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[Drama 2019] Babel, 바벨


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TV Chosun Drama





Network: TV Chosun

Episodes: 16 + Special

Genre: Melodrama

Airdate: January 27th, 2019 -

Airtime: Sat & Sun @ 22:50 KST

Director: Yoon Sung Shik

Writer: Kwon Soon Won, Park Sang Wook

Website: HERE




It's a passionate mystery melodrama that centers around a wrongful death and revenge. Park is set to play a prosecutor who started out as a newspaper reporter, whose personality is described as fiery and hot-tempered. He grew up in a comfortable life, but one day his family is shattered when his father dies in an accident whose cause is unclear, and his mother takes her own life. When he finds out that his father’s bankruptcy and death are connected to a conglomerate, he begins his mission to uncover the truth and get revenge.

The plot also features our prosecutor marrying a chaebol as part of his revenge plan, and a top star whose life is ruined as a result. The drama will reveal the greedy true face and ruin of the chaebol family amidst murder and strife and promises mystery and thrills.




Park Si Hoo as Cha Woo Hyuk


Jang Hee Jin as Han Jung Won


Kim Ji Hoon as Tae Min Ho


Jang Shin Young as Tae Yoo Ra


Im Jung Eun as Na Young Eun


Song Jae Hee as Tae Soo Ho


Kim Hae Sook as Shin Hyun Sook



Character Chart:





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Jang Hee-Jin cast in CSTV drama series “Babel”


Jang Hee-Jin is cast for the lead female role in new CSTV drama series “Babel” co-starring Park Si-Hoo. For the drama series, Jang Hee-Jin will play popular actress Han Jung-Won. She is married to a wealthy man who is the son of a chaebol family, but she is then accused of his murder. (source: asianwiki)

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First script reading for CSTV drama series “Babel” 


First script reading for CSTV drama series “Babel” starring Park Si-Hoo and Jang Hee-Jin took place November 20, 2018 at TV Chosun Broadcasting Station in Sangam, South Korea. Main cast members including Park Si-Hoo, Jang Hee-Jin, Kim Hae-Sook, Kim Ji-Hoon, Jang Shin-Young, Song Jae-Hee and Lim Jung-Eun all attended. (source: asianwiki)



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I finally watched the first EP. Too much information but it's a good start. So let's get this straight, this family is nuts lol. I can't remember their names so I will just use their titles. Chairman, legal wife, 2 sons and a daughter. The first son is married and at the same time cheating but his dear wife doesn't care one bit about it lol. I'm already liking her attitude especially when she came to pick up her so called husband from the hotel room with an ice bucket lol:D.The second son is married to the FL but the marriage is absolutely not good. Why do I have a feeling he abuses her with the way she reacts to him? And ohh it seems like he is the illegitimate son of the chairman with the way dear mommy was laughing like a lunatic when he was not found yet. The daughter is a lawyer, a sunbae to the ML and has feelings for him. Now I wonder who the ML will get married to? The actress or the lawyer?. With the way the EP ended, there is some history between the ML and FL. There is no way they can kiss like that without them knowing each other. The second son didn't look surprised at all. Now the main question is how the second son ends up dead and who kills him? Everyone is a suspect. 

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On 1/27/2019 at 4:49 PM, lu09 said:

Is anybody watching this? 


I am.....temporarily.  I'll watch another episode or two but I'm not convinced that I want to see this because I don't like Chaebol makjang.


The production values are really high on this.  It was beautifully filmed.  And the color-blocking in the the costumes and sets are really stunning.  The stunt work was also very good.


Problem:  the story is not cohesive.  Within the first ten minutes, we switched from scene to scene without a bridge from one to the other.  It was like four or five different stories, and I found that a little confusing and distracting--they didn't mesh at all.




.....One thing did make me laugh but it was not meant to be funny:  the White Truck of Doom was carrying a load of glass bottles.  Do they even put cola in glass bottles anymore?  Any why is the Truck of Doom always white?  :P

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Thought the first episode was interesting - will definitely continue watching


Would agree that the editing in the first ep was a bit jarring as they were trying to establish a lot of storylines and characters. Only having one episode to open sucks in that regard as if they did have an episode saturday and sunday (how come they didn't) I would probably have watched them back to back (or closer together) and that would have made an info dump much easier to bare compared to to still being very confused for a week

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