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  1. I typically watch kdramas, but started watching some cdramas as well, I didn’t know Le Coup de Foudre started! Thought it wasn’t out yet? How is it so far? I’ve been on a bit of kdrama drought as well which is why I’ve discovered cdramas. What kind of dramas do you like? I can recommend some, based on your taste. The ones I’ve liked have been trendy, so you may have already seen it. -Because this life is my first (was obsessed with this one) -fight my way -weight lifting fairy kim bok joo -reply series (1997, 1994, 1988) -sassy go go -why secretary kim -my id is Gangnam beauty -thirty but seventeen -my father is strange (longer family drama) im currently watching her private life along with put your head on my shoulder
  2. Ahhhhh thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! You are wonderful! This episode is so cute! Def helps put context to the episode! If you can also recap 14 that would be awesome!! No rush! Really appreciate it!!
  3. Ohhh where are you seeing the newest episode? Do you have a link? Really loving this drama!!! I think it’ll top my favorite Chinese drama “A love so beautiful” I know they’re sister dramas, but been liking Chinese dramas a lot. Been a long time k drama watcher too....any other Chinese dramas like this anyone can recommend? The wait is so hard!!!
  4. Does anyone know if this webtoon is completed? and where I can read it? I found it on tappytoons but its done after a few episodes. Thanks!
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