senior and you’re not studying.” Seol In Ah replies, “I’ll become a great person when I’m reborn.”

Standing in front of the mirror, Seol In Ah takes off her shirt to reveal bruises on her back and shoulder. Jo Yoon Hee continues, “At least set a goal if you don’t have a dream,” and Seol In Ah asks her older sister, “What are you working so hard to become?” As Jo Yoon Hee looks up from a stationary bike with her face covered in sweat, she responds, “To enter into a chaebol family.”

Dressed in a military uniform, Kim Jae Young shouts at Seol In Ah inside of a train. Looking up at him with a startled facial expression, she says in a voiceover, “I think I just fell for you” as she looks at the man across from her in a dreamy daze.

Jo Yoon Hee catches the eye of Oh Min Suk while she trying on dresses at a store. She compliments his skills at grabbing the attention of women, and she celebrates after managing to get his business card. However, his mother (Park Hae Mi) does not approve of her.



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I hope this will be a weekend drama I can stick to. The last one I watched and enjoyed was Marry Me Now. Most of the casts are familiar to me and the storyline seems interesting enough. Good to see Joo Yoon Hee after My Husband’s Got a Family drama and the Tailor shop family drama. She looks so different here and I like that. 

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4 hours ago, triplem said:

Let's hope I can survive a long a weekender. For the love of Kim Jae Young - yes current oppa obsession,  I shall do this 

 It`s not that hard. And this drama is a romantic comedy. You`ll never know when 6 months will pass. :lol:


4 hours ago, triplem said:

Some stills...woot woot is Kim Dasom coming in as a guest ?


From articles....

Actor Kim Da-som will appear in KBS2's new weekend drama “Love is Beautiful Life is Wonderful”.

On the 28th, `` Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, '' Kim Da Som will be featured in the drama.

Kim Da-som will appear as an actor in the play, she helps Kim Seol A (Jo Yun-hee) in unexpected moments.




More stills






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Watch: Seol In Ah, Kim Jae Young, And More Get Ready To Face Life’s Hurdles In “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” Preview

Sep 25, 2019
by S. Nam

KBS 2TV has released more previews for their upcoming drama “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life”!

“Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” is about the romance between Kim Chung Ah (Seol In Ah), a self-assertive woman studying for the civil service exam, and Goo Jun Hwi (Kim Jae Young), a mean-spirited man who doesn’t believe in marriage.

The upcoming drama will be lead by a stellar cast including Jo Yoon Hee, Yoon Park, Oh Min Seok, Kim Mi Sook, Park Young Gyu, Na Young Hee, Park Hae Mi, Jung Won Joong, Jo Woo Ri, Ryu Ui Hyun, CLC’s Eunbin, Kim Jin Yeop, and Lee Tae Sun. In the newly released main poster, the 15 cast members are gathered together and happily enjoying a party.



A source from the drama shared, “The filming took place in a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere as if they were a real family who came together to enjoy a party. The synergy of all the cast members is beyond expectations. Please show lots of interest and look forward to the story that these people, who seem more like family than any real family, will have to portray.”

Furthermore, in the new trailer, Kim Chung Ah runs after a moving train to hand Goo Jun Hwi a doll. She shouts, “It’s a worry doll! Please give the doll all your worries starting today!”

However, the mood of the trailer quickly turns dark as Kim Chung Ah says, “I won’t become anything in this life.” Along with a mysterious voice over that says, “Mom, I’m sorry,” the text, “The wrong choice that day left a big scar on everyone,” appears on screen.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1354687wpp/watch-seol-in-ah-kim-jae-young-and-more-get-ready-to-face-lifes-hurdles-in-beautiful-love-wonderful-life-preview

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On 9/25/2019 at 4:27 PM, lu09 said:

Someone is dead already in the preview? Or did they get to live?

YES, maybe it seems that the person who died is linked to the two main leads and will be a trouble in their love story. I suppose it's the rich male lead's brother( related surely)  and he is friend with the poor female lead, so he There will be an accident and it is the female lead who will be charged, in any case the mother of the dead character who seems to be judge wants to torture her, and her relationship with her father seems to have deteriorated following this accident.


Since there is 100 episodes, you have to prepare to be frustrated because the truth about the accident will probably be known in the penultimate episode of the drama. This is just a guess but I'm sure the picth will be similar

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Seol In Ah, Kim Jae Young, And More Explain Why “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” Is Not Your Average Weekend Drama

Sep 27, 2019
by S. Park

The cast of “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” shared excitement about their drama.

On September 26, a press conference was held for the upcoming KBS 2TV series with Seol In Ah, Kim Jae Young, Jo Yoon Hee, Yoon Park, Oh Min Seok, Kim Mi Sook, Park Young Gyu, Na Young Hee, and producing director (PD) Han Joon Seo in attendance.

“Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” tells the life stories of ordinary people who tried to become something but failed to do so, and their process of loving their lives again as they seek small moments of happiness.

KBS weekend dramas have earned a reputation for their explosive storylines and plot twists. PD Han Joon Seo said, “It’s true that weekend dramas have used provocative and exaggerated topics. Our drama is definitely different from past weekend dramas. You might know this if you look at the synopsis, but it’s closer to a story about loving beautifully and breaking up well.”

He continued, “There are melodramatic [moments], conflicts, and incidents. But a difference from weekend dramas would be that interest and love about myself are emphasized a lot. Explosive plot twists and secrets behind a birth, writer Bae Yoo Mi and I aren’t experienced in that, so we’re trying not to show you that if possible since you’ve seen a lot of it.”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1355210wpp/seol-in-ah-kim-jae-young-and-more-explain-why-beautiful-love-wonderful-life-is-not-your-average-weekend-drama

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