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 Jung Hae I  






Name: Jung Hae In
Hangul: 정해인

Hanja: 丁海寅

Birthdate: 1st April 1988
Height: 178 cm

Education: Pyeongtaek University



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~ Introduction ~

Jung Hae In debuted in drama "Bride of the Century" in 2014, and gradually worked his way through various other projects till 2017 where he began garnering more media attention through his cameo in Goblin against Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo, While You Were Sleeping and Prison Playbook. In 2018, Jung Hae In landed his first leading role starring against Son Ye Jin in Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (also known as Something in the Rain). Jung Hae In started off his career late, but since he enlisted and completed his military service when he was 21 years old, this leaves him with no blank period in his bright future career in the entertainment industry.




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2014 | Bride of the Century

2014 | The Three Musketeers

2015 | Blood

2015 | Reply 1988 (cameo)

2016 | Yeah, That's The Way It Is

2016 | Night Life

2016 | Goblin: The Lonely & Great God (cameo)

2017 | While You Were Sleeping

2017 | Prison Playbook




2018 | Pretty Noona Buys Me Food

2019 | One Spring Night

2020 | Half of A Half

2021 | D.P

2021 | Snowdrop

2022 | Connect

2022 | D.P 2






2014 | The Youth

2015 | Salute D'Amour

2016 | The Moon of Seoul

2017 | The King's Case Note

2017 | Age of Blood

2018 | Heung Bu (Age of Rebellion)
2019 |
Tune of the Love

2019 | Start Up

2020 | P1H: The Beginning of A New World

2021 | Unframed

2023 | Veteran 2


Music Video


2013 | AOA Black - Moya

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2016 | SBS Drama Awards - New Star Award (Yeah, That's The Way It Is)

2018 | APAN Star Awards - Excellence Actor Award (Miniseries: Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food)

2019 | MBC Drama Awards - Top Excellence Actor Award (Web-Thu Drama: One Spring Night)

2020 | Grand Bell Awards - Best New Actor (Tune in for Love)


*These awards listing exclude non-acting/popularity awards.

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2018 - 2019





2014 | Baskin Robbins

2014 | Samsung Galaxy Note 3
2015 |
KB 국민카드

2015 | LG U+

2016-2017 | EVISU

2017 | Kolping

2017 | Mariwhale 237

2018 | Jill Stuart

2018 | Chung Kwang Jang Every Time Red Ginseng

2018 | DewyTree
2018 | French Cafe

2018 | Binggrae
2018 | Volvo XC40
2018 |

2018 | G9

2018 | Samsung Firetalk
2018 | Sprite

2018 | Hyundai

2018 | Duty Free - Hyundai Department Store

2019 | Mind Bridge

2019 | ANDZ

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[Instagram] Sept - Dec 2017 Various Instagram Updates From While You Were Sleeping Casts


Love their friendships and rapports between the actors in this production team ♥





[Instagram] 2017.12.14 Shin Jae Ha's Instagram Update with Jung Hae In



I thought Jae Ha's cameo was short and in support of Hae In, but once I saw all episodes to date, he's actually appeared way before Hae In, and their characters never met! :(

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[Magazine] March 2016 Marie Claire: A Trip with Jung Hae In








source: Marie Claire


[Magazine] August 2016 The Celebrity








source: FNC Facebook



[Magazine] November 2017 Marie Claire




Rising actor Jung Hae In recently took part in a photo shoot for the November issue of Marie Claire magazine, where he showcased his soft charisma.


In the accompanying interview, he shared his sincere thoughts on acting and discussed his most recent project and goals.


The actor revealed how he is similar to his “While You Were Sleeping” character, and explained that he “is honest when expressing [his] emotions” just like Han Woo Tak.


As for his career aspirations, Jung Hae In explained, “I want to mature as a kind actor. Since this is a profession where people meet and create an end product together, I have to be a good person first before I before I become a certain kind of actor.”


In addition to his on-going role as Han Woo Tak in “While You Were Sleeping,” Jung Hae In also plays the lead role in film “The Age of Blood, 2017,” which will be released this coming November.


source: Soompi









source: Marie Claire

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[News] 2017.11.15 Jung Hae In Talks About Debuting Late For His Age + Friendship With Lee Jong Suk

by K. Lew via Soompi




On November 15, actor Jung Hae In took part in an interview for his upcoming film, “Conspiracy – Age of Rebellion.”


