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Name of thread: [Current Drama 2021] Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha ☀️ 갯마을 차차차 - Shin Min Ah & Kim Seon HO ☀️ Sat. & Sun. 21:00

Name of poll: Half-Time!

1. Why is Hye Jin's father objecting to her boyfriend?

  • Because it's clear that Du Sik is joking and he doesn't appreciate the joke. 1
  • Father has previous acquaintance with Du Sik or someone around Du Sik and knows more about Du Sik than the town. He disapproves. 27
  • He prefers PD Seung Hyeun over Du Sik, as the former is a successful PD in Seoul, whereas the latter is from Gongjin. 25
  • He objects because he was shocked that he saw the couple in a hug or hears the rumours about them. 2
  • Father is joking. 3
  • He'd object to anyone, because he wants to protect his daughter. 5
  • Something else. What? 5

2. Why does Cho Yu Hee (Elementary Teacher) long for the past of the three of them (her, landlady and village chief)?

  • She likes both of them romantically and doesn't want to pick one of them. 0
  • She likes Hwa Jeong/landlady romantically, which is why she has no interest in village chief. 17
  • She is trying to keep the status quo/peace between the ex-partners. 5
  • She returns the village chief's feelings, but doesn't want to hurt her unnie. 1
  • She only has platonic feelings for both and wants to hang out with them. 23
  • She is confused about her interest/wants. Youthful memories are easier than to face reality. 13
  • She has closed her heart to love due to her past and tries to be friendly with both. 2
  • Something else. What? 7

3. Third mystery of Gongjin: Who won the lottery? (you can guess up to three people)

  • Hong Du Sik, Mr. I Can Do Everything 46
  • Jang Yeong Guk (Village Chief) 3
  • Oh Chun Jae / Oh Yoon (Cafe owner/singer) 4
  • Yeo Hwa Jeong (Land lady / restaurant owner / town chief) 8
  • Choi Eun Cheol (police man, crush) 19
  • Kim Gam Ri (Du Sik's halmeoni) 30
  • Cho Nam Sook (Chinese restaurant owner, resident gossip) 4
  • Yu Cho Hui (village chief's first love, elementary school teacher) 3
  • Choi Geum Chul (Hardware store owner) 2
  • Ham Yun Kyung (Supermarket owner, married to hardware store owner) 1
  • Lee Ma Ji (grandma who talks too much) 1
  • Park Soo Ja (second grandma) 1
  • Ban Yong Hoon (Community center manager, village chief's right hand) 3
  • Someone else. Who? 3
In total: 68 votes
Played: September 2021
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Name of thread: Event: Choose your kdrama adventure


Name of poll: Day 1  


Q1. What do you think should happen in ep 2? (pick your favourite 2 choices)

Option 1 - Kitchen knives ~ 13

Option 2 - Hubby love ~ 5

Option 3 - Exasperated wife ~ 4

Option 4 - A call from the factory ~ 7


option 1: by @partyon



Ye Bin's heart almost stopped when Detective Lee Jae Ha uttered:

"We found your husband's body early this morning by the river. It seems he drowned. Our condolences."

"But that makes no sense! I was just sitting next to my husband on the couch 10 minutes ago!" Ye Bin replied.


Ye Bin explained about the creepy note and her husband's sudden disappearance, so the police proceeded to search for Ye Bin's husband (Dong Wook) inside the house and the neighborhood. But they couldn't find him. What was going on? Dong Wook couldn't be in the morgue and watching a movie with his wife at the same time?


There was nothing out of the ordinary in the house.

Oh, except for the fact that Dong Wook's passport was gone.

And one of the kitchen knives.

And that all the money from their joint bank account had been withdrawn.


option 2: by @confusedheart


Ye Bin wakes up groggily, her wrists tightly bound behind her back. Her mouth gagged. As she takes account of her surroundings, she finds herself in a dilapidated and abandoned warehouse.

‘Where am I?’ she thinks to herself when she notices a shadowy figure from the corner of her eye…Last she remembered was Detective Lee at her doorstep.

The wheels of her mind start going through all the possibilities when a raspy voice breaks into her thoughts.

‘I see you are awake.’ The voice sounded familiar but she couldn’t place it. It sounded like Dong Wook, her husband! But… but how can that be possible? He was dead! He died 3 years ago! She held a funeral and bid him a teary goodbye. 


option 3: by @agenth


At the sight of her husband's police partner, she let out a relieved sigh, then an annoyed huff. Before she could open her mouth, the stoutly Detective exclaimed, "Your husband has done it again!"

As Detective Lee took the opening to stride through her apartment, eager eyes of the other policemen followed him, until the senior Detective let out a scream of success as he removed the strange note she had perused before the unwelcome interruption of rookie policemen watching her with undisguised interest. It was not tea time! Far from it. "Hey, close your mouth before you swallow a fly," she told off one of them, before she turned to face Dongwook-ssi (husband)'s partner.

"What did he do this time?" In response the man brandished the note, relieved from the fridge, towards her face with satisfaction.

"I'll bring this to the Chief's attention. Thanks for keeping safe the evidence that your husband stole this," he said smugly.

"What do you mean?!" She replied, but got no answer from the preening man.

Annoyed as Ye Bin was, later she would claim self defence as her patience did need to be protected, her leg swung to drop the Detective to the floor. After all, nothing made sense. Her husband's strange disappearance, this episode of authorised harassment. So why not add her own brand of chaos too?



option 4: by @Lmangla



It was the worst day of her life and ofcourse, it had to be Det Lee Jae Ha who had to come see her.

As a pretty bright 21 year old, she had found him too boring and serious to be a boyfriend. But what was worse was his lack of finances and his stone cold resolve to be a police officer. Ye Bin had wanted a comfortable life with lovely desinger things -- whatever life had deprived her in her childhood because she was born to useless parents who worked as a security guard and housekeeper staff in a hotel. They were content but not Ye Bin; she wanted more.

She snagged a guest at the hotel while she worked there as temporary staff. While Dong Wook wasn't a chabeol, he was comfortably well-off as the heir to a mid-level factory. The last 15 years of her life were happy, well at least she had been.

