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[Drama 2017-2018] A Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi 화유기

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Hi guys! I think I’m new in this thread :D Only started to watch Hwayugi last week and really got addicted now :wink: 

Just got to read only some of the posts, but it is really interesting to read the analysis and views in here. I also comparing how I feel towards this drama and Goblin because of its fantasy genre. Love Hwayugi much more :) 

Can’t wait for the new episode tomorrow!! 

This drama really brings out of the box storyline.. amazing! 


I’ve watched OYS in some of her dramas. Always like her. I’ve only watched LSG in The King 2 Hearts. And I can say that he is much much more charismatic in Hwayugi. Seems the haircut really suits him :D Son Oh Gong haircut :wink: 


... and speechless for the new stills :o 

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YEEEEEEEESSSS  - Son Oh Gong finally holds his bride in his arms once again (a bride who is wearing a royal wedding dress). Judging from OG's scarf this scene will follow the confrontation with the Wi

It took the Hong Sisters 13 long years to write a bed scene but they managed to  do it right on their first try. I might have issues with their writing in this show but this whole moment was FREAKING

Oh no.. with everyone hating on the ending, i think i wanna step out to defend it a little. initially without the subtitles, the ending seemed like a whole mess. But if u really just focus on our OTP

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I’m thinking ... could the one in bed with Son oh gong be the real Jin sum mi who just got unpossessed so her body still has some of ASN’s ki? That’s why despite herself she feels seductive and combined the love she has for oh gong, resulting in the bed scene?

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28 minutes ago, Karen Ang said:

I’m thinking ... could the one in bed with Son oh gong be the real Jin sum mi who just got unpossessed so her body still has some of ASN’s ki? That’s why despite herself she feels seductive and combined the love she has for oh gong, resulting in the bed scene?

We are so desperate for her to be sunmi huh

i was reading the comments and because of that still pics , everyone was like "ASN is the best!!!" , ASN is so hot and sexy!"

Viewers do reaize that she is still OYS right?

and basically no one knows how ASN real form is lmao :lol: ( i have to applause  that character for turning our girls  into a femme fatale )


Sunmi unbutonning OG shirt??!!!! Naaah... can you imagine aweet Sunmi with that kitty eyes doing that??

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1 hour ago, briseis said:

She is really unbuttoning his shirt here!T his is without a doubt the hottest and the most sexual scene the Hong Sisters have ever written in their long career no matter how it will turn out in the end.


Not only for Hong Sisters.  This is the first time ever in OYS career she has such kissing scenes /not to mention bed scene *phew*

all her dramas i've watched are just touching lips


@Zelda what if in the middle of unbuttoning his shirt , Sunmi soul suddenly returns.. she gonna freak out :D


oh can we have the bts of this brainstorming scene the article is talking about???-_-

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The soompi article about the newest still cut. This part of the article really make me feel happy and funny at the same time hahaha


"Since this was the first time Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo filmed a romantic scene to this degree, the actors were reportedly shy while filming. When the two actors showed up on set, they playfully joked around with one another to set a friendly mood for the scene. Because she had to be more aggressive, Oh Yeon Seo brainstormed with Lee Seung Gi and the director to coordinate the scene. When filming began, Lee Seung Gi showed off his charisma while Oh Yeon Seo transformed into a sultry girlfriend."


I wonder what jokes did they make before this bed scene and how shy they are before making this scene :D


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44 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

The pictures look more like..


preistes sin OYS is seducing him.. like lays him on the bed and is about to kiss..

but then he comes on the top.. and will tell her that she can't fool him :tongue:

It def will be like that...

But i'm just gonna be delutional till the real ep comes

14 minutes ago, shaundsheep said:

I wonder the one who do that bed scene with ASN is the monkey minion. Son yook gong or son pal gong perhaps?

so ASN got tricked by SOG twice :D

Lmao won't the scene be funny though? 

OG on top of her like that with such sexy chemistry than suddenly he turns into a plush toy 

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Oh my. What a sight to wake up to. :wub: I love the stills so much that I am going to stare at them and at this till the episode airs.




