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  1. Looks like every character in this drama have their own story . For example Ha Rip's friend, Yi kyung's friend, coffee shop owner, and etc. I love how the drama slowly reveals their real identity.
  2. I had watched till ep3. I liked the interaction between the male lead and the female lead. For female lead Lee Seol, I knew her through drama Less than evil and I don't know that she can sing. Now I keep repeating this song. (ost part 3).
  3. Episode 16 was the last episode for season two. And this morning there was news released that they were in discussion for season 3. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/421/0004120430
  4. These two clips explained how Park Young Soo was murdered. Dr. Baek's presentation so amazing and their reaction was really funny when he took out the snake from the bottle.
  5. He had a sad past. But I am so glad his neighbor friend still believe him would not killed people. I hate his mother. That's all his mother's fault.
  6. Today news article. Lee Yi Kyung (Detective Cha in season 1) will make a special appearance in the last episode of season 2. Looking forward to it. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0002939397
  7. Finally the drama ended. Looking forward to her next project. Watching this music video again. Hope that she can work together with Kim Dong Wook again. They just look so great in the video and also in behind the scene. Both of them are talented actor.
  8. This scene so touching. Although they cannot find out his mother's cause of death, at least they proved that her son was not guilty. That was enough. Don't discriminate people who have mental illness. They have a beautiful heart than normal people. That's the moral lesson that I got from this case.
  9. Yes he really need someone who really care for him. He is alone. I also hope that the writer will give him a good ending.
  10. Jang Cheol and Dr. K's real identity still yet to discover. From what we know from his conversation with Prosecutor Ga in the car, is his mother still alive or really exist? Or just his imagination? Because the bed was empty when someone in his room. I am so sorry after saw his childhood experience. By the way I was amazed by this male actor with such a beautiful face and good at acting and singing too.
  11. Most of the actors joined the 2D1N training. Photo credit to actor Kang Seo Jun & Yoo Subin. Besides, the team also gathered to see the musical stage performance of Lee Sang Yi(Yang Tae-su) on last saturday.
  12. Time flies. Only two episodes left. Hope there is happy ending. I will miss all the actors in this drama. Every action scene, comedy scene , kiss scene and romantic scene in this drama will always on my mind. Just take a look at the next episode preview. Jin Gab was singing and dancing. He worked so hard to get the warrant from prosecutor. What Doha is doing? Is he really going to shoot his teacher? next preview video
  13. So the male lead and the female lead was childhood friend? I am curious about their future and their past.
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