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  1. I don’t think they divorced. They just said they would talk about it once everything with YR was done. MJ is a sweetheart. I don’t think she would have left GH after all that. She loves GH and SW too much. I think GH was able to start freely loving MJ after YR left and no longer be filled with guilt and to love and live freely with YR blessings and knowing that’s what she wants for him.
  2. In korean culture, couples give their unborn baby a Nickname. So that was seowoos, nickname. ughhh I don’t know how they’re going to resolve all this. I feel like it’s a lose situation all around.
  3. I know. It’s so cruel to have her leave again. I have no idea how this is going to turn out. I’m afraid it’s gonna end up with her dying again. But I really really don’t want that happening.
  4. I know this is being selfish, but I really want YR to live and go back to her place as GH wife and SW mom. I feel more convicted after seeing this episode. GH has not truly let go of YR and honestly the love he has for her is on a different level then the love he has for MJ. With MJ it feels more sibling like, and I feel like he caters to her out of politeness rather than love. I’m sure he loves her, but not like he loved YR. That last scene where he was clinging on her, broke my heart. MJ has always loved GH more, and she always knew she didn’t have all his heart. I feel like if she truly loves him, she will be willing to let him go so he can find his happiness again. Knowing the person she is, I don’t think she could stand knowing that YR would die again because she couldn’t find her rightful place. Honestly, I really feel for MJ, she got the short end of a very crappy stick, but she hasn’t been happy in the marriage for a long time, to the point where she was considering divorce. She deserves a man who will truly love and embrace her whole heartedly, with no reservation. I know that GH will feel mad guilty if this is the end result too, where MJ leaves him so he can be with YR, so I don’t know how to resolve this. Either way, people will be hurt. But I’d rather MJ get hurt and move on with someone who truly loves her then YR dying.
  5. Oh man. This last episode was sooo good. I love that they gave us more background on MJ. Mj truly is a good mom and YR knows that. That’s why she loves MJ as well. I can see it in her eyes and that’s why she doesn’t want to take her “rightful” place. It really was sooo sweet that she made the banchan that MJ likes and made sure to take care of her. Its not fair to expect MJ to just disappear, she is the one who raised SW and loves her. I feel so torn, because I do want YR to stay alive, but I also don’t want MJ to be displaced because of that. I also love that MJ is drawn to YR and truly seems to like her. I stan their friendship! I don’t know how the show is going to resolve this....
  6. At this point I don’t see how SRY and YS can be end game. (I know they’re supposed to be) But it’s already half way through the drama and I don’t see how SRY can all of a sudden veer lanes and stop liking SA and start liking YS. I want to see him finally chasing after her and being there for her... but up until this point I haven’t really seen him show any signs that he cares for her beyond that as danban family. Anyone that reads the WEBTOON, care to enlighten me how this happens?!