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[Drama 2019] Investigation Couple 2/Partners for Justice 2, 검법남녀 2

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So, Dr Jang did kill someone after all ? I am quite disappointed at this juncture. All the while he hadn't killed anyone.


The aquarium fish scenes was so funny. Why can't they pluck the eyebrow or nose hair ?? ha ha ha

Dr Baek's enactment of the snake bite was too dramatic :)


:triumph: here's another 7-day wait.

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Behind the scene photo. Great atmosphere on set.       

This scene so touching. Although they cannot find out his mother's cause of death, at least they proved that her son was not guilty. That was enough. Don't discriminate people who have mental illness.

I don't know about season 1 but I ship Dr.Baek and Dr. Sally         

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3 hours ago, mekeo117 said:

Can anyone tell me was yesterday epi 16 the last one or there will be one more episode today ? It doesnt look like an ending yesterday 


Episode 16 was the last episode for season two. And this morning there was news released that they were in discussion for season 3. 






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There had better be a S3...

Argh... Was wanting to see the back of Gal Dae Cheol cuffed and led away by one of the prosecutors. But that guy has nine lives. And he even won an award? Bah humbug.

After everything's that's been happening lately, Oh Man Sang's capture feels like a poor consolation quite frankly.

At least Prosecutor Do is alive. I feel he might have a plan.

As for Jang Cheol... interesting.

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Cast Of “Partners For Justice 2” Says Goodbye To Drama With Hopes For A Third Season

Jul 30, 2019
by S. Park




The cast of “Partners for Justice 2” shared their thoughts on the conclusion of their drama.

After premiering on June 3, the second season of the popular investigation series aired its final episode on July 29.

Jung Jae Young began, “First, I sincerely thank the viewers who loved and watched ‘Partners for Justice 2’ until now. If it wasn’t for all of you, there wouldn’t be a season two. Second, the director, writer, staff members, and co-stars! You worked so hard. I was happy during the long filming period of five months. Finally, you also worked hard Baek Bum! I’ll leave now!”

“It feels like not too long ago when I was happy hearing from the director that ‘Partners for Justice 2’ would begin. Time has flown by too quickly,” said Jung Yu Mi. “I want to tell all of the actors and staff members who worked hard on each and every scene that they really worked hard. More than anything, I want to sincerely say thank you to the viewers who loved season two.”


Oh Man Seok stated, “I’m just full of regret now that I have to say goodbye to Do Ji Ahn. I want to say thank you to all of the actors and staff members, including director No Do Chul and the writer who led the set with strong teamwork. More than anything, I sincerely thank the viewers for giving lots of love to ‘Partners for Justice 2,’ and I earnestly hope that I can see you again as Do Ji Han. Be careful with your health in this hot weather.”

“I was happy I could participate in a good project and that I could work with great senior actors,” said No Min Woo. “I developed insomnia from feeling burden and anxiety about my character who has multiple personality disorder and gave it my all during filming. I want express my gratitude to the director, writer, and all of the staff members who helped to make the set more comfortable than my sleep. Thanks to the joyful atmosphere on set, I was able to portray Doctor K a bit more comfortably. I learned something new and made good memories. Please continue to look forward to ‘Partners for Justice’ and please support me in the future.”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1342072wpp/cast-of-partners-for-justice-2-says-goodbye-to-drama-with-hopes-for-a-third-season

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i juat manage to watch the finale yesterday..and its awesome as usual!! god for answered my prayer..season 3 with a lot of no min woo..and of course the rest of the cast..without u guys partner of justices cant be as daebak as it is!!!!

thank you so much!!!!

fighting for season 3!!! loveline for eun pro n deputy do..jang chul n dr.han..mr.yang n miho..baek n sally..if only stephanie n yi kyung can joint 

i just couldnt wait :heart::heart::heart:

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 am I the only one who liked season 1 better? I missed watching Lee Yi Kyung :( he was so funny there I was excited when he showed up in the last episode! I liked watching the different cases/courtroom scenes and characters interactions with each other compared to this season it feels more like a crime/mystery drama where you just see one autopsy right after another. some parts bored me...

