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  1. i juat manage to watch the finale yesterday..and its awesome as usual!! god for answered my prayer..season 3 with a lot of no min woo..and of course the rest of the cast..without u guys partner of justices cant be as daebak as it is!!!! thank you so much!!!! fighting for season 3!!! loveline for eun pro n deputy do..jang chul n dr.han..mr.yang n miho..baek n sally..if only stephanie n yi kyung can joint i just couldnt wait
  2. great drama..as expected..ji sung is jjang..but can u do something about the female lead who is always stutter n freeze her self pdnim..it make the drama pace slow..doesnt go with the wave length as medical drama..
  3. cant believe just 1 ep left!!! watching korean drama isnt fun anymore next week!!! fighting search:www!!
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