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  1. Yeah lol what happen to him ..the last news i got was he was hidden by Sabina's mom . He should start making his appearance to scare Sabina off . Sarang's dad ( the one where he ran off to Peru to avoid those load sharks came back ) gave a big clue on Sabina past Also is it confirm that Pil Sheung's partner Detective is Secretary Han's son ? I would have send him off overseas instead of being so near her to avoid any secret being expose . Now that evil Sabina mom already digging about the child .
  2. Judging by the dialogue it's like something he wish for will happen like it would be many years have pass on and cs died and reincarnate back and met with everyone who is also reincarnated
  3. Anyone watch the latest episodes ? I don't get it that Choi Dae Sung and Secretary Han had a child together last time ? did the child died ? hmm more secrets
  4. Can anyone tell me was yesterday epi 16 the last one or there will be one more episode today ? It doesnt look like an ending yesterday
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