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  1. Thanks all recapper tonight. I think the last preview DM call RG name in korea.
  2. Good morning HPL viewers Happy 100 pages everybody .. congratulations Very happy with this week eps ..cant wait next week.
  3. Hello, good morning HPL people Wednesday already. Cant wait tonight.
  4. @Ameera Ali thank you sooooo much You're a gems, keep spoiling us with your gifs
  5. Right, like there no justice for him. He suffer for what, like the writer didnt explain much. Im with you, they could do better for his character. Why make him suffer to the end. The most unfortunate character him and jisoo.
  6. Thank you soo much @turtlegirl So it just ending like that, seung mo is the monster. What about his father, he start all this. Really hate this kind of drama, first ep is good and toward the end its suck. Really hope they keep the bromance between an and seung mo.
  7. @thistle i agree with you, really hate this kind of plot. Look like the writer stuck with the idea, early eps went well and then we got the twist at the end. Look like me too, sorry writer - nim
  8. What happen to the writer .. first kill jisoo and now seung mo is the killer. What the ..
  9. Hello guys, good morning. Still mourning for jisoo, i still think her death is inapproriate. I hope the writer have a better plot after this. Too many shock last night, and seung mo maybe a culprit for the fire, how many twists you have in mind writer- nim?? Oh, my heart
  10. I think the writer is stuck with the idea so that why s/he kill jisoo. I really hate this. So seung mo and jisoo didnt have a happy ending .
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