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  1. I saw it and I really really enjoyed it! I had no idea what it was about, just happened to see it on Netflix. Love all the characters and the world they’re in. Love our main hero. Hope that the storyline continues to be good and that it remains solid.
  2. I just watched it. Omgosh. It freaked me out. My heart is still pounding.
  3. Yea you’re probably going to be pissed. I personally would watch it, only because I was so invested in these characters. I rewatched the latter half because the first time around I fast forwarded it and even still knowing the ending, I cried. Thats how much the characters have grown on me. Maybe if you go into it knowing what to expect, you’ll be able to handle it better.
  4. I need another drama to watch and I haven’t watched that one! Is there romance? I tend to like romcoms. Yea at this point I feel like it would have been better for jun to die. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth. I legit thought there wouldn’t be anything worse than jun dying, but guess the writer proved me wrong. Your storyline would have worked too, at least it makes a lot more sense.
  5. Yes!!!!!!!!! And this storyline completely makes sense to what the writer showed us in the last 2 episodes. And also very nicely ties in with what you said is a reversal of how Jun cared for Lala. It wasn’t that difficult to think of so I’m seriously scratching my head wondering how we got here. Hahahahha haha omg! Yes why not?! Throw in the zombie genre at us too.
  6. Hahahahha. I know! I was hoping he would survive, but never in my right mind thought that he would survive and live like that?! Haha at this point he should have just died. I don’t even care at this point. This whole ending just left a really bad taste. I feel like I could have written a better ending. It’s really too bad because 1-13 was so good! There’s no way I could recommend this drama to anyone! I just hope lee Jae wook won’t feel bad reading any negative reviews, I know this was his first leading role, as an actor he did a wonderful job. Just his character completely fell apart at the
  7. I know cancer is often seen as a kdrama trope, but correct me if I’m wrong, I can’t recall a male/female lead in recent dramas where they had cancer? I know this was rampant in earlier kdramas, but I don’t remember watching any in recent times???
  8. Yea the illness was always the ending story I believe, the writer put all the hints and Easter eggs in the story beforehand. So it’s not something that came out of left field. I will say Lala is a lot more forgiving than I am. At this point she just thinks he lied cause of going abroad, not cause of an illness. If I were her, I’d be so pissed!!!!!! She’s such a kind/forgiving/loving person. edit: also, I can’t believe she didn’t remember their first encounter! They had a prolonged interaction. Lol. Not a brief meeting.
  9. Yea I agree. I think this will be avenue to allow Jun to freely live and allow him to be with Lala. They’re going to realize how precious Juns life is to them and they’ll want his happiness. I agree with @multiloverssssand @Wendy123despite some of the curveballs, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this drama and will be sad to see it go.
  10. I’m pretty confident that he will survive this! Have faith!!!!! Plus Soooo 90s drama trope! They won’t do this to us! I realize the writer likes to trolll us, haha I have faith it’ll all be well. I just want a dang wedding.
  11. Ok, everything makes so much more sense now. Even all the clues from the beginning.
  12. I just feel like they threw the most stereotypical korean plot lines at the end of the episode, when the dramas been really good about subverting stereotypical plot lines. I think that’s why most of us are upset with the way the show is going. It just seems so out of character for Jun to be going around holding hands with that girl and such... what reason does he have to do that? I can’t think of Anything that justifies his actions. What made this drama so lovable is the characters and warmth that filled it. This last episode was just frustrating. Really hope they fix course next e
  13. So this was a frustrating episode.... just wrote up a super super quick recap.
  14. I might wait to watch it with tmrws episode. Well depending on how tmrws episode goes! Haha. I’m confident they’ll end up together, just don’t like this little detour that’s happening, if it’s real.
  15. Ughhhh! I really hope they pull out some twist at the end because I hate this trope!!! Ep 13 felt like filler to me, I feel like there’s enough things the show needs to address, I felt like the ending was unnecessary. On top of that, this is super out of character for Jun. I feel like the only way they can redeem that preview is if it’s the over active imagination of the twd ladies. I just can’t justify Jun going around holding hands with this girl. Even if it was for “raras benefit”. Hoping that they can right their course with the next episode and we’ll be back on track.
  16. @Rilabear no problem, yes I always find that translations can be a little off or doesn’t convey the full Intent in korean dramas. In this case JIhoon choosing to say “your future sister in law” (hyungsoonim 형수님) indicates how close the two friends are. Rather than just saying “my future wife” Jun must feel super conflicted realizing that the girl he most likely fell for is the girl his best friend likes. There’s so many words in the korean language that can’t directly be translated into English, that it’s a shame. jun also really said he tried hard not to like rara, I’m sure s
  17. Episode 9 around the 57min mark he comes into the frame on the right, out of focus episode 12 at 21:33 his glasses frames comes right into view and seems like they’re purposely panning it there. the two glasses seem like they are similar? Yes! I know that rara likes Jun too, but I always felt like Jun has always been more open about his feelings for her. I’d love to see rara be as transparent too.
  18. Omgosh!!!!!!! You’re so right!!!!! I just went back to look and he comes into the frame very briefly and it does look a lot like his side profile! Also the glasses look the same to the one he had on his desk when he was studying. It was the same wirey frames. Edit: man. The shows been so clever to give little clues and hints along the way. I’m surprised that people were even able to catch those quick glimpses. Also a credit to the story writing that they had all these pieces already figured out from the beginning.
  19. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I really really hope there is a Jun and rara wedding. It would be the perfect full circle to have at the beginning rara be left at the altar with a man of her dads choosing (second - fake out wedding with dr cha) and Finally the true ending With the marriage of her true love Jun.
  20. Yes! I agree, I feel like there has to be more! I noticed his look was too intense way back when they first revealed that epilogue and I wondered if there was something more. he couldn’t be looking at her that intently just because she said she was quitting piano. Now we found out his friend actually liked rara, (wasn’t just a fan) the Netflix subtitle was wrong, he actually said to Jun “say hi to your future sister in law”. I know it means basically the same thing as “say hi to my future wife” but still shades that sentiment in a different light. im wondering if had seen he
  21. I really don’t think it was a real wedding/marriage. My guess is that it was for seungi and hayoungs new business idea and they were making a advertisement. Services related to video making/makeup
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