I can be productive after the show ends. It's no problem. :flushed:


@briseis Thank you so much for pointing out the partiality of some viewers who bash JSM for the same thing that they hail SOG for. I just can't with this thinking anymore. :rolleyes:


1 hour ago, shaundsheep said:

I wonder the one who do that bed scene with ASN is the monkey minion. Son yook gong or son pal gong perhaps?

so ASN got tricked by SOG twice :D


Wouldn't that destroy the whole set up of SOG pretending not to know she is ASN in JSM's body? I doubt the writers will pull the same trick again. It's imperative that ASN remains clueless, until SOG figures out how to remove her from JSM's body.




I am still unable to make sense with SOG pretending to seduce/be seduced by ASN in JSM's body. But let me play the devils advocate here. Perhaps it's a way of exchanging souls? Maybe he intends to kill her instead?


More than the exchanging of souls, I am worried about what sharing JSM's body implies. Does it mean ASN can easily enter JSM's body in the future? She seems to have easily gone back into BJ's body instead of finding a new body to possess. Does she get a connection when she takes over somebody's body? Did JSM become a horcrux of ASN? Since some of ASN's abilities are tranferred to JSM, does it mean she will be able to see when ASN plans or does something very evil? Is that how JSM will see ASN opening the hells door? And is that why SOG will have to kill JSM because she holds a part of ASN's life/abilities inside and that needs to be destroyed for ASN to be truly killed? Ah so many questions. I am so glad it's Friday.

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@YourHighness .Your theory is so on engaging, i would like the story to be like the way you wrote.


I also believe Sunmi will def share that ability to foresee the future hence her sacrifice is necessary.


However someone wrote that Sunmi's power is not her blood or whatever but her human heart which no demon could ever have. A pure heart with faith and love that will defeat all the evils

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Lmao since the kissing scene in ep13, most people turn into byuntaes tsk tsk tsk B)-_-B)


People can repost the gif and pics thousand of times and my heart always  goes weak ..



Every time i rewatch an episode, there will be lots of new things that i want to say haha 

Sunmi  and Oh Gong , these two lovebirds are just the same. So i don't get the bashing Sunmi  that got..

Her sacrifice to be sealed is the same as OG decided to wear the GGG so he can be killed.  

He never thoughy about the impact for Sunmi if she ends up killing him while she never thought about the impact of her choosing to be sealed forever in order not to hurt him eithee


The diff is that Sunmi can't break tables or have the rights get angry at Soo Boori  and heaven? Don't forget that she is just a special human being who is made to be a sacrificial lamb. 

Not a special human being in terms of having power to protect herself against supernatural beings.

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We all know that Ansanyeo claims SunMi’s body and appeared in front  of Son Oh Gong (0:06 in preview). Of course the great sage knew it, and because of that, he decided to play along to deceive the priestess, However Ansanyeo see through Oh Gong lies and she use SunMi’s body (@ 0:26) to challenge the monkey king. On the verge of losing his control MW suggested him to find the incense burner to exchange the two souls back. But no matter how hard Oh Gong does, can’t find find general winter who has the burner. Then in order to help separate summer fairy’s soul, Oh Gong will summon summer fairy’s spirit. General winter will be free from Ansanyeo’s hold once his sister soul separated from his body. 


I got the above content while randomly reading comments in YouTube. Since lately my week routine start from preview to the next preview. Then in between previews spoiler to another spoiler.  A repetitive cycle but its me whenever I love one drama :D.  Anyway, back to the preview, Maybe Son Oh Gong found SunMi. @ 0:10 the hand that touched the coffin, that’s Oh Gong. If it’s him, then the great sage really kept his word of protecting SunMi despite of their ill fated love.

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My goal this week is to watch ep 1 and 2 to relive the moments pre-GGG, when the great monkey himself unconsciously relentlessly watching over our Sunmi (only to say that it was the GGG's doing! :D )


It was like Emack&Bolio's tower ice cream on a hot summer's day for me.

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