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  1. Yea I peeked at the ending cause I wanted to know who she ends up with. Im a little disappointed I usually never have second lead syndrome, but I think I’ll have SLS for this drama.
  2. Just saw ep 38 and uhhhh tong nian guy friend turned out to be a total creep. Wtheck was that?
  3. Not too late at all! This way you can speed through the episodes without cliffhangers :p join in the fun!
  4. Are yaya and little mi together now? On the plane the boys mentioned that he was recently in a relationship? I wanted to see this develop with them too!
  5. Just saw the latest subbed episode on Viki. I have to say, I really love the relationship between the stepmom and HSY. For those that know Chinese, are they really referring to her as stepmom? Or just mom? Because I feel like regardless of blood, that is her son. I love how supportive she is of him and how she really is so proud of everything he’s accomplished. She became his ma when she was so young! Only 20 and for her to step up and take him as her own even when her husband had passed. Feel like that would be difficult for a young girl to take that on.
  6. I love gong too too, but I agree that he’s too old for this role. Hmmm. Who would make a good gun? I agree with ji Chang wook. Also maybe kim soo Hyun? TaecYeon, maybe not the best actor but visually he works too. Woo bin, Yoon doojoon? For Nian Nian, honestly I feel like the actress looks too mature to portray a 19 year old and totally agree with her fashion being hideous! They really need to dress her better. Yaya has better outfits then her and seems more college like. Who would a good Nian Nian kdrama adaption be? I think maybe cliche, but kim so Hyun, kim Yoo Jung? I can’t think of many young 20 actresses in Korea? Anyways, I also love this drama so much, I’m actually watching raw and subs. I was solely a kdrama watcher, but have started watching more c dramas after a love so beautiful. I would totally watch a kdrama remake of this. I don’t want it to end! edit: also I looked for the novel after starting this drama and read it all. I was a little surprised at how much more “adult” it was. They really changed that aspect of their relationship in the drama. I wouldn’t have complained if they incorporated a little more of that into the drama! :p
  7. This was exactly what I was wondering. I’m confused how all of a sudden he seems to be pursuing her again. I agree it feels like a scene was missing. What made him change his mind? Why? Was it after seeing the website she made for him? How did he even know she was at the hospital? edit: ok I see some of these questions were answered already. I guess I had wanted to see the change/realization happen on screen.
  8. Yea that’s what I took from it. At least he started taking notice of her much earlier then when they actually became deskmates!
  9. @themarchioness keep dropping your thoughts, I’ve loved reading all your commentary. I’m not ready to let this couple go.
  10. Yea totally agree!!!!! I really feel like this is one of the best endings I’ve seen in my many drama watching years. I love how they showed us snippets of their marriage and devoted the episode to our wonderful OTP. I felt satisfied and felt like everything was organic and true to the characters and their story. I wonder how he real Joey and Mr. F are doing now. I read the novel after starting this drama and the drama really captured the spirit and heart of the novel. I’m so curious to know who the real characters are!
  11. Wow! Loved this drama from start to finish. A lot of times the end can feel rushed or doesn’t make any sense. But this drama really nailed it!!!! They ended it perfectly with YM texting that phrase! Loved this so much!!!! Thanks to all the translators and for those who enjoyed this gem of a drama!!! I don’t wanna see them gooooooo!!!!
  12. Yes!! Super cute and easy to watch. No crazy plot lines or evil second leads. Just a very chill cute campus romance. Love them so much!
  13. I agree that the drama is veering off into makjang territory. They should have stuck to the book more. I find myself fast forwarding all the non essential parts. I still really love the main couple though. I also think the break up between the two was so weird. Just an episode before YM was saying everything can fail, but QY is the only thing that matters. Now he’s asking her for a separation. It doesn’t make any sense. Also, how can she just easily agree to it? She doesn’t even question it or fight back. She just takes it and leaves. Weird. Anyways. Hopefully we’ll get back on track in the next episode!!! edit: ok I’ve been watching other Chinese dramas while waiting for this one to air and I take back my makjang comment. Lol. This one is nowhere near where I’ve seen some of the other dramas go! Still loving it and am impatiently waiting for the new episodes this week!
  14. Thank you so much for these translations!!!!! Helps us viewers get the full meaning of things that inevitably get lost in translation. I feel the same way when I watch korean dramas, I feel like so many times it’s hard to convey the intent and meaning oftentimes from korean to English. I’m sure there are instances for Chinese to english! Really appreciate you taking the time to share with us!
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