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  1. First time I will be commenting on this thread. Episode 8 is really a tearjerker. So much emotion were shown by both mothers enough for me to be teary eyed. I really love this drama series.
  2. This ending of this drama is really bad. The Chief Prosecutor and his boss should have been revealed as the ending of the drama. In a drama series, the ending must always sewn together all the missing link. All the hard work of the NFS and Prosecutor Do had been set aside. It is as if the bad guys became victorious even if the evidence were pointing against them. Even if there's a 3rd season, it should start with another case not related to Season 2. I should not have followed this drama. This is a bad drama. Continuity is bad. I'm sorry to the administrator of the thread for my remarks.
  3. In the final twist It would have been better if the she pulled the trigger and the camera followed the bullet until it hits Matsuura. I would love to see his facial expression when he gets hit by the bullet. I know I am a horrible person watching him die but I really hate his character. Hahahaha.
  4. This is my first time and probably the last time I'm gonna be writing for this thread. I just completed watching this drama. It took me three days to watch it from Episode 1 till the last episode. Watching it for 3 days seems like a marathon. The story is well written. It is a fast paced drama. The actors and actresses were very good. The location settings were very good. Above all the story ending although predictable is the best. I really thought the ending was the kissing scene in Manchuria and I was about to be disappointed. Good thing the Director injected the assassination of Matsuura. Bravo for this drama. All I can say is this drama will be on my A-list together with the Mr. Sunshine and Jewel In the Palace. I'm an addict for historical drama BTW. To the maker of this thread. Thank you so much..
  5. This is quite a good drama. The story line seems to have a lot of twist and turn but it makes the drama good enough to be followed. The ending is also very good. The viewers won't find a romantic ending but there are glimpses of understanding between the two main characters. Two thumbs up for this drama
  6. That scenario may have some sense in it. The only drawback on that scenario is that there's only one episode left to inject those circumstances or truth in it. If that should happen we will be seeing a lot of flashbacks to make Ha Seon a royal blood. Anyway, if that scenario won't happen, I will be contented to see the Queen Dowager and Shin Chi Soo get the beheading penalty and let the King and the Queen live a happy life. I also would want to see a little Ha Seon or a little Queen Yoo So Won or maybe both little ones. I also wonder what will happen to Dal Rae and Gab Soo in the end. A lot of personalities must be sewed together to make a convincing ending
  7. That scenario will only happen if the three of them will be able to remove Ha Seon as King. They are hoping that the King (Ha Seon) will admit that he was the one who sent the letter to the Aisin Gurun. The mere fact that Lee Kyu admitted that he sent the letter without the King's knowledge makes it impossible for the King to be removed from his position. If I remember correctly, the Queen was asking Ha Seon about the story of Zhao Yun and Liu Bei as to who Liu Bei will choose between the son or the royal subject and Ha Seon said that he will not to chose anyone. In the meeting of Lord Jinpyeong, Shin Chi Soo, Lee Kyu and Ha Seon, Lee Kyu reminded the King to chose the nation instead of him. Lee Kyu's statement therefore is putting Ha Seon in a situation that he should chose the best interest of the nation instead of Lee Kyu. In the morning assembly, I think Lee Kyu made a signal to Officer Jang about his ropes. Shin Chi Soo also noticed it and was analyzing what was being signaled between the two. When the King ordered that the ropes be removed from Lee Kyu, his plan to kill Lord Jinpyeong were put in action
  8. First time I will be commenting on this thread. I have been watching this drama ever since day 1. It is quite a good drama series. From E15, Lee Kyu admitted that he used the seal to send the letter to Aisin Gurun. His admission in effect is absolving the King from any complications against the Ming. When Lee Kyu killed Lord Jinpyeong, he is also saving the country from a probable successor who can't be trusted because of his alliance with the Queen Dowager. With the death of Lord Jinpyeong there won't be any royal blood left who can replace the King (Ha Seon). Also, the rebel forces will no longer have a leader with Lord Jinpyeong's death. I really think that Shin Chi Soo will be re-arrested and his beheading sentence before will be implemented immediately. As for the Queen Dowager as co-conspirator to the rebel forces, she will also be arrested and beheaded. I think the ending will be a pleasant one. With the power of love between Queen Yoo So Won and Ha Seon, she will get pregnant later on who will rise to become the next King. The last episode will be a good one.
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