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  1. The premiere is now scheduled for July 29. Does anyone know what caused the delay? I can not wait!
  2. I am onboard with this couple too! I cannot wait for the premiere! ❤️ Fighting!
  3. Yes, it was wonderful sharing w all of you! This is my first breakup with a ship. It made me realize that shipping is not easy. Regardless, all the best to them. Maybe we all will meet again in another shipping thread!
  4. I am greatly saddened by their breakup. I wished for a different ending ... Nevertheless, I am cheering for their happiness whatever it may be. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for all the shares and updates!!
  5. @itspeanutbutterjellytime We so overly! I am loving the positive vibes...
  6. She is so adorable! Her videos r too cute!!! Her skin is really TDF! @ElectricHearts When do you predict the next update? Please let it be soon!!!
  7. Does anyone know if the content of the club and the forum is different or the same?
  8. @ElectricHearts I m late to the party again... I did not see the removed image from his stylist’s IG page. Do you have a copy of it that you can share? Please DM me if you do... Eternally indebted! ❤️
  9. That Neuramis ad! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ SYJ was ethereal! I was so captivated by her when she closed her eyes (in the ad). She will be the most radiant bride ever!
  10. @TotoroSY I came to the party late! I didn’t het a glimpse of rugged HB. Do you mind DM-ing me a pic of rugged HB if you still have a copy somewhere? Thank you!!!!
  11. I agree... I love CLOY obsessively. I am definitely rooting for our ship.... But I am also surprised that Hae Jun Park is not nominated for best actor?!
  12. @Felizak@t me too please.. i went back and reread. Still clueless!