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  1. Lee Sang Yeob is also on another new drama Good Casting , is he filming 2 drama back to back ? He is so busy !
  2. I just don't get the writers they could have made JW into a teribble character why must he be so nice ! SA and JW has better chemistry and more interactions . The writers could have wrote more stuff on TR with SA but it did not and there's hardly any romantic moments . I am sad if today episode is really the end of JW and SA . Sigh ..well at least they still "family" seeing CA and JH will be together .
  3. I must saw kudos to Oh Min Suk for literally made me cry when he knelt down to SA mother . I don't understand what the heck he's saying but the scene literally brought tears to me .
  4. they could have made JW a hateable character you know like those daily dramas about cheating ex husband trying to get back to his ex wife and how the ex wife now has a new man in her life but JW it's not like that . Its so clear cut but the problem is how they make JW character change , the part where he saw how his mom treated SA . The tears and emotion on JW face that make me see him in a different light . And the problem is JW character has more chemistry with SA ! Also another point to note he has more links to SA since JH is his cousin brother and JH is dating SA sister . I dont know how this drama gonna end if they stick with TR - SA that's fine since hey that's what the poster show but yeah they could have cast someone different for JW that make viewers hate him.
  5. Daily drama always sound like a disaster but the problem is viewers ( ajummas and ahjussi ) always hook to this kind of stories . lol
  6. I am not sure if they will change the plot but damn JW and SA really have chemistry .Can this ex husband and wife get back together ? I mean I get TR likes her but I really can't see it