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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】


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9 hours ago, Sparksfly said:

Firstly, I remember reading countless times how we should stop mentioning other ships to avoid misunderstanding. Maybe you can edit that part please.


Secondly, many are posting about wwwsk already.  

Thirdly, weren't you this person last time? I thought you were returning to your original ship for PMY? 


Apologies, i'm just a bit cautious. Especially with the many attacks here. 


Also, i did notice too that a certain shipper (or maybe two) from another shipper group continuous to create fake accounts and attack even fans' accounts (including personal)


I also sent you a message. 

Read my message. Let's talk there.

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This is my first time posting in here coz I do have a gut feeling that next year will be the year for the PPC? Both do not have any dramas for next year except for PSJ having a movie and the rest are endorsement. Me and my delulus. Sorry cant help it. 

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Is that real? Because I saw a  photo of PMY with livesmart too and it's edited hehe. Anyway I hope they get both of them. Since i noticed a lot of stan accounts with both binjin and ppc in it... 


If they do get ppc for Smart i hope they also improve their internet speed and services especially in provinces hehe. Badly needed.

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On 10/5/2020 at 2:21 PM, Amazinggg said:

I guess PMY has Made alot video for JPMY  but why there is no update more than  a month.  I heard her contract with Namoo Will expired on November. Is it true? Or she has another business?  

My mind full of negative thinking.

I wasn't planning on writing again in this forum, since last time i did "someone" got so pissed that even tried to hack my instagram account but i just couldn't help it.


Girl, i wouldn't worry about our Minyoungie, she is a tough cookie to crack, if her contract is to be expired, then she will either renovate or find another agency. I mean she has been one of the best actresses in the sector for 15 years now, not just a temporary trend, so every agency would like to have her on board. She is also a trendsetter, look at her posts on instagram and youtube and soon you will see similar photos everywhere. Even our little Leonie has turned into the "hottie of the moment", since 2019 he has lots of she-bicheons to choose from if he needs a friend. :happyshakes:


As for the instagram and youtube, i am sure she is preparing some kind of surprise for all of us, when she is missing for sometime, she always comes up with something new and exiting so i am looking forward to it. 


 I am sure she is also choosing her next drama, i would really like to see her play a charming, femme fatale kind of role, i think it would suit her best. Hope that i could help you chase away some of your negative thoughts.:selfie2:

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Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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I think she's doing just fine now. I'm guessing maybe she's busy focusing on her hobbies and maybe who knows, other business she's doing... 





Uulala~ 300M views! 

I'm sorry to say this. I know most people just love their sincere love scene but can I say that you guys are really PERVERT! :joy:


Yeah I know the hot scene is hard to handle, you can't help but keep repeating and repeating haha. It just look so darn REAL. :ohboy2:

So much feelings from just a sincere love scene:wub:


My reaction is the same as Hwang Bora, "I want to kiss too" :lol:

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Hey everyone! Whew! Been really busy these days and matched it with PMY suddenly going under the radar. Lol

Anyway.. had the chance to watch RP's vlog about PSJs cameo in ROY. There are a few familiarities... as always. :D


Because of the shooting location.. PSJ remembered his fanmeeting that was held on that place. Btw, his staff didnt get the exact year it was held..lol

FYI: His cameo is not filmed recently. Might have been filmed around July.




This was his 2017 fanmeet in Seoul. oh nothing.. JUST because... :yum:



And speaking of... Minyoung, can you please give an update of your vlog.. 



We miss you sooooo much already! :cries:



And here are some tips from PPC minds. 





Hope everyone is well and healthy! Til next time!


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@zashi23 yeah that water diet. So far the celebs I know mentioned about water diet is just PPC.

I don't know the logic of consuming water can make your face look puffy haha but I enjoy both doing the same diet routine. 


Happy to see him enjoying his cameo~ he's enjoying eventho we can see there, such a long filming. 



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On 10/13/2020 at 11:02 PM, zashi23 said:


And here are some tips from PPC minds. 



Are they both really serious for this tips? -_-


I got to searching that 'diet tips' on google just to making sure that it's valid, but I can't find anything info related that. :lol:


Anw, finally PMY is still remembering her IG password :wub: 

Her 'body goal' makes me jealous. :sad1:


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