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[Drama 2019-2020] Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀


The love wrectangle and the kiss prediction  

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  1. 1. Who will Seol Ah end up with ?

    • Tae Rang ! The poster says it all . TR is a complete sweetheart, he made her a better person and the feelings are mutual.
    • Jin Woo ! 10 years of marriage , deep remorse & repentance, 200% effort . Deep down SA just needed to realise she loves him too.
    • Men ? Who needs them ? She should just focus on her career... ( please don't kill me dear male viewers :D)
    • Let's not waste their chemistry - I think Jin Woo and Tae Rang should be the end game.
  2. 2. How many more kisses will we get from Jun Hwi and Chung Ah?

    • This is a family drama...so we will be lucky to get one more...
    • What ?! With their chemistry , there would be at least two more.
    • The power of positive thinking - one every weekend! :D

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2 hours ago, mizv said:

Greetings from a silent reader!

First I can’t deny I really want to slap that evil blonde evil mother in law every time She comes on the screen.  I can tolerate scenes of the selfish lazy Father more than that woman. ugh I don’t know am gonna tolerate this till March. 


Episode 25-26

When something mutates, a good thing may become a bad thing. When normal cells mutates into tumour cells, the result is devastating.


Being filial is an excellent characteristic.

Yet, somehow, in these dramas, being filial sometimes mutates into allowing abuse (from parents or parents-in-law) while sacrificing the happiness of oneself and significant other.



- In "Secrets and Lies", the main ML's adopted family switched him (while sending their son to live with the ML's chaebol's family) and caused him to lose his bio family for decades. Then the said family hired thugs to harm him and abused his wife to break their marriage. Yet, the main ML did not report them to the police. Worse, he forced her wife to live with them. He sacrificed himself and her wife, to be filial to the bad family.

- In "Shady Mom-in-Law", the main FL's 'adopted' mom kidnapped her, abused her, forced her to be her cash cow, and tried to break up her marriage. She also killed her husband's dad. Yet, in the end, the ML chose to be loyal to her bad mom, divorced her husband and never tried to resume their marriage. She sacrificed herself and her son (and her ex-husband), to be filial to her villainous 'mom'.


In this serial (BLWL), would the main FLs keep accepting poor treatment from the useless dad or abuse from the cruel mother-in-law?

Is it deja vu again?

If so, where are the beautiful love and the wonderful life?


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“Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” Bounces Back Up In Viewership Ratings

“Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” Bounces Back Up In Viewership Ratings

Nov 11, 2019
by U. Kim

KBS2’s “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” remains undefeatable in the Sunday viewership ratings battle.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” scored average nationwide ratings of 20.7 percent and 24 percent for its two parts on November 10, marking 3.5 percent and 3.8 percent growth compared to the previous day’s broadcast. After experiencing a slight fall in recent weeks, the drama has now surpassed 24 percent ratings for the first time since October 13.

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@celebrianna it seems dad finally knows why CA tried to take her own life . Mum finally told him she was bullied for 2 years.  He was definitely quite remorseful about it . And from the conversation that SA had with mum , SA does know that CA tried taking her own life . It was implied when mum said CA always felt guilty she live but JK did not ....


@yamiyugi lol , I was tickled over your speculation / analysis  over JH’s dating style . It’d be interesting because I don’t think either one dated anyone in the last 9 years given they both had their lives on hold .But yeah I agree that he isn’t such a miser that he’d make her pay   for the dates. I do think love changes people , after all she did say he seems different :lol:


hmmm Moon HR is bad news . As if the drama did not have enough awful people, that they needed one more . I’m gonna be mighty pissed off if cop dad destroys the evidence. Thankfully CA had the sense to call JH and tell him . And of course through the magic of k drama timing , he made his way to the police station to see the uneasy expression & shock in cop dad’s face  . JH would definitely catch on that something is not right . Also he still has a copy of the USB . Lol I laughed here because In many k dramas, the characters often don’t back up important stuff . So I was tickled that JH had to mention it :lol:

Oh on a side note , I found it amusing that Jh kept harping on the fact he’s her second love . He was most bothered by it! 


There are a lot of repeated cycles of truths not being made open and being manipulated....but that things are changing albeit slowly . CA is no longer running . SA seems to show some backbone . Then there are the male leads who have chosen to stand by them &  give them courage / comfort in their hour of need. So not all is hopeless . 


