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[Drama 2023-2024] The Third Marriage - 세 번째 결혼 - Mon to Fri 19:05 KST


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The Third Marriage


The Third Marriage


Network: MBC

Episodes: 120

Genre: romance, drama, revenge

Airdate: october 23, 2023 to may 3, 2024

Airtime: 8:50 - 9:30 KST

Writer: Seo Hyeon Joo

Director: Lee Jae Jin Il



oficial page:






A drama depicting the story of a woman who has lived only for her sister, but after losing her sister in a shocking accident, staking everything to take bloody revenge, with a desire to become a conglomerat.




Oh Seung Ah as Jeong Da Jeong

She is a bright, cheerful and positive person, but also a person with the arrogance of making sure that anyone who is wronged is punished. She who worked at various part-time jobs after working at an orphanage, not only has the stamina of steel, excellent dexterity, and extensive knowledge, but also the hardness that shines on her own and the vitality as tough as a weed. She is a lovely and positive minded person, is faced with her false destiny, so she abandons herself and sets out on a path of revenge.




Yoon Sun Woo as Wang Yo Han 

He is a Dream Food's general manager, looks cynical and harsh on the outside, but is thoughtful on the inside and has a tsundere style that never loses his gentleness. Although he has an individualistic side, he is a straightforward man who cannot hide his emotions in front of the woman he likes. When Jeong Da Jeong appears before his eyes as if by fate, he begins to care and slowly seeps into his heart.




Oh Se Young as Kang Se Ran 

She is a woman as beautiful as a poisonous mushroom, with looks worthy of a girl group and brilliant speaking skills. She is a woman who would rather be ruined than not be able to have what she wants. She has a burning passion and strong obsession that goes all in on what she likes



Mun Ji Hu as Baek Sang Cheol 

He is indecisive and timid opportunist. A chameleon-like man who has the stature of a fashion model and possesses a dazzling appearance, is capable of cooking and cooking, and transforms repeatedly depending on the situation. Compared to his handsome appearance, he is somewhat fearful and has a gentle personality. He is moderately good-natured and moderately snobbish.



Park Young Woon as Wang Ji Hoon 

He is cheerful, leisurely, carefree style. The fact that he plays like a playful boy betrays his appearance. There are no wrinkles and the brain is pure and frivolous. Desire takes precedence over reason. However, the diamond spoon never gets punished even though it violates the law!


The Third Marriage-Jeon No-Min.jpg




Jun Noh Min as Wang Je Gook 

He is the chairman who owns Dream Food, Dream Hotel, Dream Home Shopping, and Dream Department Store. He has a strong obsession, is angry, and has a bulldozer-like personality. A gentleman who looks young for his age and has a classy, sophisticated, and dandy style. He is a sly snake that rarely reveals his true feelings. He is well-versed in financial management and has excellent management skills, enough to own several affiliates. He is an ambitious person who needs to fill 10 if he has 9. On the other hand, he has hobbies of jazz, piano and collecting paintings.



The Third Marriage-Yoon Hae-Young.jpg

Yoon Hae Young as Min Hae Il 

She is a wedding dress designer and runs Noel Wedding Shop.
A personality that is not strong or persevering and prone to loneliness. He grew up well-educated and was equipped with culture and intelligence. Her appearance is gorgeous but not vulgar, and she is a woman who achieves the highest peak of luxury and sophisticated beauty. Her age-defying beauty, sexy body, and eye smile entice men wherever she goes, against her own intentions.


Supporting Cast:

Jung Da Jung's family
The Third Marriage-Lee Kan-Hee.jpg

Lee Kan Hee as Han Ma Ri

The Third Marriage-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg

Ahn Nae Sang as Shin Duk Soo

Kim Si-On

Kim Shi Ohn as Baek Song Yi

Kang Se Ran's family
Choi Ji-Yeon

Choi Ji Yun as Chun Ae Ja

The Third Marriage-Kim Young-Pil.jpg

Kim Young Pil as Kang Man Suk

Yoon Boa Bae's family
The Third Marriage-Ban Hyo-Jung.jpg

Ban Hyo Jung as Yoon Bo Bae

Jung Sae-Byul

Jung Sae Byul  as Yang Mi Soon




Park Sang-Hoo

Park Sang Hoo  as Goo Chun Won

Lee A-Rin

Lee Ah Rin  as Wang An Na


Chart Relationship













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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2023] The Third Marriage - 세 번째 결혼 - Mon to Fri 19:05 KST - premieres october 23th - Cast: Oh Seung Ah, Yoon Sun Woo

Actor Park Young-woon will join MBC's new daily drama "The Third Marriage"


MBC's daily drama "The Third Marriage" deals with a turbulent truth game between a woman who lives a life of manipulation and a woman who tries to dig up and punish lies.