He first opened up about debuting at an older age. He explained, “I went to mandatory military service when I was 21 years old [Korean reckoning]. Some other male actors may be jealous since I’ve already gone. I’ve even finished with the reserve forces. But there really isn’t much to be jealous about, since the army is just another place for people to live. Those with a lot of wealth and fame may not want to go, as it creates a long resting period.”


Jung Hae In stated that he had a taste of acting through musicals in his first year of college, then he went to the army straight after. He commented that the two years in the army were a “very precious time” for him. He explained that it was a turning point that helped him understand what he had to do, and it made him think more realistically about his life, which was acting.


He explained, “I was determined that acting was what I needed to do. I thought I should try it even if I succeeded or failed, and so I lost 12 kilograms (approximately 26.45 pounds) in the army. After I graduated from school, I joined my agency. I’ve heard many times that my debut was late for my age. I debuted at 26 years old but that’s the age that other young adults are first employed. That’s also the age that I first started working.”


Jung Hae In also expressed his affection for his “While You Were Sleeping” co-stars Lee Jong Suk and Shin Jae Ha. He explained that they got even closer after taking a trip together. When asked about the photos they uploaded on Instagram, he smiled and commented, “There are a lot more photos. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.”


On their friendship, he stated, “We’ve decided to meet up again after the drama ends. Lee Jong Suk still has to go to the army and seems to be thinking a lot about it. I haven’t talked to him separately about my experiences in the army. We’re comfortable but we don’t ask each other about it. I think I’ve actually gotten a lot of help from him. Although Lee Jong Suk is a year younger than I am, there are many times when he feels more like an older brother. He’s reliable, mature, and has a lot of affection. On our trip, we all stayed in the same room but it was really comfortable. He’s a very mature guy but he also likes to act cute sometimes.”


Source (1)




[News] 2017.11.24 Jung Hae In Analyzes Own Acting + Reveals How He Noticed His Increased Popularity


by E. Kang via Soompi




“While You Were Sleeping” star Jung Hae In has captivated the hearts of many with his genuine personality and hard work ethic. In a recent interview, the rising actor opened up about his notable increase in popularity, and reflected on his craft.


While the popular SBS drama that shot him to stardom is now over, Jung Hae In is available to watch on both the big screen and the small screen. He acts as the lead role in currently-playing film “The Age of Blood, 2017,” and is also starring in director Shin Won Ho’s tvN drama “Prison Playbook.” As he was discussing these projects, Jung Hae In shared his thoughts on his growth as an actor.


“When I watch the movie I filmed a year and a half ago now, I see that I’ve improved overall. However, there are some parts of my acting that I think were better back then. If I were to describe how, I would say I was more daring,” he explained. “Nowadays, I have a lot more doubts and concerns. I’ve come to reflect on how I shouldn’t act with such an analytical mindset.”


Jung Hae In also touched on how he chooses productions, saying, “I think I just have good luck. I don’t believe I’m honestly in a position to be able to choose any production or role I want. I think reasons like, ‘Because I like the scriptwriter,’ or ‘Because I like the script,’ are for top-of-the-line actors. Wouldn’t the reason I’ve been able to star in good productions consecutively be because I’m lucky? I will say that I try not to lose any opportunity that is presented to me. That effort may have helped me see continuing results.”


As for his increased popularity, Jung Hae In humbly commented, “I don’t really know. I don’t really feel anything directly because I don’t go outside just to walk around as much since I’m so busy. However, the amount of people who ask me for my signature has increased.”


He explained that the main reasons that he finally realized his increase in popularity were how his friends and acquaintances would ask him for signatures to give to other people, and how the number of followers on his social media accounts exponentially grew. Jung Hae In joked, “A unique aspect of my fan cafe was how ‘exclusive’ it was [because of its small numbers], but the number of fans has grown a lot,” before expressing, “I am extremely grateful for that as well.”


Source (1)

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[Instagram] 2018.01.03 Mariwhale Instagram Update on Jung Hae In



[News] 2018.01.03 Movie "Age of Rebellion" to premiere in February.




Movie "Heung Bu" (or Age of Rebellion) starring Jung Woo and the late Kim Joo Hyuk will premiere some time during the Lunar New Year period in February. Jung Hae In plays a supporting role.


source: OSEN


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