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  1. Poor GO. She got through the middle boss SA and now has to take on the real final boss, Ga On.
  2. I don't think OK is meek. She is feeling awkward because the whole situation is a tangled mess. I feel like there is too much focus on her specs because of your typical Korean drama standards when we are forgetting she is not even allowed to compete. Contract, fake, temporary, none of that matters. She is married to his dad. Then you got this pushy lawyer trying to chase after SA and wants OK's help, AND his dad wanting her to help set them up, despite knowing SA is uninterested because he has a daughter as tall as the lawyer and has no interest of bringing her a new mother if she doesn't want one. Oh, and SA's daughter is a secret so she has to come up with random excuses to fob the lawyer off. So poor honest and naive GO is stuck with this hot tangled mess of lies, attractions, and secrets. She's not being meek because of her personality, she just doesn't know how to handle this.
  3. Don't forget GO is still the enemy as far as SA is concerned. Until he finds out the truth that will remain her status. I know a lot of you find it annoying but trust me it's way better than the alternative. SA is a filial son. If he starts behaving properly GO will permanently be locked in as his mother. Then you can kiss the OTP goodbye.
  4. I think they are establishing just how much of an uphill climb it will be for GO and SA to end up together. Father's ex-wife, daughter doesn't like her, and their statuses don't match. Just to be clear this is the Grandpa's fault. He is not considering how his granddaughter will feel about GO at all. GO is trying to play grandmother with a kid who sees her as a gold digger.
  5. I understand SA's and GO's behavior, annoying as it is. GO knows SA is good at heart despite his haughty attitude, considering all the help he has been giving her, as well as has budding feelings toward him that she cannot smother. It's driving her to depression having to be around him in a fake marriage with his dad, knowing she is playing the villain against the one person who was a beacon of light in her dark and collapsing life. SA on the other hand is feeling both backstabbed and confused because while he knows she is a good person her family situation would force her to do what he considers such a heinous act. Even though he resents her he still tries to keep his brothers from acting against her. I think him finding out it's a fake marriage would be hilarious because he'll know it's his dad who is basically forcing her into it and not the opposite, and I can see him confronting him to get her out of the contract. But for the OTP this is nothing. As bad as the fake marriage is the real final boss is Ga On. They are clearly establishing her as a girl with mother issues despite her denials. Any attempts of hooking SA up with anyone will go through her first.
  6. I can see Ga-On using this an opportunity to leave her dad. She clearly sees herself as interference for his potential love life and seeing how her dad refuses to live in the house with her new grandma she might decide to stay.
  7. So is the actor who plays the lawyer and female love rival new? I was wondering if I've seen her in anything else and I cannot find her name anywhere, even on the KBS website. Like the character description is there, but not her real name.