( God help me with the pacing , as I hv to keep reminding myself it’s a 50- hour show  :sweatingbullets:

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After watching the latest episode here are some of my thoughts regarding it.


I was really looking forward to the scene where the two sisters would finally be on the same page and would be defending each other. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as impressive as I was hoping. Don’t get me wrong it was nice that they were confronting the secretary on her lies. But I was hoping that the team up would be up against Double X. I guess this is as close to it as we can get. Also it was at the end of the episode so perhaps the team up can continue even in the next episode and they gang up on Double X. Now that would actually be pretty nice.




Deadbeat Dad finally discovers the reason that Cheong Ah tried to commit suicide back then and not the reason that he was thinking. This sort of warmed him up towards Cheong Ah know that he even told her to brave it up and if anyone messes with her to let him know. I guess he is finally trying to become a better person but let’s see for how long that lasts. His reaction when he went to get 300$ last time was that he was to scared of the outside world that he would rather stay in bed or in his room to protect himself. So if that is still his mentality I wonder how he will try and protect his family if they ever get into trouble out there.


Double X and her double standards is still fun to watch (pun fully intended) lol speaking of doubles she even nicknamed Seol Ah as Double Witch. Perhaps double is her favorite word. But speaking of that it is okay for her son to have an affair but Seol Ah can’t. good job. Not only that she is pretty smart and the secretary is the dumb one over here.


Has anyone noted Double X has never promised the secretary that she will become her next DiL or that her son is going to marry her. She leads the poor secretary on. For instance, when she tells the secretary to cover for the accident and blame it all on Baek Rim. What does she tell her in regards to her son? That the son will be grateful towards her and later on that when her son recovers he will reward her. Note she never promised the secretary that her son would marry her. The reward could be anything from a promotion to an increase in salary or both. The secretary probably assumes that her reward would be that Dojin divorces his wife and marries her. On top of all that she is an idiot if she wants to marry into that house. She has already seen just how bad Double X treats Seol Ah and this is after Double X told her that she doesn’t think that she is as smart or even as pretty as Seol Ah also that she reeks of being a common folk etc.. That means she thinks that she is even lower than Seol Ah. In that case wouldn’t she be treated worse if she got married to Dojin. Even now she gets the secretary to do work for her because she probably doesn’t know all the current work status and all for free more or less. Her excuse for letting her be near Dojin is also absurd and if the secretary had any sense she would realize just how she is being played by Double X. Such as she told her that it was okay for a secretary to see her boss at the hospital and that it would be weird if the secretary didn’t show up. That is only true if others know that Dojin is even in the hospital. They don’t know where he is and there are rumors that he has eloped with his secretary. In such a case it would be dumb of her to visit him like that. If Double X wanted to prevent such rumors she should have called the secretary in some public place or even at the office.


One can probably forgive the secretary for not being aware what people are saying at the office since she hasn’t been there for some time but if she had any brains she would have figured out a few things by now. Dojin would probably not be willing to divorce his wife and Double X will probably never accept her as a DiL. The only way that she might be willing to do so is if she is kicked out on the streets with nothing and the Secretary is making money or has gotten a lot of wealth (perhaps from her Bio Family) then she might shamelessly approach her and agree to make her part of the family but otherwise no chance.


As for the matter in regards to her dad and the evidence that he has gotten. He may consider concealing the fact for the time being to protect his daughter but I doubt that it will be for long. Plus I assume that if Soldier is forced to reveal his true identity to the police officer then that might also help him change his mind and do the right thing. For instance, when he sees that Soldiers actions would be hurting his own family and his own company but he still wants to expose the truth because it is the right thing to do. This might be enough to bring him to his senses and hand over the evidence.


Regardless I doubt that this case is going to go to court. At best Double X is going to be pressurized from all sides so she is going to agree to drop the case against Baek Rim and all charges against him. Don’t expect more from this storyline. We need to move on to the next part of the story. Still the accident leaves us to wonder just why exactly did it happen. I don’t think that someone sabotaged the brakes. So what exactly was going on in the car. Were the two of them fighting. Did she bring up marriage and him divorcing his wife when she professed her feelings and he kissed her after that. I guess that might have been going in her head. But he refused and this got her mad and they started to fight which resulted in said accident. Meaning that she is probably the cause of it and she also might need to check in a mental ward for a short while. Perhaps she thinks that once Seol Ah will be forced to divorce her husband he will have no choice but to come to her so she is going all with the lie that she loves him and thus he will marry her.