Now, here was Det Lee Jae Ha saying that her husband's office was a crime scene filled with blood but they could not locate where her husband was. Where was Dong Wook? How could there be Dong Wook's blood in the factory office when he had been sitting next to her just a short while back? She felt sick, confused and dizzy



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Played: Sept 2021

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Name of thread: Event: Choose your kdrama adventure


Name of poll: Day 2  


Q1. What should happen in ep 3? Pick your favourite

1. Option 1 - Family secret ~ 3

2. Option 2 - Martini ~ 1

3. Option 3 - So provincial ~ 5

4. Option 4 - The phone message ~ 6


option 1: Family secret by @Lmangla




Det Lee Jae Ha found Ye Bin very fishy. The prettiest suspects often were the most cunning. She gave a weird story that she was watching a movie with her husband and she was unable to identify the body. It did not make sense.

Jae Ha was forced to try find other relatives but it was difficult. Min Dong Wook's father had Alzheimers and was in a home for the aged. There was an uncle but he had moved to Europe with his wife and family and had not been back for many years. The police reached out to friends and colleagues to learn more about Min Dong Wook.

Jae Ha called Ye Bin to the police station.

Jae Ha asked in a stern voice, "So what happened to Min Rae Wook?"

Ye Bin starred at him confused. "Who?"

Jae Ha was losing his patience, "Dong Wook's older brother."

Ye Bin just looked even more confused. "He didn't have an older brother"

Jae Ha eye rolled. "You were married to him for 15 years but did not know he had an older twin brother who drowned by the river in that very same spot?"

Ye Bin was flustered with shock, "What?????"


option 2: Martini by @confusedheart




Detective Lee Jae Ha, ‘We would like to question you regarding your husband, Mrs. Ye Bin. A piercing telephone call prevented Ye Bin from answering the detective.

She rushed to receive the call. It was the bank Manager. ‘Is this Mrs. Ye Bin?’, asked the bank Manager Park Soong

‘Yes’, answers Ye Bin, in a shaking voice. Your husband has just transferred $1500, 000 to an unknown account. Ye Bin drops on knees. Grasping for breath. $1500,000! They hardly had anything to their name, except the house.
Detective rushes towards Ye Jin. ‘Are you alright?’ He snatches the receiver from Ye Jin and says, ‘This is Detective Lee Jae Ha here.’ He listens quietly before ending the call.

At the Coroner’s, it was confirmed that the body was indeed that of Min Dong Wook.


Cut to the next scene.

A man on a beach in Phuket. Lounging on a chaise, sipping some gin and tonic. Suddenly, a flurry of messages breaks the peace. $200,000 transferred to your account ending with 2160-xxxx-12xx. $500,000 transferred to your account…. $800,000 transferred to your account…. A sinister smile crept on his face.

Soon after the detective leaves. Ye Jin gets a call from an unknown number. It was an international call. “How are you holding up against the investigation?" asked a muffled voice. ‘Shaken but not stirred’ replied Ye Jin as she lit a cigarette and blew smoke into the air.


option 3: So provincial by @agenth




What had started as "condolences" soon started to turn into an interrogation. It was not an acquired taste for Ye Bin, but Detective Lee's sharp eyes were unblinkingly on her as she'd inadvertently cussed out in a foreign language - and she was tired of all the questions that she couldn't answer. Ah, it was time to take a page out of a theater play.

"Has anyone else seen you in company of your husband?" Pretty-looking words but foul tasting enough for her to act as if she hadn't had three meals today, swaying dangerously on the chair before catching herself.

The younger of the comedic duo of cops immediately went to support her, even his arms around her in case she'd fall. "Do you need an ambulance?" He asked, what a good samaritan.

She almost snorted out loud at that but adopted a benig expression, well aware of Detective Lee's frustration, who was still facing her with scrutiny while Officer Choi also offered her a cup of water once he reassured himself she did not fall into his arms.

"No, no. It's just - there was a lot of work today, and then my husband disappeared. We were going to watch another episode of Squid Game."

The young detective, too, was a fan of the show, so they had a bit of a fan moment while talking and moving until she was left alone to her devices, no pair of eyes on her anymore.

Now as Ye Bin was alone, the calm before the storm hit. She didn't need the help of Gangnam Police Station, a rather provincial authority.
Her fingers found her phone and she dialled the numbers automatically.

A few rings, but then he picked up her call. He always did, and he was always rude, too. "Still alive then?" The voice crooned into her ear. "Alive and kicking," she responded.


option 4: The phone message by @partyon




The police asked Ye Bin to come down to the morgue to identify the body. She let out a gasp as the white sheet was pulled aside and she stared at her husband's face. It made no sense!

"It looks like Dong Wook but we had dinner and watched a movie together way after you found the corpse! That cannot be Dong Wook!" Ye Bin explained to Det. Lee Jae Ha.

Det. Lee said: "Ye Bin-ssi, we're going to need an official statement from you as we will start an investigation. We will also wait for the pathologist's report. You say that your husband is missing. If he hasn't come home in 24 hours, please file a missing person's report. Naturally we need to do DNA tests too."

Ye Bin nodded and started crying. When Ye Bin got home, she searched the house. How odd that Dong Wook's passport was missing. Had he run away? Taking all of their money too? But why take the kitchen knife? She would have to call in sick tomorrow. Naturally. She was too upset. The lab would have to do without her for a day.

As she was getting into bed, her phone chimed due to an incoming SMS. She read it: "How well do you know your husband? Dong Wook is having an affair....."

Startled, she dropped her phone.



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Name of thread: Event: Choose your kdrama adventure


Name of poll: Day 3  


Q1. What do you should happen in ep 4? Pick your top choice

1. Option 1 - Guilt ~ 5

2. Option 2 - "Sunbae!" ~ 4

3. Option 3 - As normal as it can ~ 4

4. Option 4 - Pack your bags ~ 3


option 1 by @confusedheart -- Guilt


‘An affair?’ She repeated the words shakily. Ye Bin was lost in her thoughts when she heard the door open. It was their son, Ji Hoon. Kinchana, umma? He asked her gently. She embraced her son while tears streamed down her eyes It’s been months since she had last seen him.
Ye Bin arrived at the police station accompanied by their estranged son, Ji Hoon. Ji Hoon’s was Dong Wook and Ye Bin only son. He was the younger version of Dong Wook. Same height and built. Chung Hee starts questioning Ye Bin while Detective Lee questions Ji Hoon. ‘How will you describe your relationship with your abeoji?’ asked the Detective.

