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  1. Wang Xuan's former maid is becoming the same pathetic character as her "lover". She is the paranoid "wife" stalking Zidan. Asking him to go home sounded more like a command. Wang Xuan is finding out that her former world is all a deception. Loved the way Wang Xuan continued the cold shoulder towards Zidan. "My husband is on in so I cannot invite you in". Really nice of her brother to furnish her Yuzheng Palace and filled up her wine cellar too
  2. To add to that, her father had sent a spy to spy on Xiao Qi and Xiao Qi had made it known that he does not trust her father. Wang Xuan will be stuck in the middle if both her father and her husband are at odds.
  3. All the noble marriages in this drama is the result of arranged marriage in order to hold to power. I think it is in the Wang's family motto to hang on to power via sending their daughters in as Empresses. So goes the urban legend of marrying a Miss Wang you will become a Monarch. Indeed, our Miss Wang here did become an Empress in a new founded dynasty later. Wang Xuan's brother marriage is no different as did his own Father, Mother and even the Empress Aunt. Huan Mi's father had intended to marry his daughter to Second Prince but got intercepted by Wang Xuan's father, the powerfu
  4. Episode 18, I wander what did Zidan said regarding Xiao Qi's presence is always in perfect timing. I wonder whether later Wang Xuan will go about and muster the funds to deliver the much needed supplies to Xiao Qi.
  5. I must have missed that post. Marriage life started on a good foot. 1. Xiao Qi took Wang Xuan out to release stress and the upcoming bad news from home. 2. Wang Xuan finally acknowledge Xiao Qi is her husband in public and took him out to dance to denote she has picked him to be her lover. Before that, she teased him that she was on a lookout for a man. 3. Quite a couple helping each other as she took out a lighter to start a fire while Xiao Qi was trying to start one go with the caveman basic 4. They can even teased each other who is at a bigger fault in
  6. Totally agreed that Wang Xuan's brother wife, Huan Mi is always in bed with the Second Prince in every of their scene together. Looks who is more promiscuous. I loved it that Xiao Qi because he is not of the noble court life that he does not deal in deception that Wang Xuan is going through with her own family and relatives so she is getting reality straight up. She can be regal and forceful in public but so playful with Xiao Qi when they are alone. Being with Xiao Qi allowed her to be her true self again. Her husband told her he will die with her if need be but Zidan w
  7. I loved it how Xiao Qi's head snapped into attention when he heard that those two maids had upset his wife. Then he just told her to follow as his wife wishes.
  8. I believe Xiao Qi made the conclusion that Emperor was behind the plot to kill them as he knew that the Xie family will not act as they did without the support of a higher authority. Wang Xuan cannot believe that of her Uncle Emperor. Xiao Qi is not interested in the palace politics as his main goal is the protection of the country. However, it is because Wang Lin bestowed his daughter to him so he was pulled into it not of his own choosing. What did he refer to it ... an ant hill. Wang Xuan said that she is no ant. I loved how they joked with each other and the open affection disp
  9. I think he did send letters and gifts but Wang Xuan ignored them. Xiao Qi told his man to continue sending letters and gifts.
  10. I believe that Wang Xuan's feelings for Xiao Qi first spark when she found out that he had sent his people to save her. He is the only one who did it. Where is her father, Uncle Emperor or even Zi Dan Ke Ke when she was kidnapped. Then he rushed to save the "decoy" thinking she was her. Who can forget that moment he appeared alone surrounded by a celestial mist to save her and she called out his name "Xiao Qi"(she did not even go with his title) and warned that she was strapped with a bomb. That all it took, his wife calls and he killed everyone and saved his wife with one "balleri
  11. Wang Xuan's former maid under the Crown Princess' false claims was given poison to poison Wang Xuan and need a snow lotus which will be given to her by He Lan Zhen. I believe He Lan Zhen fell for the same qualities as did Xiao Qi. I liked it that Xiao Qi told the drunken Wang Xuan that she can always be the same playful girl that he first met at the festival in his company. Pampering his young wife and took her out to have some fun before settling her down to some bad news from her maternal home. If it was not for that letter, she was packing to join Xiao Qi to his next campaign.
  12. Wang Xuan finally realized that her Zidan Ke Ke is such a spoilt brat and she gave him a good scolding that he showed no compassion for their countrymen unlike her husband Xiao Qi who dedicated his life protecting the country. She flatly told him that she loves Xiao Qi and in her heart, she is already Xiao Qi's wife. She showed real courage no wonder her father had wished she was born male.
  13. I think with all the inter-marriage within a few noble clans, it is time to start a fresh dynasty. I like the vow Xiao Qi made to Wang Xuan that she will be the woman by his side and the only woman who will bear his children
  14. Okay ... I am not happy about their bed appearing out of nowhere after she agreed to a new contract of becoming the real Mrs. Zhang. I believe there is many way of conveying the message. Not quite scientific or logical that Si Nian can now magically get their bed to appear. Yun Shu showed maturity when she decided to tell Lu Yu that her sister is pregnant and the decision on the baby should fall on both parents. I loved Si Nian's jealousy of men trying to hug or get even close to his wife. He was the jealous husband with Lawyer Meng and he is not going to allow a male relative to b
  15. I just loved this drama. So what it started as a contractual marriage, the important thing is that both are sincere in the relationship. Our couple may not have shared interests but they compliment each other. Together, both their lives comes to a full circle. Lin Chu Chu sounded so hurt when she realised that Zhang Si Nian never had any feelings for her. He was kind enough to point out that at that time he did not have any feelings for anyone until Yun Shu changed him. He one conversation with Yun Shu, it really showed who between the two is more mature. Zhang Si Nian
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