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  1. Have you read PMY interview in allkpop? The actress wrapped up with, "I can't accept that you can call it a dating scandal just by some evidence anyone can make up, and adding rumors to it... My final verdict on the dating rumors? I don't date him. I don't date him, and I'm not marrying him (Laughter)." :(
  2. @saved2K really? But I had been watching Korean variety shows like for 5 years now and I noticed actors usually treat the production staff for dinner in restaurants. Coz it is always mentioned like whose turn to treat and usually the leads are expected or seemed to be the one to do that. I understand it is not an obligation but I think it is done specially if the drama or movie did well. Am I right?
  3. @sugohesso Ikr! My ringtone is Wanna be your girlfriend. Well, when I am outside the office or else my staff would think I am on midlife crisis. but going back to that first viewing or whatever you call it which PSJ paid for is really something tho. That one can not be denied coz no rational reason to spend that much. I mean it can be sponsored or the production team should be the one organizing such. What a grand gesture from PSJ.
  4. @saved2K @jaslinnj say what!? I just checked the link that @saved2K gave and PSJ gave a note like that to all his partner! Then PMY should have got a love letter. (Delutional mode)
  5. @jaslinnj thank you! And I noticed he didn't do eye contact with her. Because I am having withdrawals like I don't know what to do with out WWSK this thread makes me feel better. I just wish they will still show the bts of the last 2 episodes. But maybe with all the rumors tvn might not... What do you think? And I just tried to watch another kdrama as I am having withdrawals but when the female lead acts like she has no clue or she needs to be saved all the time or that she is like an idiot, it gets into my nerves and I miss Miso more.
  6. Would there be anyone kind enough to give the links where PSJ clarified his working relationship with his costar during the KBS awards night? I am suddenly curious. As someone commented I agree, the women is more cautious even if they are into the guy or have a relationship with the guy if the relationship needs to be hidden. It is usually the guy who finds it more difficult to hide their feelings specially their body language.
  7. On a very different note. Would we still get bts of the last 2 episodes? Would they show a video of the wrap up party? Would they do the coffee truck? I am sorry I am having withdraw symptoms.
  8. There were a couple of actors before who during the presscon or after the drama ends declare that they will date their co-star. I wonder if PSJ would be one of those. I of course know that he is on top of his game now and as all of his co-stars say he is very busy. I am just wish this sail will ship or they have a romcom movie next time.
  9. @Pikachu92 I am so with you. I was thinking of 2 extra episodes and a special but as @parkparkloveu pointed out it might be a long shot as PSJ already has a movie that will start by August so shooting and stuff for his next project. :'(
  10. But I am just disappointed. I thought the ratings would beso high like reach the 10% but it freaking dropped!
  11. Hi! I really also do wish they end up together but of course it is up to them. I am new to the bts thing as I just went crazy because of this drama. Anyway, for the interaction my heart flutters with how sweet they are and makes me think like everyone that it is impossible to act that way if you have someone special. But then I remember how LJK was in MEC to PMY. At that time I also thought he was into her.
  12. @parkparkloveu that is horrible! I thought they usually do. I mean with the new drama there is no assurance, it is back to square one. While this one it is already beating even free channels. I mean c'mon even one special would be great. Hands up for those that are with me!
  13. They better extend this with 2 episodes and 2 specials like what tvn do with high rating dramas!
  14. You are a genius! Is that variety show still there? They better put them somewhere we would all definitely watch.
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