‘It was rather strained.’ said Ji Hoon with a pained expression on his face.

‘Care to elaborate, why?’ said the Detective.

‘I have failed my father multiple times. I have been trying to make a name for myself but…’ broke down Ji Hoon mid-sentence.

‘But?’ prodded the Detective.

‘But, all startup ideas have failed’, blurted Ji Hoon with an anguished cry.

‘Are you in debt?’ questioned the Detective.

‘I have incurred few debts. Business is after all a gamble. One must take risks to succeed,’ exclaimed Ji Hoon.

‘Do you still hold your abeoji responsible for your biological mother’s death?’ asked Detective Lee to Ji Hoon.

The Detective then turned to Ye Bin and asked, ‘Do you still hold Ji Hoon, your husband’s son, from another woman, responsible for your son, Baek Hyeon’s death 10 years ago?’

A stunned silence followed …


the soundtrack to listen to:


option 2 by @Sleepy Owl - "Sunbae!"


Ye Bin's eyes opened by her phone's alarm ringing. She checked her phone and it was about time Det. Jae Ha would arrive to pick her up. He had told her that they will need her to testify more as "witness".

"So it was all dream" she said to herself sighing, still thinking about the mysterious message she received about Dong Wook cheating on her.

She went to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast, and saw it was already ready. Shocked, scared she looked around, and heard some faint voice coming from the other room which was Dong Wook's study.

She went to the room and opened the door. The strange voice was coming from his laptop. She was scared, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, the voice she heard were pretty scary, it was of someone screaming in pain. Secondly, no one knew this laptop's password other than Dong Wook himself.

Just then the doorbell rang. Ye Bin without thinking much and believing it is Det. Jae Ha, rushed to the door and opened it.

It was Jae Ha, but with a knife in his stomach. Before Ye Bin would understand what was happening, the knife was in her hands, Jae Ha was on floor, and just then Jae Ha's partner, Det. Min Young reached the floor saying "Sunbae, I told you to never leave me behind".


the soundtrack:



option 3 by @partyon - As normal as it can


Dong Wook cheating on her? She knew her husband inside and out! Who dared to send her such a rude message?!?!? From an unknown number too! Ye Bin was boiling with rage inside.


The next morning, the police collected DNA specimen from Dong Wook's toothbrush. Ye Bin filed a missing person's report, and told Det. Lee about the missing passport and money. She cried while giving her statement to the police.


<Fast forward to a week later....>

Dong Wook was still missing but Ye Bin did her best to live her life as normally as she could. While at work in the lab, she got a phone call from Detective Lee.

"Ye Bin-ssi? We just got the pathologist's report and the DNA report. Do you have a moment?"

"Yes!" answered Ye Bin.

The detective cleared his throat and said: "The pathologist can't find any foul play with regard to the body found by the river. It looks like it was an accidental drowning. But Ye Bin-ssi? The DNA report states that the body is NOT your husband's! So whose body is it that we found then? And where is your hudband?"

Ye Bin let out a sigh of relief and smiled slightly.

"Detective Lee? I am not sure if this is relevant to the case, but I got a message a week ago stating that my husband having an affair. Could you find out who sent it? Maybe they know where my husband is."


Somewhere a secret lover had no idea that their life was about to take a turn for the worse....


the soundtrack:



option 4 by @Lmangla - Pack your bags


Ye Bin immediately dialled the number where she got the SMS but there was no ring tone. "What is going on?" she wondered to herself. 
She spent the night sleepless tossing and turning. At 2 in the morning, the phone rang and she yelped. She looked at the number and it was her dad. She had barely spoken to her parents in the 10 years after they moved to the countryside. 
"Appa, what happened? why are you calling me?" Ye Bin asked in panic. 
"He is here", her father said with a pause. 
"Who?" Ye Bin's voice rose an octave
"Dong Wook. Come home and sort it out child," her father said and cut the call. 


the soundtrack:



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Name of threadEvent: Choose your kdrama adventure


Name of poll: Day 4   


Q1. Choose the ending to the kdrama adventure event story! What is your pick? (can choose two)

1. Option 1 - Revenge is served cold ~ 8

2. Option 2 - The secrets we keep ~ 6

3. Option 3 - Lollipop ~ 4

4. Option 4 - The class ~ 3


Option 1 - Revenge is served cold by @partyon



Rewind to: 18 hours before Dong Wook vanished from his home.


Ye Bin had prepared everything. Dong Wook was passed out in the trunk of her car and she was driving him down to the river in the middle of the night. She was careful to avoid all CCTVs on the way and managed to somehow get Dong Wook out of the car into the water. She looked at him sink into the dark currents.


It was going to look like an accidental drowning or suicide. No one would ever suspect that she had slipped into his drink one of the experimental drugs she was working on in her lab. It was undetectable in a serum analysis. As he was still breathing when pushed into the river, he was going to die from drowning.


When the police collected Dong Wook's tooth brush for DNA analysis, little did they know that Ye Bin had switched out Dong Wook's toothbrush with a stranger's. That's why the police thought Dong Wook had merely run away with his passport and all of their money, and that's why the body was still an unidentified John Doe. She had burned Dong Wook's passport and the knife was in the bottom of the river. The creepy note she had written herself. And their money (now hers) she had transferred to the Bahamas.

Det Lee had always been clueless as long as she could remember, he would never find out.


Of course Ye Bin knew that Dong Wook was being unfaithful. She had always known, but this time it was different. She learned her husband was in love with his mistress. It hurt. The SMS she received from his mistress was a desparate attempt to get Dong Wook for herself.


Hah! Ye Bin would never allow it!


The mistress would forever believe that Dong Wook had left the country. Little did she know he was actually dead. Ye Bin smiled at the thought of the mistress crying her eyes out. Ye Bin had won! She smiled even wider when she grabbed her suitcase, sunhat and flight tickets, and closed the door to her home forever.


Option 2 - The secrets we keep - @confusedheart





Ye Bin’s eyes misted with tears as she recalled the tragic event.


