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  1. Thank you so much Joccu!!!!! This is so beautiful. I totally needed this drama, what a gem
  2. Thank you so much for the welcome and information. I hope someone is able to translate the actual poem. I would love to forward it to my mom to read to her students.
  3. DH is a child. She was manipulated and assaulted by an adult. Her world is not about whether these lies perpetrated the event BUT that a man in the community with stature believed he was above justice and nothing, no one could penetrate him. Kang In-Ha was right, none of this was DH's fault. The adults failed her and Jin-Pyo's influence would have continued had this event from the two boys never happened. As for the Jin-Pyo's story and it coming as a shock. Some people saw the clues from previous episodes that Pyo was DH's perpetrator. This is how a subtle, well-written drama is simply executed and so I have no complaints about the ending and how forgiveness, hope lead the final ending and our beautiful characters. Will someone please post the poem and the author, at the end?!!
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