In regards to Cheong Ah returning home even I was sort of against it at the beginning. I even jokingly suggested that she should move into Soldiers house. After all they do have a spare room. But on second thoughts it does make sense for her to eventually move back home. These shows are all about redemptions and reconciliations. So how is that going to happen if they aren’t even together. This way they all realize where they went wrong and try to fix their ways. For instance thanks to her return the dad finally learnt the truth of that fateful day from his wife. Had she not returned now the mother would have probably taken the secret to her grave and the broken bridge between father and daughter might not be healed. The healing process between them has finally begun. Now Seol Ah must also become aware of the truth instead of trying to blame Cheong Ah for breaking ties with her family.


Now back to the secretary. If she has any shame she would back down from her actions. She has wronged not just one member of that family but two and she is continuing on her path knowing all that. She is being selfish in her so called love. She should be apologizing to both sisters but I doubt that she is ever going to do any of that till we reach the final episode and even then she is probably going to try and make some excuse for her behavior back then. Well atleast from the recap of the next episode she will learn that not everthing will go the way that she planned. As of now the only one from Dojin’s family on her side is Double X. Even the Aunt (Judge) is against her and warns her to stay away from Dojin otherwise people might get the wrong idea and not to hurt Seol Ah. Atleast this shows that Seol Ah is not as alone as she thinks. Also showing the power of love and strengths family bonds have. I do wonder if that will make her feel guilty towards the Judge knowing the secret that she keeps from her.


So Soldier finally got out that book that belonged to Cheong Ah. Kind of forgot about that book. I just remember her handing him that worry doll. Anyway he still hasn’t connected the dots between this Cheong Ah and the one that his brother was supposedly seeing back then. It is understandable since he didn’t pay much attention to her back then as she was getting on his nerves. Plus, the two Cheong Ah’s are totally different. She seemed a bit depressed and weird but this Cheong Ah seems to have more life in her and tries to go out of her way to help strangers and all. Perhaps that is why he can’t recognize her or think that she may be connected to his brother. As still wondering what will make them realize who they are. Perhaps he will see that she is going through a hard time once again for some reason. He will then remember the worry doll that he has back home. Perhaps he used it at some point and thought that it helped him so he will go and give it to her. She will recognize it and ask him how he has it. Since he won’t still recognize her he will tell her how some weird girl give it to him on a train. Perhaps he will even tell her that the girl fell for him at first glance or something. This will make her realize that he is the soldier from back then. I doubt that they will realize that the dead guy was his brother or perhaps during the conversation she will let it out how she was about to commit suicide with a guy but he ended up committing it on his own and told her to live the life for the both of them and she is trying to honour his wishes and all. During this talk he may realize that the dead person is actually is brother. Then on second thoughts that might be too fast for two secrets to be revealed so soon


@celebrianna Thankyou for your explanation it makes a lot of sense.


@mizv Welcome to this thread. Be sure to contribute some more. As for the fact about Dojin. I am pretty sure that he is listening to this entire drama and wanting to wake up and give everyone a piece of his mind but can’t. he probably is waiting for a kiss from true love to waken him up. So one of you girls better agree which one truly loves him and perhaps try and kiss him to wake him up. Or perhaps in his case it might only be Seol Ah’s kiss since he already experiences one from the secretary and since he doesn’t really love her wants one from Seol Ah. Whatever he can stay as sleeping beauty for all I care. He hasn’t really impressed me so far. Sure he was extremely determined to pursue a girl that he liked but other than that he became lazy when it came to winning her heart. He tried to wait for her to come to him and tried to bribe his way inside her heart. He should have tried to melt that cold heart of Seol Ah’s if he truly loved her. While I do feel bad that he had to get injured it probably was necessary for Seol Ah’s growth.