Life has repeatedly tested her. She had borne it all. She was heavily pregnant at 8 months, with then 10 years old Ji Hoon was dropped unceremoniously at her doorstep, by the social worker. He was Eun Jung, Dong Wook’s mistress’s son. After struggling years with poverty and alcoholism, she had finally given up on life, leaving her 10 year son Ji Hoon witness her tragic end.

Ye Bin’s whole world had shattered. She should have ended it with Dong Wook then. But for the sake of her unborn son, she persevered. But, Ji Hoon’s accusing eyes never left her alone. His silence spoke volumes. It screamed at her, ‘I lost my mother because of you’.

With the arrival of the baby things seemed to have settled down. They were almost a family. However, tragedy was waiting to happen. She was working in the lab when she received that call that changed her forever. Her husband was working from home. But he had stepped out. Ji Hoon and Baek Hyeon were alone at home. The investigation could never conclude what caused alarm to set off. Smoke had filled the house. Baek Hyeon appa was supposed to watch over the two children as Ji Hoon was bedridden with fever. Had he not stepped out of the house….

Could the tragedy be averted? With time, she healed. Ji Hoon brought her to life.

His abeoji always hated him. He was one burden he could not shake off. That man had ruined two families. The abuse that had been meted out to him by his abeoji has left physical and emotional scars. He lured him with a promise to help him stand on his own two feet. But, it was nothing but a quicksand that pulled him into the depths of depravity. The world of the monstrous Dong Wook! Human Trafficking, Money Laundering, the list of his evil deeds was endless. He had a sinister face! He deserved to bull in Hell fire….


Ji Hoon recalls the scene and informs the Detective Lee of the scene on the day of the ‘murder’

He waited till Ye Bin had dozed off to sleep while watching television after dinner to confront his abeoji. In a fit of rage and despair, with the kitchen knife in his hand, he had barged into his abeoji’s study. Ready to end it all.

Reveal the sinister face of the man who had been fooling the world, two –timing behind his devoted wife. He refused to let him ruin another life. Ye Bin might not be his biological mother, but she was his umma. And he would never let him drive her to the drink of death as he had previously done with his biological mother.

The study seemed to be wiped clean of any signs of occupancy. The safe was half-open. Documents scattered. Boya! Cash and Passport seemed to be missing. He met a dead-end. That was the end for him and his thirst for revenge…


But unbeknownst to Ji Hoon and Ye Bin, Dong Wook had paid for his sins. Right there on earth. The rival faction made sure of that. He was scared. He knew his days were numbered. The sudden appearance of the threatening message on fridge triggered him off. He was trying to flee the country, after withdrawing all the money. But as fate would have it, in a high octane car chase, he lost control over his car and plunged to his death.


The police are on the look-out… but for now it is a closed case.


Option 3 - Lollipop by @Sleepy Owl




Months passed, and now this case was going no where. The Police were sure that Ye Bin was innocent. It was Jae Ha's last day as Detective for he had handed over his resignation a month ago. He was smoking on the roof, or so it seemed. His partner, Min Young knew he would be there, and so she went to roof.

"Sunbae, you got to really do something about your smoking habit" She said to him.

"This? This is not a cigarette, its a lollipop" Jae Ha said while taking the lollipop out of his mouth. "You see the front of it looks like a cigarette, I am not sure, someone told me it helps if you want to stop smoking" Jae Ha continued.

"Jin Woo told me how you had polluted the crime scene with that cigarette lollipop of yours" Min Young said.

"Oh, it was so embarrassing, it just slipped from my hands" Jae Ha said while smiling awkwardly. "Let's go back, the guys must be waiting for us to go for drinking" He said while leaving.

Back at home, Jae Ha was drinking his tea. "How clumsy of me drop my lollipop there" he thought. "I was lucky that Jin Woo thought I had dropped it just then, and was more lucky since I was standing near it without realizing. I would be in big trouble if the forensic guys would pick it up as evidence" He said to himself.

He went to check his suitcases since he had a flight to Norway in some hours. One of the suitcases was filled with cash. "I got to leave before they find Yu Jin's body as well. They both deserved it, cheaters" Jae Ha said to himself which checking his other suitcases.


Option 4 - The class by @Sleepy Owl 




The interrogation was becoming more and more intense. The Police were knew both Ye Bin and her son had motivations to kill Dong Wook, but they didn’t have any evidence. Time was against them, and to Jae Ha, it seemed like the murder was planned by both mother and son.


Ye Bin and Ji Hoon were allowed to leave. They were both tired being interrogated, and so were the police officers doing it.


Days were passing, investigation was going nowhere, Jae Ha felt this case will definitely go into unresolved cases….


“Teacher, just tell us who the killer is. Class is about to end” Dong Wook’s storytelling was halted by a student in the class.

“Why are you guys so curious. Okay, did I tell you guys Ji Hoon had a heart transplant surgery, and that he received the heart of a Serial Killer?” Dong Wook tried to be more creative.

“Teacher!” all the students shouted who were clearly displeased by the new development in the story.

“What? It’s better than making him or Ye Bin have a brain transplant surgery and get a serial killer’s brain” Dong Wook defended himself. Just then the bell rang, and the class was over. “Seems like you guys will have to wait” Dong Wook said with a smile.

“Teacher, you always do this, and always come up with a new interesting story and never end it” said a frustrated student and others were pretty vocal in agreeing with him.

“Okay okay, I will complete this one, I promise. Now you guys pray that another teacher is absent someday, and the school decide me to be their replacement for the day to take your class. Don’t watch many dramas. I know you all knew which drama had brain transplant, when I mentioned it” Dong Wook said and left.

“Do you really want to know who the killer was? There wasn’t really any, I am gonna make it all Ye Bin’s imagination while she is in a mental hospital” Dong Wook thought while going back. “Or should I make Jae Ha high on drugs thinking stuff is happening. I wonder which option is the safer one” he said to himself. 


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Name of thread: The Second Husband, 두번째 남편


Name of poll: Time jump  


Q1. What happened to baby Sae Byeok?

1.so sad, he died :(  ~ 1

2. nah, there is some secret somewhere -- he will turn up later as a toddler after the time jump ~ 4

3. he is being raised by Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk ~ 6

4. he is being raised by horrible mom of Sang Hyuk ~ 0

5. not sure - undecided - comment in post ~ 1


Q2. What do you feel about Sae Chool?

