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  1. This is the first lakorn or any Thai drama I ventured to watch and totally loved it. If I watched earlier I would have visited the area where Ayutthaya was when I visited Thailand last December. Loved the chemistry and all those cute comical tunes. I thought the editing of the drama had some disruption like Mae Malee had a one sided love for Khun P/Por Date but there weren't that many scenes of them together to support Phaulkon's jealousy. I just thought Por Date saved her from a fall once and that was it. He never looked at her with any interest. His jealousy when other man "sniffed" around Karakade is so adorable. I was looking forward to the hotpot she commissioned but in the end we saw she made a water filter made. She had cotton put in it but later in the drama she made such a huge discovery of the cotton plant and made pillows with it. Then the sudden one side love from Por Date's elder brother for Mae Karakade from out of nowhere in a few scenes. Por Date's father is the best. So kind and wise. Anyway, I went into Youtube and surveyed for a Thai seafood dipping sauce to try out. Not keen on young mangoes but the seafood dipping sauce looked really appetizing. I do not have a sweet tooth so Mae Marie's desserts, I will not look into it.
  2. He does not. But mean girl "doctored" the result putting a 4 at one of the number indicating it is a 41 which means a high probability.
  3. Fan Zhou is absolutely adorable with all his dating skills coming from intense research online. He was so good at it that Zhou Xiao thinks that he is a player. So cute that his only reference to dates is her and only for one week. It is great when Fan Zhou joined Zhou Xiao's family and be able to experience a normal family life. I cannot stand that mean girl who does not take no for an answer. She accused Zhou Xiao of snatching Fan Zhou from her but a good retort from Zhou Xiao whether Fan Zhou was hers in the first place. I thought it was so cute that Fan Zhou wanted to declare formal relationship and Fan Zhou said he sounded like a pregnant woman wanting a proper status. I like that Fan Zhou was a responsible man indicating he will not push if Zhou Xiao did not give her permission. For that, he got Zhou Xiao jumping into his bed instead. Fan Zhou made no plans to hide the fact that Zhou Xiao is his girlfriend. The mean girl obviously "doctored" the result indicating a high chance that he will inherit his mother's mental illness. Fan Zhou will break up with Zhou Xiao but will you be able to be by his side? She is probably going to be just the person next to him.
  4. I am glad the truth is out in the open and Xi Chi can start to 'heal". I cannot believe that room mate of hers cannot take no from an answer. She had heard the actual words from the horse's mouth and still asked Xi Chi's help to "win" Xu Fang. I find it is so cute that Xu Fang's parents are cheering for the Xi Chi and Xu Fang to get their act together. At least the Senior is out as Xi Chi said she now got someone already. His parents are really horrible.
  5. I am enjoying this drama. Like it that Zhao Fan Zhou is assertive in his pursuit of Zhou Xiao. Like Put Your Head on my Shoulder, Fan Zhou also got a very supportive professor as well.
  6. Watching this drama I just wished the adults (Lin Xi Chi's parents) come cleaned on their actual situation. They are making the poor Xi Chi's harping on a family that will never be reunited. I think the father makes poor excuses in order not to be seen as the bad guy in his children's eyes. Sir, you made your bed of roses, now you just have to sleep in it.
  7. Watching the little dance Feng Jiu showed Dong Hua had a reaction for him like she did the dance of the Seven Veils. When Zhi He was dancing he was more interested fixing Lian Song's little toy.
  8. Started on Novoland: Castle in the Sky (2016). Heard Dong Hua's voice in the character Feng Ren. So lovely to hear that voice.
  9. The toxic in my realm has increased so I need to stay in Dong Hua's Tiangang Shield for another 20 days. Thank you to all for the enlightening entertainment.
  10. I loved the comparison of Lian Song telling the tale of Dong Hua in the ancient battle can be covered in blood and not even raised an eyebrow while in front of Feng Jiu, Dong Hua said he is the weak type of hero ... whine at the slightest scratch. By the way, I liked how Feng Jiu out beat her own rivals. Ji Heng, Feng Jiu had better culinary skills from steamed fish, making candies and even tonic soups. Zhi He and her dancing skill. Dong Hua was not even watching her performance. Feng Jiu danced better and had Dong Hua play the music instrument.
  11. Wow! The written scene of the consummation felt like it was straight from a historical romance novel.
  12. I just loved it how Zhi He got her deserves for bullying Feng Jiu when she was a maid at Tai Chen Palace. By her own folly (disguising herself as the bride) got banished from 9th Heavens and demoted as well. Then she tried to make a comeback by dancing her way in but Feng Jiu as Qing Qiu Queen made a speech on justice and punishment. Although Dong Hua defended her but she still need to return to the West Realm for her training. The final justice was she pushed Ah Li but Feng Jiu made sure she landed on bird dropping. The words she said was that the bird dropping and Zhi He was a perfect match. I will second that too. I really liked the emotions that played Dong Hua's face when Lian Song told him the truth about Feng Jiu. He literally felt stress from listening to it as he rubbed his forehead from an obvious headache. When he heard that Ji Heng's pet nearly killed Feng Jiu, I think he would have slash that snow beast like that fire beast if it was still around. Then of course, he made a quick decision to save Feng Jiu and just gave two instructions to Lian Song if anything was to happen to him.
  13. Bai Pao Pao. Sorry, I got it wrong listening to it the first time. It means "to run" according to my Chinese expert at home.
  14. In the end, Dong Hua did what Zhen Ye had failed with Aranya. Dong Hua told Feng Jiu that he loved her and Feng Jiu told him she loved him too. Even if they did die, they both heard those words. On a lighter note, I saw a video on Youtube that their second child is indeed a daughter. Feng Jiu gave Dong Hua the honour of naming their daughter. He named her Bai Pao Pao or something like that. Gun Gun was not pleased that his father named his baby sister so carelessly. Back to Miao Luo's prediction that Dong Hua was hiding a "Bai Yi" lady to meant a woman in white but unknowing to her, Feng Jiu is Bai Yi's daughter. Just a note on the play of words. Rewatching Aranya's Dream, Juno and Chandi are two silly birds.
  15. On the fox candies, Dong Hua was elated to receive it. Su Mo Ye got his stolen. Zhen Ye broke down knowing that the "Aranya" in front of him is not his Aranya because she does not make candies.
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