For instance, Seol Ah probably assumed that her family hated her since she abandoned them. Not only that but since she blamed Cheong Ah for perhaps not being able to marry into that rich family Cheong Ah would have more reason to hate her. Instead Cheong Ah is on her side and is equally concerned about her. This accident has allowed her to reconnect with her family even if that wasn’t the intent of Double X.


@jasmine19 Thankyou for informing me about the ending of Shady Mom In Law. Glad that I never bothered watching that drama and if we have an ending like that I will never do so as well. This saves me a whole lot of time. So she decided to stay with the woman that wronged her. First she kidnaps the daughter and then gets her to divorce her husband. Just what is the writer thinking and what about her bio mother what happened to her. It would have made more sense if the daughter returned to her. Oh well that is out of topic so I will leave it at that as for the other drama that you mentioned I didn’t hear anything about it so no comments.




Anyway take care all of you. Since I have to go now I will leave it here and end my post. So all of you take care till then and keep posting.

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Omg did some reading on cast list and some surprising thing was there. Lee tae sun (played Yeon woo in Hotel del luna) is there as Kang shi wol. one of the name JG mentioned to CA as those people he "eat" up. seems like we are gonna visit this case again... Now I am curious what really happened that night and what type of person he is. I guess with Shi wol we gonna get some answer. <_< 

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1 hour ago, sal2 said:

Omg did some reading on cast list and some surprising thing was there. Lee tae sun (played Yeon woo in Hotel del luna) is there as Kang shi wol. one of the name JG mentioned to CA as those people he "eat" up. seems like we are gonna visit this case again... Now I am curious what really happened that night and what type of person he is. I guess with Shi wol we gonna get some answer. <_< 

Kang Shi Wol could be the person that took the blame for the accident that JG caused . I remember judge Hong on the phone saying someone is going to be released soon

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21 minutes ago, triplem said:

Kang Shi Wol could be the person that took the blame for the accident that JG caused . I remember judge Hong on the phone saying someone is going to be released soon


That is a good theory. right she did mention that so it could be him. Maybe JG knew his mother cover things up and one of the reason for feeling so hopeless. knowing he killed someone and someone took the blame... that guilt was eating him up. it also would fit into the team about covering up facts for you loved one. Dame this case was like a snowball affecting so many people.

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@yamiyugi I wasn’t surprised the crazy double x would say outrageous thing to her daughter in law , getting to  Affair isn’t a race but everything is race for her  :joy: but can anyone tell crazy mistress she even wasn’t happy she wake up  before her precious son :naughty:




I would love to see how these two crazy personality  , would work with each other ,  it need one crazy to know the other isn’t




Wow , mistress fighting for change diapers,  the wife should say thanks for the unpaid service , I wouldn’t keep you  for long  , I have cheating date I have to do with your brother :joy: 


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I don’t think this is the wrap up party just yet cause I do think they’ll be shooting till at least early next year . Maybe team dinner . Think this is the PD . I see our leads sitting opposite each other , and the actor playing the younger Moon brother on KJY’s right . 


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Judge Hong looks pensive when asked if she's buying for her daughter-in-law (ep24) , but she does not correct the saleslady who mistakenly made the assumption. Judge Hong, CA and JH will have to hurdle a lot of obstacles before this comes into reality.




Cheong-ah and Judge Hong having a meal together and enjoying each other's company... This is what I want to see more of. No matter what happens in the future, I want to see both being each other's ally and a source of comfort. When Judge Hong finally learns about Jun Gyeom's suicide, I hope she won't push CA away--at least not for too long. Everybody will blame her, but I know CA won't... It'll also be fun to watch Jun Hwi spending regular bonding time with these two. Maybe over breakfast and dinner at  home? <3 

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Tonight was awesome in many ways...just some rough recaps based on what I saw

1. Joon Hwi speaks to Moon dad cop , ask if he got any videos. I think at first dad cop was hesitant to say anything. But I think some stuff JH says must have hit him. JH mentioned something about whether his interest in this was as a cop or as the dad of HR. When cop dad was not quite forthcoming , JH continued to give his philosophical talk about the truth or something like that . He recalls about the rumours of HR and his cousin. Anyhow at the end , he just told cop dad, he will get to the bottom of this. Cop dad was clearly in a dilemma .