1. He won't remain as the loyal assistant forever ~ 12

2. His role will be limited to scowling from the shadows ~ 0

3. not sure - undecided - comment in past ~ 0


Q3. Will Jae Min sing again?

1. no, that chapter is closed ~ 1

2. yes, but like a hobby as he always wanted ~ 10

3. not sure - undecided - comment in past ~ 1


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Name of thread[Current drama 2021] Gentleman and Young Lady, 신사와 아가씨, Sat & Sun @1955 KST

Name of poll:  It's Controversial! 


1. What do you feel about the childhood connection/ age difference between the ML and FL?

  • I love May-December romance.         (2)
  • It is totally unacceptable. It is giving out wrong signals to young impressionable minds. Change the script right away.         (0)
  • It was a completely innocent interaction. We are becoming too sensitive.         (3)
  • I feel indifference. This is fiction, after all.       (1)
  • I am kind of bored with this setup to be honest.         (2)
  • It feels like a rehash of old trope from 10,000 years ago.         (2)
  • Forget the age gap, I am just not feeling the chemistry!         (2)
  • All I care is for a romance that is sold well and to be entertained.         (3)
  • Anything else? Please comment.        (0)

    2. Will you date Mr. Hunk aka Park Dae-beom?

  • Who can say no after being blinded by those rippling abs?        (5)
  • His ‘Special’ abilities make it a win- win situation!       (3)
  • Jeoldae! Such a beach bum!         (3)
  • Anything else? Please comment.         (4)

    3. Do you think Park Soo-cheol dealt with issue of Dan-Dan’s the biological mother?

  • He should have told her the truth. She was old enough to understand.         (12)
  • This is a sensitive issue. It cannot be rushed.        (2)
  • It was the right thing to do. He did not wish to tarnish the image of her mother.         (1)
  • Anything else? Please comment.         (0)

In total:  15 members have voted

Played: September 2021


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Name of thread: EVENT: [Drama 2006] Goong (Princess Hours) - 궁

Name of poll:   Birthday Party et al... 


1. Yul: cute or annoying?

  • I have SLS.        (0)
  • He's an idiot!         (6)

2. Shin: Confused or Annoying

  • Testosterone has turned him into a babo (an idiot).         (5)
  • I love Ju Ji-hoon oppa! He was so cute as a gruff man-child!         (1)

3. Would you want to attend Yul's birthday party?

  • Yes, it sounds like fun, very artsy!        ( 0)
  • Yawn.....I'll give it a hard pass.         (1)
  • Why not? Who doesn't love dabbing in painting and some manhandling from two hot guys, one deluded, another jealous and confused.         (0)
  •  Peach champagne... yum!         (5)

In total:  6 members have voted

Played: September 2021

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  • Where's My Oppa? 1
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Name of thread: Yumi's Cells 유미의 세포들
Name of poll: Yumi's Cells: Enter Cell Town  


1. Which are your favorite cells so far? (choose max 4)
Hunger Cell - 11
Love Cell - 4
True Feelings Cell - 2
Yumi's Reason Cell - 6
Emotion Cell - 5
Hysterius - 2
No pants Lust Cell - 9
Fashion Cell - 8
Anxiety Cell - 8
The Bulletin Board Cell - 1
Sleepy Cell - 2
Cheapskate Cell - 2
Reaction Doll - 0
Detective Cell - 2
Woong's Lustsaurus - 3
Woong's Reason Cell - 2
Woong's Hair Cell - 4
Woong's Humor Cell - 3
Someone else. Which one? - 0


2. Who is more sketchy / annoying? Ruby or Sae Yi?
Ruby - She refers to herself in the 3rd person. If that ain't weird, I don't know what is. - 5
Sae Yi - either you like him or you don't. Don't confuse a man. Or us the audience. - 13
I like both. They're cute and sweet and not desperate at all. - 0
Both are equally shady.... I wonder what their ulterior motives are? - 3


3. Woong's beard (choose max 2)
I love hair cell and am mourning it. The lynching was unjustified as the beard was not at fault. - 4
The number 1 reason for why Yumi didn't text back. I agree! - 1
It took him 3 YEARS to grow that beard?!?!??! ROFL - 11
Now that I see Woong unbearded, I am feeling nostalgic for his bearded look. - 2
The reason I fell in love with Woong is because of his clean shaven look. - 3
It doesn't matter to me. Did you see those abs!?!!? - 12


In total: 20 votes
Played: September 2021

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Name of thread: SPOTLIGHT: Lmangla - Event Organizer Extraordinaire

Name of poll: SPOTLIGHT: Things That Lmangla Likes....


1. Lmangla - makjang queen. Which of these makjang dramas did you like too? (choose as many as you like)
The Last Empress (2018-2019) - 12
The Penthouse: War In Life series (2020-2021) - 6
Temptation of Wife (2008-2009) - 6
The World of the Married (2020) - 6
Princess Aurora (2013) - 1
Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) (2021) - 10
Temptation Of An Angel (2009) - 2
Lie After Lie (2020) - 9
Mask (2015) - 8
A Hundred Year Legacy (2013) - 4
The Innocent Man (2012) - 10
Secret (can also be the Turkish version with a mustache oppa Lmangla particularly liked) (2013) - 11
Glass Slippers (2002) - 3
Star in My Heart (1997) - 1
Baker King, Kim Tak Goo (2010) - 3
Beautiful Days (2001) - 4
Fatal Promise (2020) - 5
Marriage Contract (2016) - 8
Come! Jang Bori (2014) - 3
My Husband's got family (2012) - 5


2. Lmangla: events. Which of these events do you remember/did you particularly enjoy? (choose as many as you like)
Guess the Kiss - 9
Guess the abs - 12
Soompi Love feast - 7
I recommend this drama - 8
anti love game - 6
Quick Poll: Shaken but not stirred! 007 - 11
Soompi potluck - 9
My corner of Soompi - 10
favourite kdrama abs poll - 13
variety show quiz - 4
Fathers of dramaland - 6
Give me badges! - 5
OTP Bingo 2019 - 5
Worst ending! ugh! - 12
The best of Lee Min Ho - 5
Quick poll: fashion terrorist? fashionista brilliance? - 15
Soompi Cupid game - 9
Spotlights on various Soompi threads - 10
Fan MVs - 3
Something else. What? - 3


