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  1. Yeah I typically eyeball the series for a few episodes to see if there's any drama worth tracking other than "Mother-in-law hates daughter-in-law for generic reason" before deciding if I want to comment on the show or not. I found the previous 3-4 dramas to be rather bland. This show would have qualified in that list for me if it weren't for the ML and his sister's vague origins, because I'm mostly following at this point to figure out what exactly is going on in that restaurant. The FL's bio mom still needs a reason to not look for her daughter.
  2. I was watching yesterday's episode, she calls the oldest lady in the restaurant unni. They are not related by marriage, because if they were the Chae siblings last name would not be Chae. She also likely did not marry the bio-dad of the Chae siblings, simply because the Chae siblings have her surname. This would be a lot easier to figure out independently if the kids surname was "Kang", as we can guess she either remarried or at least adopted them after their parents died, but it's "Chae" which implies their connection to the family is her. So something is definitely up with their family, they just haven't covered it yet. I guess we can see the way they picked up that third child as a hint to the family dynamic they got: Suji's bio mom picks up kids that don't have parents anymore and adopts them. Yeah Uri's mom is obviously Suji's bio mom, they aren't hiding that at all in this show, I think the hidden mystery will be who are the Chae siblings real parents (if they even have the same set). We know there's a mystery dead person in the second lead's family that the mother doesn't want to talk about, maybe that's a lead that will involve one of the Chae siblings.
  3. I'm leaning to the idea that the people who live in that house are not necessarily blood related (outside of the Kang duo). U-ri and Doo-ri both have "Chae" as their family name, same as their adoptive mother. It's possible they were both adopted independently, and the two aren't blood siblings.
  4. So did we ever get any clarification of what's going on with Uri's family? The mom is obviously not his biological mom, but what's going on with the rest of that family? Note the family name of the "uncle" and "aunt" in the restaurant: it's Kang. The siblings however have the same family name as their adoptive mother, so how exactly is that entire family related?
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