2. Back to where the sisters confront double-X at the VIP suite...CA plays the recording of the driver bribing her . Double - X seems unfazed but does ask Hae Rang to leave the room. Double - X says some stuff about how CA should choose between protecting her sister or her friend. SA tries to talk some sense to Double-X , but Double- X says this is her husband. The sisters were torn...but somehow JH text CA and said he had a video of the accident..sent it to CA. CA then bravely told Double-X off and showed the video. Double- X had nothing to say. ( so i am assuming cop dad did the right thing later on)

3. JH goes see his aunt ...ahahahah you have to love this guy...he brought the bribe money and the  video of the accident. Of course fireworks type argument btwn the two...but I think she can't blame BR now. Will need subs 

4. CA goes see BR...tells him the good news...anyway she told him that he really needs to thank JH...and later in the conversation, she mentions how JH makes her feel strange. Lol! She was smiling from ear to ear , completely infatuated. BR could tell .

5. As per preview double-X threatens SA with photos of SA and TR eating , wanted to slap her but was stopped in time by TR. TR tells double-X off ( I love the male leads !)

6. JH , the loner, seems to be changing....he makes some coffee for mum at home and ask her to drink together. Mum was so surprised but so happy...they chat over coffee. Towards the end JH apologised to mum, if it had been hard on her...wahhhh...it was quite moving.

7. CA calls JH ...at first it was rather awkward, so she was going to hang up but JH stopped her and tell her to go ahead and say . She thanked him for helping BR. Then they got to talking about her favorite book - think she was quoting some stuff from it. To her surprise JH said he also had that book  ( the same one CA gave him on the train 9 years ago). After the call , JH starts to think back about all the lines that CA said to him  in their previous meet ups - they were all from the book. As he thought deeper , he realised that she could be the same girl on the train!!!!

8. Omg...so JH decides to check it out..ask her for coffee...so during coffee...he asked her about how she mentioned this was the 2nd time she fell in love. So he asked her who was the first. She was at first taken aback but she then say it was on a train...he then says was it by any chance a soldier...and she says how do you know????  Then they both realise CA was the girl who JH met on that fateful day 9 years ago.

But ahhhh not sure if the ship can sail anytime soon cuz tomorrow, JH goes to CA's house and sees the family pic and realises she and SA are sisters , and it seems he was unhappy that CA never mentioned this . Also SA finds out from mum that HR was the one who bully CA. I think mum also finds out that HR is having affair with her son-in-law as mum slaps her in the hospital ward. 


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Waah I so love it! Finally the "it's the same guy you fell for" reveal happened today. Thanks to Anne of Green Gables--the book CA left (?) on the train. Now I wonder about the rolled note and the doll.


Tomorrow's episode looks angsty. SA and mom will learn HR was the bully. JH will find out SA and CA are sisters. I barely understand Korean, so I'm not sure why he got mad. I can't wait for the quick caps and the subs, as well as everyone's thoughts ^_^




Thank you so much @triplem! You don't know how much I was waiting for your recap. I guess it's going to be a slow-burn romance between JH and CA. Which is what I kinda like, so long as we get some giddy moments every week. I just feel bad for BR though. He seems to care a lot about CA he's going to break my heart.


Anyway, I also love the mother-son interactions and I really hope that JH will now be more open and understanding to mom.

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You’re welcome @princessaves . It was such a nice eps in spite of the preview . But I don’t mind them getting some of the angst out the way because the biggest hurdle of CA & JK’s connection still looms ahead. But JH cannot blame CA for not mentioning SA is her sis , since it was not something CA was allowed to say . Plus it’s not like JH is that forthcoming about who he really is as well :D. I don’t think it will be revealed just yet that he is cousin in law to SA since CA will then connect JH and the bro . 
This is the full cut of their coffee “date”



( not allowed to embed by KBS ) 

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I suddenly remember SA told JH she have no family. So I guess he is maybe more angry at her telling that lie and hiding her family than being angry at CA herself? to me that make more sense than being angry at CA for not talking about her sister. 

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@triplem, thank you so much for the recap! I was really wondering what the exchange at the end of the episode was all about.


I am sorry I have been a soompier for a long time and I always check on the dramas that I enjoy watching. I have a question off the topic, but I have been having issues with VIKI. It has been super slow for a week, hard to get to the dramas and it has been so frustrating. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is this something they are aware of? Thank you for your answer!

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