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  1. JE and JK might get an open ending about their relationship. He keeps kind of proposing to her
  2. Sadly for JE her romance with JK is the least likely. At least the other two are making some progress with SY beginning to regret turning WS down while KB and YR are basically two trains going in opposite directions on the same track. Seems JE gave up on a relationship with JK completely, when she started talking about the kind of guy she would like to date. @ixxdhx81 I agree with you about JK and Rebecca, no room for another woman in JK's heart.
  3. So I watched today's episode, and I have to say I understand perfectly why JK would friendzone JE like that, in a sense he refuses to consider her as a potential romantic partner. Remember who he dated in S1? They broke up and he doesn't talk to her brother anymore either (as far as we can tell). He wants JE to be with him as a friend forever, so he told her that. I don't think it even crossed his mind that she might like him, he just thinks she felt insulted that he doesn't view her as a woman. So while SY turned WS down JK inadvertently blocked JE from even telling him her feelings because to him if they were to enter a romantic relationship it'll doom their friendship.
  4. Kind of knew it was going to end like this when the show referenced Leon The Professional. That is some strong foreshadowing.
  5. I liked JB in today's episode. We need a new girl to compete for his attention because MH takes him for granted. I loved how he called her out, about how she wanted to quit just because things aren't easy for her anymore.
  6. Wouldn't it be great if they won't get back together? SJ kind of ran away from it all, not like anything changed since she was in the US.
  7. They should've brought the new girl and guy to vie for NJ's and SJ's affections earlier. They were wasting their time with fluff anyways, might as well try making that into a plot point.
  8. I was thinking JK seemed much more mature this season compared to last season. Turns out he's just faking it in front of SY since he wants to look cool in front of his first love.
  9. You can see the foreshadowing for future relationships in this episode with JE and YR arguing which of the boys are better at fighting. That said the girls would probably win in any fighting scenario after that elbow YR landed on WS.
  10. I think Ki Bong's career is next week. Based on the preview though and what we've seen in the first episode when he pulled the tire all the way home there might be a running gag that Ki Bong is quite the physical athlete when he's desperate. He has too much of a good nature that it's probably hindering his career. Then again this is a comedy show, so it might just be a gag.
  11. I was wondering what was JE's connection for her to end up at the guest house. So basically her acting career is in a worse shape than JK's and she has to work all of those jobs. At least JK still gets acting jobs, crappy as they are.
  12. Sadly dailies tend to drag towards the end, either through nonsense plots like this or constantly rehashing the same plot. The last daily I watched that was relatively well paced was Golden Pouch and even that was only in comparison to other dailies.
  13. Woo, JN is going to jail. Now we just need her mother to get arrested and the whole family could be ex prisoners.
  14. So I'm guessing there was no episode today? Anyways I feel bad for YM and her grandmother, the rest of that family is kind of trash. I mean YM's dad isn't too bad, he's just stupid in the head.
  15. So I'm following this mostly because I'm curious which of the three guys MH will end up with: the new guy, the one who has a crush on her, or the old boyfriend who is now successful.
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