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  1. I must say slip shot editing. One scene he is with a mustache, the next scene he lost it. I believe they tidy all the loose ends quite nicely. Xu Ling Yi gave Madame Wen a choice. If she wants to remain with the Xu family, they will provide for her upkeep. If she wish to leave then then he will provide sufficient funds for her livelihood. If she wish to venture into business, he will provide her the capital. Xu Ling Yi told her to take her time to think about it. Madame Wen did not make a decision but wished to stay near her son during his education years. I believe Xu Ling Yi made
  2. People are commenting what Master Lin (Ou Yan Xing) spoke that he is more suited for Shi Yiniang if it was not because of fate, I will have agreed if Shi Yiniang had successfully ran away to Yuhang with her mother tagging Master Lin, they may have a high chance that romance may have develop between them as they are of a similar nature and background. He is nearer in age than Xu Ling Yi without the baggage of children and concubines. If Master Lin had Shi Yiniang by his side, he will have a fulfilled life and will definitely ignore his family in the Capital as he is able to sustain
  3. Ou Li Xing has a spy in the Xu Mansion. Xu Ling Yi has a spy in where Ou Li Xing works. That is why Shi Yiniang said she had informed Xu Ling Yi that she had changed the theme of the embroidery work. He was so busy that he skipped seeing that document. So he assumed that she was submitting the first work. Furthermore, he even came for the piece early than schedule. The Emperor even saw through his misused of power which is why he got the 20 lashes.
  4. It is now clear that Shi Yiniang as the Xu Ling Yi's current principal wife without any effort of hers and all through the other faults managed to cast off all her husband's concubines. I had to laugh at Xu Ling Yi's expression and utter speechless at every one of his concubines blamed him for their own situation. So much so he had vow against having anymore concubines. I think he is tired of the "stud" duty his mother wants him to do. He had made every of his concubine's life a misery. I was a little surprised that they reserved the burning of the embroidery work for M
  5. It is nice to see that the Luo sisters' relationship has improved. Luo Er Niang despite her nastiness spoke on behalf of Shi Yiniang in front Old Madame Xu.
  6. Scheme, scheme and more scheme. Looks like Ou Li Xing was working on both ends. He got some dirt on the Wen family business and therefore Madame Wen's sister in law forced Madame Wen to burn the embroidery work. She used the Wen family support for Yu Ge as leverage. Old Madame Xu actually fed birth control potion to both Madame Qin and Wen before the principal wife entered the household. However, Madame Qin got the shorter stick of it as her health could not take the harshness of the potion. Madame Wen managed to conceive and deliver safely. Although Old Madame Xu said she did it w
  7. Looks like a Xu Ling Yi, Shi Yiniang and Master Lin is in a big production play to weed out the mole in Xu Mansion. The play is titled "The Runaway Wife". I think it has a casting call of everyone in Xu Mansion. Even a plot with making Dongqing to become Xu Ling Yi's concubine. Qu Li Xing's mission for Madame Qin was to destroy Xu Ling Yi and Shi Yiniang's marriage. He even betray his own brother as the other man. It is Old Madame Xu who made Madame Qin take a birth control potion before Xu Ling Yi married a principal wife. However, that potion took a toll on her health
  8. I think Old Madame Xu can tolerate and forgive mistakes but not crimes. Old Madame Xu look highly upon the future generations of the Xu family hence she will never allowed any harm come to those children. Madame Qiao tampered with Yuan Niang's medication that cause her to miscarriage hence killing a Xu child. She brought in a dog to endanger the health of Zhun Ge is already a double whammy. It is a crime for a concubine to depose of the principal wife in order to gain the seat for yourself. Remember, Old Madame Xu told Madame Qiao she should not think of anything above her own station especial
  9. I believe that when Xu Ling Yi took over as the head of the Xu family, he put onto himself some rigid discipline or principles to ensure the continuing survival of his family. He is disappointed that no one did the same. Like Shi Yiniang explained to him hence untying the knot that no one can be like him but he will need to understand the other wants and needs too. I think the light bulb that lit on for Xu Ling Yi with regards to Shi Yiniang that she was the first one who understood the dilemma he is going through. He thinks too much but is unable to do anything about it. The first
  10. I did not notice an unusual gait except the time he was nursing that stab wound. However, princess-carrying your wife several times now will bring some toil to his back, I am sure for a man of somewhat older. I cannot wait for Ou Li Xing to fall flat on his face once again because of Xu Ling Yi's young wife. She best him yet again.
  11. Just picked up after watching the subbed episodes that Xu Ling Yi intend to use the mole in the Xu Mansion to destroy the Ou family. Like Madame Qiao's case, it is the feeding of wrong information for them to act. I suppose in the end it will be Madame Qin's downfall. She either drink poison, or get poisoned or attacked by Ou family to cover their tracks. I think the part where Shi Yiniang is in prison is not for failing to come up with the embroidery work. It is a bigger plot that threaten the whole Xu family that Shi Yiniang will take up the blame for to ensure the whole Xu famil
  12. Important thing is that "concubine" admitted he did not sleep with her so he was still faithful to Danyang. Danyang told him to release the concubine from her slave contract with some money and send her away. With Madame Luo's death, at least Hupo is no longer getting blackmail and I am sure Shi Yiniang will be able to find her sister as she already set out word to search for Hupo's sister. I would prefer it to be Master Jian than Madame Qin. Master Jian once showed a similar flower embroidery to Madame Ou which look like what Hupo is holding onto.
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