3. Lmangla: I love these things! Do you love them too? (choose as many as you like)
True crime documentaries - 10
Cats - 13
Changing Display Picture at least once per week - 2
Turkish dizis (no need to be scared of 200 episode dramas with lots of brooding mustache oppas) - 5
Royal gossip - 7
Not using capital letters - 4
Daily dramas / makjang dramas /weekend dramas - 12
Good lighting - OCN dramas are not for me! - 6
Jewelry, bangles. (Your look is not complete without at least a necklace around your neck) - 7
The color blue - 14
A good kimchi slap! (or seaweed slap. or any slap with food.) - 13
Kdrama tropes. They are so bad that they are good. - 15
Writing - 11
Interior design & bathroom fittings (shower scenes are the perfect time to analyze them) - 8
Encyclopedias (Lmangla is a walking encyclopedia herself) - 7
Thai lakorns (makjang dramas on steroids) - 3
Watching "the best of" drama videos on YouTube rather than watching the full episodes. No FF needed. - 5
Mustache oppas. Because swoon. - 5
Jung Il-woo in Bossam. Fangirl alert. - 6
Old kdramas. They just don't make 'em like they used to... - 11


In total: 25 votes
Played: October 2021

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Name of thread: [Current Drama 2021] Yumi's Cells 유미의 세포들 - Kim Go Eun - tvN Fri & Sat @22:50

Name of poll: Yumi's Bathrooms

1. what do you think of see through bathrooms?

  • they are so uncomfortable 0
  • they can be romantic 0
  • who was the architect that designed such atrocity?2
  • humans need privacy when they are doing their business. can't we have time to ourselves? 6
  • ooh la la.... no pants lust cell is excited 3
  • other (please comment) 0

2. would you use the bathroom in someone else's house?

  • ummm, it is human biology. you go when you have to 8
  • no, I would hold it and go use public toilet 1
  • well unless you are five and scared of toilets that you are not familiar with 0
  • this was such a weird part of the drama - I was embarassed / eye rolled 1
  • I love bathrooms and am always interested in inspecting bathroom fittings 1
  • I get to inspect their personal hygiene discreetly; covid times LOL 0
  • other (please comment) 0

In total: 11 votes
Played: October 2021

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Name of the Thread :[Current Drama 2021] The Second Husband, 두번째 남편, Mon-Fri 19.50 KST

Name of the Poll : The Second Husband : Looking into the crystal ball  

    1. Would you tell on Jae Kyung / Sang Hyuk if you were Jae Min? 

  • Oh yes! They deserve to burn in the hellish fire. ( 2)

  • Wait and watch is my motto. (0)

  • Not till the last 10 episodes. Let the drama stew some more. (4)

  • I’m Sherlock. Waiting to catch these two red-handed. (4)

  • I don’t trust my eyes. I have the memory of a goldfish. What was it again? (1)

  • Anything else? Please comment. (0)

    2. Do you think Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk will split up?

  • Jeoldae! Let’s stay together and make each other miserable. (4)

  • Watch / Imagine your husband chase BSH and BSH ‘stealing’ your precious husband. (5)

  • Let us get out of here. It was a terrible mistake from the beginning. (2)

  •  Anything else? Please comment. (0)

    3. Do you think BSH is falling for JM?

  •  All the subtle clues suggest so. (2)

  •  How can BSH not fall for JM? ( 6)

  •  It is an all an act. Revenge at all cost is what drives BSH. ( 3)

  •  Anything else? Please comment. (0)

In total: 11 votes
Played: October 2021


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Name of the Thread :[Current drama 2021] Red Shoes, 빨강 구두, Mon - Fri @ 19:50 KST

Name of the Poll : dreams of stormy night &nbsp;

1. what did you make of aunt's dream?

  • well that was creepy! 2
  • it was a warning from dead mom that chairman might get hurt 6
  • chairman will die 3
  • just a dream! 0
  • something else (comment) 0

2. do you think hee kyung killed her mother-in-law?

  • why not! 7
  • no, that would be too much right? 0
  • maybe? too soon to tell 4

3. do you think we will meet ju hyung (the stepson of chairman)?

  • maybe in the last 10 episodes 2
  • nah, he will never be seen but remain somewhere in dramaland US 2
  • please show up. we need a break from gemma 7
  • other (comment) 0

In total: 11 votes
Played: October 2021

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Name of thread: Yumi's Cells 유미의 세포들
Name of poll: Yumi's Cells: priorities...  


1. Can men and women be friends (only)?
Of course! It's ridiculous to think that only people of the same sex can be friends. - 11
Maybe, but I would still feel cautious about having a friend of the opposite sex. - 9
No. There will always be a degree of sexual tension between a man and a woman. It's impossible to stay as friends long-term. - 3


2. If you're in a relationship, who or what would be your number one priority?
My happiness, well-being, and emotional health. I agree with Woong's priorities as I will always be my first priority. - 11
I believe love is about giving. So my partner comes first. - 1
Sleep and food will always be number one for me. lol - 3
K-dramas - 1
My partner and I would have equal priority on my list. We're a couple after all. - 7


3. What do you think of the wedding incident (aka Yumi and Ugi showdown)? (choose up to 2)
I feel for Yumi. Hearing that her cheating ex was getting married, she had every right to save her own face and dignity. Even if it meant lying. - 3
Yumi, Yumi, Yumi.... You should be proud of who you are and stop caring about what other people think about you! - 15
Yumi could have handled it a bit differently, but I can see sympathize with her as she clearly panicked and just blurted something out. - 12
All is Fair in Love and War, and baby, this is war! - 2
This will put a permanent stain on Yumi's and Woong's relationship. Communication is not their strong suite. - 3
Thank goodness that Woong was so understanding. Even though Sae Yi had been putting doubts in his head about Yumi's marriage plans. - 6
I want to go to Hawaii too! - 0
Something else. What? - 0


In total: 23 votes
Played: October 2021


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Name of the Thread : Event : A Blast from the Past