In the drama, Park Young-woon plays Wang Ji-hoon, the cousin of Wang Yo-han (Yoon Sun-woo) and a son of a wealthy family who is prodigal and leisurely, unlike the appearance of a playful and cheerful boy.

Wang Ji-hoon, who hates being bored and boring things and desires precede reason, is an outlaw in a city who is not punished for any offense.

Park Young-woon, who is tall and has a sturdy physique, debuted in the drama "IRIS" and worked in a theater company for two years, gradually expanding his acting range. Afterward, he challenged his first historical drama with the drama "The King Loves" in 2017, leaving a strong ideal.

Since then, he has expanded his own acting world by appearing in dramas such as "Bad Girlfriend""Fan Letter Please" and "The Director Who Buys Me Dinner".

MBC's new daily drama "The Third Marriage", starring Park Young-woon, is scheduled to air for the first time in October as a follow-up to "Meant To Be".

Source: Hancinema.net

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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2023] The Third Marriage - 세 번째 결혼 - Mon to Fri 19:05 KST - premieres october 23th - Cast: Oh Seung Ah, Yoon Sun Woo, Park Young Woon, Oh Se Young
  • 2 weeks later...

Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah Is A Vengeful Bride In New Drama “Third Marriage”

Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah Is A Vengeful Bride In New Drama “Third Marriage”


MBC has released an intriguing teaser poster for its upcoming drama “Third Marriage” (literal translation)!


“Third Marriage” is a new drama about marriage, revenge, and the love that blossoms amidst a tumultuous game of truth between two women: one who is living a fabricated life and another who is struggling to uncover the truth and punish those who have wronged her.


In the newly released poster, Jung Da Jung (played by Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah) wears an elegant white wedding dress and a dark expression as she clutches a bouquet of flowers. Although it is her wedding day, a day that should be the happiest of her life, Jung Da Jung seems troubled as gazes into the camera with mixed emotions flitting across her face.


Notably, while Jung Da Jung’s love interest Wang Yo Han (Yoon Sun Woo) is by her side, looking dependable as he stands one step behind her in a tuxedo, it is not his hand she is holding—instead, she holds hands with her mother Min Hae Il (Yoon Hae Young), who is wearing a wedding dress of her own.


However, despite their tightly grasped hands, there is something unusually cold about the dynamic between the mother and daughter, raising the question of what kind of relationship they might have in the drama.


Finally, the ambitious and relentlessly determined Wang Je Gook (Jeon No Min) exudes a powerful aura as he stands behind Min Hae Il in a sleek tuxedo.

Meanwhile, the poster’s caption cryptically reads, “Our cruel drama that was hidden beneath a veil.”




“Third Marriage” will premiere on October 23 at 7:05 p.m. KST.



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What did the gingerbread man put on his bed? A cookie sheet! :D








What new drama airing in OCT-DEC 2023 interest you and why? Vote for you most anticipated drama now!


re: @confusedheart @partyon @agenth and @Sleepy Owl


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So Episode 1(raw) ... and we're off


- attempted murder of our FL at the start


- FL's family break up in the past - need subs to clear up if Mom is guilty or Dad overreacted - misunderstanding?


- We got a Mom gifted hairpin which will surely prove pivotal later


- Dad goes to jail framed for murder


- Looks like FL's new husband is into the best friend from the start


- Still need subs to confirm, but it looks like new/future love interest is/might be related to FL's lost Mom



Overall it looks good - well shot (so far) - and the end credit OST sounds like a revenge drama


I'm in





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  • 0ly40 changed the title to [Current Drama 2023] The Third Marriage - 세 번째 결혼 - Mon to Fri 19:05 KST

I've finished the first episode. It's pretty good so far, I like it. Oh Seung-Ah is pretty good as a protagonist, the acting was pretty good, too. I'll continue watching it. 

Also, it was nice to see Jeon No-Min again. Haven't seen him in any dailies in a while. I wonder if the mom is gonna become the biggest villain in this show?

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I am liking this drama so far. Pacing is good. I like how they are not dragging the past out longer than necessary. Whoever the stylist for Oh Seung-Ah is doing a good job of making her appear softer compare to other roles. Curly loose hair suits her. I hope she gets more lead roles. I don’t want her to only do villain roles. 

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On 9/29/2023 at 3:35 PM, backstreetboysfan said:

Meanwhile, the poster’s caption cryptically reads, “Our cruel drama that was hidden beneath a veil.”



6 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

Girl , you need to catch flower bouquet not the groom too 

I can read some enthusiasm here. But with words like ‘cruel drama’ and the dreaded ‘veil’ , I am cautiously optimistic. :smile:

From the chart, it looks like she’s married with a child but having the hots for her step-brother. Her husband also has the hots for her best friend? The logical non-kdrama question is why marry. 

Infidelity is the rice of many kdrama dishes. So I can FFW their scenes. Thank goodness no child abuse in sight. Does the FL show any sign of being a doormat? 

Revenge elements are there. :ilike:

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