I also missed hearing that nice acoustic guitar/piano beat background music (with a voice going "ooh") too it didn't play at all in this season since it had a darker vibe so the music doesn't really fit the mood. It's odd that there's a various artists/instrumental album for season 2 but not the first one?

if there's season 3 I want Cha Soo Ho and Stella back! :D

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This ending of this drama is really bad. The Chief Prosecutor and his boss should have been revealed as the ending of the drama. In a drama series, the ending must always sewn together all the missing link. All the hard work of the NFS and Prosecutor Do had been set aside. It is as if the bad guys became victorious even if the evidence were pointing against them. Even if there's a 3rd season, it should start with another case not related to Season 2. I should not have followed this drama. This is a bad drama. Continuity is bad. 


I'm sorry to the administrator of the thread for my remarks.

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The ending doesn't look like an ending. There's so many loose ends. If Season 3 comes up, we would have to remember all the details in Season 2 to continue.


Unlike Season 1 which basically tidied up everything, except for Oh guy obviously faked his death.


One more complain about Season 2 is, there seems to be so little 'other' cases. All cases evolved around Dr K, that they're basically one big case. At least, should have throw some snack bits to us once in a while. :bawling:


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3 hours ago, ReduxPulse said:

Oh no... the director who was in charge of both Seasons 1 and 2 resigned :/ 


Does this mean there won’t be a Season 3? T.T


If the tv station and the production company want a third season, they still can get it with another PD. We`ll see what it will happen.

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PD Noh Do Chul, joins "Partners" prodco HB Ent "Season 3 in talks" [official]


[report by Park Soo Jung for THE CELUV] PD Noh Do Chul has left Munhwa Broadcasting Corp. (MBC) and is now managed by famous production company HB Entertainment.


In a statement released yesterday (August 30), HB Entertainment said, "PD Noh Do Chul, the director of the two seasons of "Partners for Justice", has indeed joined our company." 


When asked about the drama's third season, it replied "we are currently in talks with MBC regarding that, nothing is confirmed."


Before his decision to join HB, PD Noh once said that he was planning to concentrate on the third season of "Partners".


more: http://www.theceluv.com/article.php?aid=1567152484276651006#rs


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“Partners For Justice” Series Screenwriter Receives Award From Korean Journal of Legal Medicine

Dec 1, 2019
by J. Lim



Screenwriter Kim Ji Eun, the brains behind the first and second season of MBC’s “Partners for Justice,” was honored at the Dosang Forensic Medicine Culture Awards.

The Korean Journal of Legal Medicine held their seventh Dosang Forensic Medicine Culture Awards on November 29. The event honors those in journalism and entertainment who have had a positive influence on the public’s perception of forensic medicine. This year, the award went to screenwriter Kim Ji Eun for her work on the drama series.

“Partners for Justice” has been a series that follows forensic doctors, prosecutors, and police officers as they work together to solve crimes. The drama brought a refreshing take on criminal investigations and forensic medicine, and received high praise from viewers. The drama’s portrayal of forensic doctors is said to have created a greater positive perception of the passion and effort put in by forensic doctors.




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Cogratulations for Oh Man Suk for winning “Excellence Award” in a Mon-Tue Miniseries


Oh Man-seok became a protagonist of the award for his performance in the 'Investigation Couple Season 2'.
"Thank you so much. I sat here in 2005 for the nominee for the rookie award. I had a happy and thankful time just for calling. I think it's a happy and valuable end to the year. ”

Oh Man-seok said, "I was lucky to have a role in 'Investigation Couple 2.' I contacted and filmed the day before the season one. Thank you, my dear family and my family. "
"I want to share this glory with the seniors who played together in 'Investigation Couple  2'."




Best Child Actor Award: Lee Soo Ah (“Partners for Justice 2”)




No MIn Woo winning “Scene Stealer” Award. Congratulations.


Noh Min-woo said, "It was a replay after 4 years of my last drama. I thank Roh, Do-cheol, the writer, and all the staff. 'I'm waiting, so please let me know when you can cut it.'

"I am grateful to all of my managers, family members, company representatives, and life producers for my success. I am grateful to all fans who support me and support me whenever I want to give up.
I hope you live happily together. I love you the most. "Thank you."




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