Name of the Poll : A Blast from the Past

    1. Group 1: Dramas 2002-2013 ( Choose up to 4)

  1.         Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002)         14

  2.         Winter Sonata (2002)         20

  3.         Dae Jang Geum (2003)         20

  4.         Stairway to Heaven (2003)         20

  5.         What Happened in Bali (2004)         12

  6.         Princess Hours / Goong (2006)         33

  7.         Coffee Prince (2007)         40

  8.         Temptation of Wife (2008)         9

  9.         Boys over Flowers (2009)         34

  10.         You’re Beautiful (2009)         23

  11.         My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox (2010)         22

  12.         Playful Kiss (2010)         8

  13.         Secret Garden (2010)         35

  14.         Scent of a Woman (2011)         15

  15.         Reply Series (2012)         17

  16.         The Innocent Man (2012)         18

  17.         Good Doctor (2013)         13

  18.         Gu Family Book (2013)         6

  19.         I Hear Your Voice (2013)         20

  20.         Any other. Please comment and mention.         8

    2. Group 2: Dramas 2013-2017 (Choose up to 4)

  1.         Secret Love (2013)         16

  2.         The Heirs (2013)         21

  3.         You Who Came From the Stars (2013)         44

  4.         Empress Ki (2013)         11

  5.         Doctor Stranger (2014)         6

  6.         Fated to Love You (2014)         26

  7.         It's Okay That's Love (2014)         15

  8.         Healer (2014)         36

  9.         Pinocchio (2014)         23

  10.         Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)         32

  11.         Mask (2015)         10

  12.         Cheese in the Trap (2016)         9

  13.         Descendants of the Sun (2016)         27

  14.         Love in the Moonlight (2016)         18

  15.         Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)         19

  16.         Signal (2016)         23

  17.         W: Two Worlds (2016)         18

  18.         Goblin (2016)         34

  19.         Because This Is My First Life (2017)         12

  20.         Any other. Please comment and mention.         6

    3. Group 3: Dramas 2017-2020 (Choose up to 4)

  1.         Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)         28

  2.         Tunnel (2017)         24

  3.         Voice Season 1 (2017)         10

  4.         Mr. Sunshine (2018)         16

  5.         My ID Is Gangnam Beauty (2018)         8

  6.         My Mister (2018)         23

  7.         What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? (2018)         28

  8.         Sky Castle (2018-2019)         20

  9.         The Last Empress (2018)         13

  10.         Hotel del Luna (2019)         26

  11.         Crash Landing on You (2019)         38

  12.         Do You Like Brahms? (2020)         12

  13.         Hospital Playlist (2020)         24

  14.         Itaewon Class (2020)         10

  15.         Mr. Queen (2020)         21

  16.         Penthouse Season 1 (2020)         8

  17.         The King: Eternal Monarch? (2020)         13

  18.         The World of the Married (2020)         8

  19.         My Lovely Sam Soon (2004)         17

  20.         Any other. Please comment and mention.         9

In total: 98 votes
Played: October 2021.    

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Name of thread: [Current Drama 2021] The Second Husband, 두번째 남편, Mon-Fri 19.50 KST

Name of poll: Questions and Theories! 


    1. Who is the missing baby that mistress mom took from the hospital?


  •         She didn't kidnap anyone; she was running away from chairman.         2

  •         She kidnapped some random baby to make it seem like she had a child so that she can fleece chairman.         6

  •         She kidnapped bakery mom's baby -- the missing daughter.         2

  •         Am so confused; my brain is exploding.         2

  •         Anything else? Please comment.         1

    2. Who is the missing bakery mom's daughter?

  •         Am confused but will it be Jae Kyung?         1

  •         It has to be Seon Hwa based on how grandma reacted.         11

  •         Maybe it is someone else altogether.         0

  •         How can a drama have so many birth secrets? I can't think!         1

  •         Anything else? Please comment.         0

    3. What do you think happened to Bit na? (Cookie mom's daughter)

  •         How can pen-man and daughter drown at the same time? Something is strange.         5

  •         Was Bit na kidnapped from the hospital and then passed off as Jae Kyung?         4

  •         If Bit na died, then how was Jae min born? Is he the missing baby somehow?         0

  •         Am so confused; give me coffee to figure this out!         3

  •         Anything else? Please comment.         1

In total: 13

Played: Oct 2021

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Name of thread:  [Current Drama 2021] Dal Ri and Gamjatang, 달리와 감자탕 - Wed & Thurs @ 21:30 KST

Name of poll:  What ifs and Second Chances… 

  1. What do you think of Jin Moo-Hak’s constant use of malapropism?

  •         He’s cute. Everything he does is adorably cute.        (6)

  •         It’s funny. They bring out a few laughs.         (8)

  •         They are over-doing it. It’s no longer funny.         (5)

  •         Anything else? Please comment.         (1)

    2. Will you give Jang Tae-jin a second chance, if you were Kim Dali?

  •         Never! TJ has burnt his bridges.         (8)

  •         TJ’s and Kim Dali’s past was perfect. They deserved a second chance, if there was no Jin Moo-Hak.       (2)

  •         I am sure TJ had his reasons for breaking Dali’s heart. Forgive him, perhaps, Forget it, never.         (10)

  •         Anything else? Please comment.         (0)

    3. Do you agree with Dali’s comment that running a gallery was not the same as running a business?

  •         Art is to be appreciated with senses, and not dealt with as a business venture.         (1)

  •         Everything in this world is a business transaction. Everyone’s making money, even through Art.         (11)

  •         Not everything can be measured in terms of money. Art is one of them.        (7)

  •         Anything else? Please comment.         (1)

In total: 20

Played: Oct 2021

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Name of thread: Yumi's Cells
Name of poll: Supporting your partner's dreams  


1. Do you think Woong should have supported Yumi when she had concerns about transferring to the marketing team?
Yes. He should have listened to her concerns/fears and allowed her to reach her own conclusion on how she wants to move forward. Just listening is often all that is needed to help a friend. - 20
Maybe. Shouldn't a boyfriend know what his girlfriend's biggest dream is and support her in achieving it? - 2
No. The advice he gave her was reasonable and honest. - 2


