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  1. Choi sora such a jerk. How can she spread the old news to the media about Jo Jin Gab after 10 years. Poor Jin Gab. But luckily Mi Ran can understand his situation and start to take care of Jin Gab. Beside that, I like Dokgu and his team. They really help Jin Gab a lot in fighting with Myeongsong Group. Catch their V Live interview https://m.vlive.tv/video/126662
  2. Oh no, please don't hurt our male lead. And I saw from preview that TaeSu is walking out from the prison. Looks like our male lead and his team will face lots of problems again.
  3. In the next preview, why Dokgu & Doha were fighting ? That's really funny. And in the end who is this man? Goo Dae Gil was released from jail?
  4. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003409110 Today news article What is his real identity? Is he friend or enemy?
  5. Gu Dae-Gil ... Now only Jo Jin Gab in his mind. LOL. By the way I love their interaction rather than Yang Tae-su. Looking forward for his revenge towards Jo Jin Gab someday.
  6. Yes he gained weight about 9 kg for this drama to fit into his role as a former judo athlete whom lack of exercise after retired for almost 10 years.
  7. cr: gooddata Second week of April Hot Topic drama ranking released. Our drama was ranked No.3. and for drama performer hot topic ranking Kim Dong Wook was ranked no.3. Besides, this drama ratings(AGB Nielsen) was increased from 4.7(ep2) to 6.8(ep4). I was happy that this drama received so much attention from Korean viewers and hope the international viewers will increase too.
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