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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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My every moment was you When I loved and also when I was in pain Even at our moment of farewell You were the whole world to me and every moment was you Without you, I don't think I can explain

I must say that I'm at awe with her Chinese. She spoke in Chinese throughout the interview. Her Chinese is really good. In one of the games, she was asked to guess PSJ's lips on a tablet that had 9 pi

I'm sorry but this is driving me insane! Anyone who is on a different ship and is reading this....   July 27: Media Reports the two are in a 3 year relationship, Same day, Agencies respond w

Hello Everybody! Been a while! Lol.

Just droppin' by to say Hi to everyone and hoping you are all well. Theres not much goin on with our PPC, aside from the usual "coincidences" and same day update posts... you know.. thats how they roll. B) 

Most of their updates are from their CFs, but they did give us an actual update days ago... when PSJ attended MAMA2020 as a presenter and PMY updated from her home. Both their caption have the same theme. :yum:

January 2021... we'll be seeing Youns Kitchen 3 and Busted 3.. another coincidence that their show is on its 3rd season respectively! Lol

And you all read that iv of PSJ from the Japan magazine.. about his "best travel destination".. LA on his mind! :love:

We'll be seeing and hearing more from them in the coming days, i guess, especially PSJs birthday is coming! 


Let me give you a promise of faith to our couple.. PPC style! :wub:




Will come back for more! Til then.. stay safe everyone!

"stay home"... "let's all beat it well" 


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It's been a while...sorry it took me sometime to get back here. I missed everyone. It's great to see IG updates of PPC and they are looking better than before.


Anyway, before 2020 ends I'd like to share the story Im working on. It was inspired by the Parks and was supposed to be a crossover fanfic of their works. However, things took a surprising turn as the story took a life of its own and I decided to just change names, some character background and even places (some that is). I once promised to share this last October but it got delayed due to some unexpected events. Anyway i hope you visit my uploaded first part (PROLOGUE) of the first story A Moment with You. It's published now on Wattpad and you can access it here...




Please be advised i might change the cover or make edits where necessary to provide more reading clarity. This is an ongoing project of mine and the first book. I've been writing features, marketing campaigns and even news items from time to time... It's been more than a decade since I last wrote a story (bear with me please as I continue this).


I hope you all enjoy... 


Happy New Year lovelies!


PS thank you to other PPS who have been with me on this journey during the draft making. For their honest feedback and more. Let's continue to chase possibilities.

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Happy New Year dear friends here.. wishing you all have a great and prosperous year ahead and our world will back to normal 

Stay safe stay healthy


I miss you all here very much and i miss those time when we all active in our conversation...

Ahhh those days one of the happiest day especially the Cosmo time


Have a wonderful holiday and great weekend :kiss_wink:


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2 hours ago, luffie said:

Let’s hope that PSJ and PMY will be the next HB and SYJ! ❤️

I hope so, we should be patient. However, we are almost 3 years for this ship...kekeke. everyone must be extra patient...

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First time to post on this “ship”


Just briefly, my first exposure to Kdrama was CLOY.  Hence, I was a BINJIN shipper first.....and that ship gas docked.


Then I fell in love with quirky, dorky, versatile and all-around talented and handsome PSJ.  And then the Park-Park couple after Wbat’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.


I actually read all the pages of this forum and I connected to an active PSJ fan group for updates - I got them on the average twice a day! 


Both PSJ and PMY have given us receipts and crumbs to continue hoping for a confirmed and happily thereafter ending.  


As one shipper aptly put it, she will continue “shipping Park Park” as long as:


- we have constant affectionate photos of their fur babies - for me Leon and Simba are their love symbols/mascots


- PSJ remains a “neighbour” of PMY


- I watch out for his “triple bracelets” whenever there are recent videos of him


Why are there very few rumoured sightings of them?  I think they have built their “love nests” perfectly.  Notice PMY’s studio/rooftop dig..  So feminine but observe the “masculine leather sofa” for watching TVs on nights stay at home.


I think it will take a while before we have a BINJIN ending.  There are many more senior actors and actresses (age-wise) who need a happy ending at this point.


They need to build “slow but firm acceptance” of them.  In my home country where PSJ has a strong following, we say “line-up” for PSJ’s affection.  BUT many acknowledged that PMY is first in line.


They may well surprise us.  PMY is turning 35 soon - she is on record saying that she wants to be married when she turns 35!  PSJ is so family-oriented as well......and I think his love for PMY is beyond question.


Let us hope and pray that 2021 will bring us more good news from our beloved couple!

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Hey everyone! 

Been a while... again. Lol 

Seems like a lot of people were expecting PPC to be revealed by Dispatch. Lol. But yeah... with their January projects to be released.. very unlikely. Coz it will bring more attention to their news instead of their projects and we all know PPC does not want that. Coz they respect their projects and the people involved highly. And pretty sure that the media is also respecting that situation. I mean remember their dating rumor back in 2018? No one expected that.. especially the 3yr dating detail! But, the media certainly waited until WWWSK ended to reveal that! :lol:


I still prefer (and think) that they will announce it on their own. :)


 dont you think its just too much of a coincidence that both their projects are released in the same month this year? Lol. 

Its obvious that more people are noticing PPC even after almost 3 years now that their drama ended. Why? Coz just like what @Annabellementioned, they continue to give crumbs/hints up to this day... which of course makes our PPS hearts very happy! 

I do not have a single doubt in me (since I boarded this ship) that PMY and PSJ are practically the end game of each other. They are pretty much at that point that when they someday reveal to everyone their love... it will be because that will be "it" :blush:

Most of the members here are not active on posting as before.. but trust me.. all of us are very much on watch to PPC happenings and we check here from time to time. 

It did slow down when embedding IG posts were prohibited here (bummer). But everyonenis glad to see that PPS (old and newbies) are very active on other social media sites. 


The pandemic certainly changed a lot of circumstances. Hoping that everyone will stay safe and healthy. 

In time... we will celebrate here and everywhere else... for now, lets support Youn's Stay and Busted3 this month. 

Happy PPS hearts on 2021!:heart1:


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I may not have been active recently in posting but I'm completely calmer now in shipping PPC compared to when I first started -- especially now BINJIN admitted. I have to say, the reason why I believed BINJIN to be dating is the same crumbs and gestures PPC were showing haha. Anyway when I say I'm "calmer" I'm not that active as a shipper now because I believe they are dating and I have to stay chill and not get too excited (let go and manifest so they say hahaha). I know that day when they finally admit to the world will happen! Especially now more people are accepting of them as a couple....

Oh I just release my chapter 1 and will be releasing the next chapters of my PPC inspired novel. 

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1st Same day update for 2021! Very unexpected! Lol

Coz i thought the oh so beautiful PMY is the only one with something today for Busted 3! :lol:

But PSJ looks so handsome! 

You gotta love PPC for unexpected things! :love:




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