2. The showdown with Sae Yi? (choose as many as you like)
FINALLY.Good riddance to her! She won't be missed. - 13
So glad that Yumi finally told Sae Yi to bugger off. - 17
Woong should have told Sae Yi off a long time ago. Oh well, better late than never. - 12
Yumi should work on her insecurities because a lot of the drama was caused by Yumi too. Can't blame everything on Sae Yi.  5
I'm gonna miss Sae Yi. She seemed like a good friend. - 0
Can we agree that Sae Yi is the most annoying kdrama character in 2021? - 3
It felt so good to see Sae Yi speechless! Hah! - 8
The fight between Sae Yi and Yumi in front of Woong was childish. Everyone should learn how to communicate better. - 3
This incident was required so that Yumi could finally understand that she needs to be her first priority from now on. It's a step in the right direction. - 15
Something else. What? - 1


3. Do you think "aegyo" (acting cute) is important in a relationship? (choose as many as you like)
Uhm... Aegyo? It's a bit cringe... - 6
Are we adults or 5 year olds? No, it's weird. - 9
It's so cute! Guys adore it. - 2
Only Korean guys adore it - 3
You can use aegyeo from time to time - in just the right amounts - 8
I felt embarrassed watching Ruby's lessons in aegyo. Like a woman can't open a soda bottle herself? lol - 2
Isn't it enough to "be yourself" in a relationship? Why do you need to act something you're not? - 12
Different people have different opinions/views on what is cute. Aegyo might not even be needed for that. - 8
I will only speak with a baby voice to my dog! Or a baby! Not a grown up partner. - 6
Something else. What? - 0


In total: 24 votes
Played: October 2021

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Name of thread:  Event: The Soompi Survival Games - Oct 2021
Name of poll: Betting Results for Day 2 of The Soompi Survival Games

Which agency will lose another newbie (Death of Day 2)? (choose as many as you want)

  • Agency 1 - @sidtheguy / JYP Oppa 7
  • Agency 2 @LeftCoastOppa / NO-MOP OPPA and/or @sadthe1st / Abs Licker 9
  • Agency 3 @Ameera Ali / Mr. Queen and/or @gm4queen / A Danielover 7
  • Agency 4 @joccu sports nut and/or @the_sweetroad / Liz Lemon 8
  • Agency 5 @Lmangla Mustache Oppa and/or @Emily Bett / Edward Cullen 7
  • Agency 6 @madmad min / Yaya'sPutao and/or @Sky Kang Samgyupsal 8
  • Agency 7 @maribella / Handy doll and/or @larus / Cupcake Girl 6
  • Agency 8 @Yinye / Yinye 5
  • Agency 11 @MayanEcho / Whistle and/or @*.:AnGeL*BAbII:.* / shcj muggle 7
  • Agency 12 @confusedheart / Peppermint Patty and/or @ferily / Jang Man Wol 8

In total: 14 votes
Played: October 2021




Name of thread:  Event: The Soompi Survival Games - Oct 2021
Name of poll: Survey Results: Remembrance of The Soompi Survival Games


Whose death has affected you the most? (Pick your top 4) - 22 votes

  • Partypooper (@kokodus) at The Schedule during a group fight. Dokkaebi @Sunset takes Partypooper's money while Mustache Oppa @Lmangla flees (Mustache camouflage for the win). 9
  • ChaChaCha (@Thon Thin) injured by Handy Doll (@maribella) during the Schedule. @partyon sponsored a bandaid, to no avail. She needed a helicopter ride. 4
  • @Blacklotus1o25 knifed by Liz Lemon (@the_sweetroad) at broad daylight. 5
  • @Yinye dying from thirst during Night 1. 11
  • Jang Man Wol (@ferily) seeking shelter in a tree to sleep, but falling to death. 14
  •  Edward Cullen (@Emily Bett) speared in stomach by shcj muggle (@*.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*), despite Vampire's granite-like stomach. Super-spear? 7
  • Jang HanSeok - Real King of Babel  @TheaN somehow finds a sickle to try on Peppermint Patty @confusedheart. She dies (true power of Babel). 7
  • A fight breaks out between Jang HanSeok - Real King of Babel  @TheaN, sports nut @joccu, and Abs Licker @sadthe1st - Abs Licker kills both (probably with the King's sickle). 13
  • Cupcake Girl @larus overpowers Yaya'sPutao @madmad min, killing her. No gganbu... :( 7

In total: 22 votes
Played: October 2021



Name of thread:  Event: The Soompi Survival Games - Oct 2021
Name of poll: Betting

 How many eliminations will occur between today and the next News Report? 14 votes

  • zero  - 0
  • 1  - 1
  • 2 - 3
  • 3 - 3
  • 4 - 5
  • 5 - 1
  • 6 - 0
  • 7  - 0
  • 8 - 0
  • 9 - 1

In total: 14votes
Played: October 2021


Name of thread:  Event: The Soompi Survival Games - Oct 2021
Name of poll: Final Bet

Who do you think will be the ultimate winner(survivor)?

  • @LeftCoastOppa as NO-MOP OPPA  3
  • @the_sweetroad as Liz Lemon 3
  • @Lmangla as Mustache Oppa 5
  • @maribella as Handy doll 3
  • @*.:AnGeL*BAbII:.* as shcj muggle 2


In total: 16 votes
Played: October 2021

  • LOL 1
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Name of thread [Current Drama 2021] The King’s Affection, 연모


Name of poll: Hyun, Queen Dowager's hidden agenda and The King's cold treatment of Lee Hwi    


1. Do you think Hyun knows about Lee Hwi being a girl

  1. Yes, he definitely knows it. --- 15
  2. No, he is clueless about it just like others --- 8

2. Why do you think Dowager Queen suddenly decided to appoint a body guard for Crown Prince

  1. She is genuinely worried for Lee Hwi after the attempted assassination and wants to ensure her grandson's safety- 9
  2. She wants to have a spy in the Crown Prince's quarters - 5
  3. She was behind the assassination attempt, wants to cause confusion and political war with it and seize the power at the right time. - 9
  4. Something Else (Please Mention) --- 0

3. Why do you think The King has turned cold towards Lee Hwi?

  1. He is disappointed in Lee Hwi seeing how arrogant she has become. --- 0
  2. He sees Lee Hwi as a threat to his throne, since Lee Hwi's maternal grandfather can anytime plan to replace him with Lee Hwi --- 8
  3. He knows Lee Hwi is a girl --- 2
  4. The Queen has been manipulating him and has turned him against Lee Hwi --- 12
  5. Something else (Please mention) --- 1

In total:   23 votes

Played: October 2021

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