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  1. Came upon this drama fully subbed and totally enjoyed it. The classic tale of behind every successful man there is a woman. Just loved the family dynamics of the Shen family and a lovely and protective in-laws couple. A true tale of a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I found it Fang Yao irritable as she did not even tried to make an effort to "tame" Shen Yong" and wanted to benefit from someone else's effort because she looked down at Yi Shao and who she turned out to be in the end .. a princess. I was not pleased that she benefited having Shen Jie as her next romance after being told to come to her senses. I loved how Shen Yong defended his wife against anyone who even spread one small bad tale about his wife and a wife who see her husband's potential. He is not afraid even in front of the Emperor as he did not care that Yi Shao has got royal bloodline or not but she is his wife that is all that matter to him.
  2. It will be interesting when the Nun and the young Father Han will be roped into the plans to bring the villians down. I like the slapstick effects in the drama. Rather refreshing.
  3. I too watched that over and over again. Especially when he screamed at them to get out. They had tested a Mr Nice Guy's limit of patience. Just found out that Na Hye Mi is married to Shinwa Eric.
  4. Mr Kang is a fine example of a father. "No one bullies my princess." I will love to see his reaction being a father once again. He is now enjoying fatherhood with a adult daughter and will be able to experience bring up his child, the chance he missed out with Do Ran. I missed my father.
  5. My goodness, Kang In Wook is a bloodhound. Hopefully, the training Mari gets for being Woo Ha Kyung for real will boast her confidence too. I do not condone men who cheats on their relationship or hit women.
  6. I totally agree that Xue Chang An is alive. Hopefully, he will come in a dream to his mother and update her on his condition. That uncle's motive is not sincere. He is a person trying to play God. It will be sad for Grandfather that he adopted a guy that will harm his bloodline.
  7. I did a whole marathon watching this drama. Wow! The older generation is terrible example of being parents. Ling Yi Zhou had a terrible lonely life that he warmed up to an obsession on a woman who bought him a birthday cake. It was terrible to have lied about Xia Lin's condition. She did not do anything to deserve that but it also show that husband and wife's relationship is about love and forgiveness, give and take. I am absolutely marveled at the fact that a husband is that observant that he know the dates of his wife's monthly. My husband of many years has no clue. I think it is beautiful how he came up with a pet name for her. If I was to split up the Chinese character of my name, it sounds terrible. Not romantic at all. It was a lovely drama ... reminded me of the many Mills & Boon novels I read when I was a teenager.
  8. It is amazing to see the main couple chemistry and that Ariel.Lin and Zhang Bin Bin has a 10 years age gap between them.
  9. I have saved all my favourite episodes and will watch again at my own leisure. It is really interesting to note that how much acting as they are actually a pair of real life couple. I suppose the elaborate wedding on set can be taken for a real wedding for them too.
  10. There is an episode on historical PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
  11. I started on a few Chinese drama after The Story of Ming Lan and absolutely loved this one. I did a marathon of it and is now up to date. Watched Ariel Lin in the 2008 Legend of the Condor Heroes and I see a lot of Huang Rong here with the street smart attitude. It looks she shared the same fate as her mother with men falling for her but at least she is made of sterner stuff thanks to her Uncle Jiu's tough love.
  12. Just watched the sub version of the end episodes. I must say in the end, I pitied Stepmother. She blamed the Gu family for her own predicament but she should also be smart enough to overcome it. Look at Grandmother who raised her whole family not of her bloodline and in defending her own decision she cut ties with her own Marquis family. In the end, it is rather a lame excuse. I suppose she took on a "character" that is so different from her true personality. Remember she said she would had more a satisfying life if she had been a prostitute in a brothel. Her son was her worst disappointment as he did not reflect any of her genes and said that a lowly born Bai family had a better son in Gu Ting Ye.
  13. I really liked Qi Ji (Yuwen Yong) in Cuo Dian Yuan Yang. However, as Yuwen Yong, he need to move on because everyone else did. Rather stupid of his wife to use her unborn child as a threat because historically she never had any children with Yuwen Yong.
  14. I believe Gu Ting Ye's wish of a passionate and clingy wife came to a circle after the incident of Auntie Kang at her birth of their son. Ming Lan practically hung onto him with her dear life. She screamed at her nightmares and he does his best to pacify her. Note that now she did not handle the situation by herself. At that time, Gu Ting ye armed himself with a sword at all times. Because he need to clam his wife down, he even did not responds to the Emperor's request ... that was in the act too. Loved Sitou's over protectiveness of Xiaotao and Sitou is also a rank officer hence Xiaotao is wearing a Lady outfit. Xiaotao is no longer a maid and she comes by often to chit chat with Ming Lan. Such a sweet ending ...
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