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[Drama 2017-2018] A Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi 화유기

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YEEEEEEEESSSS  - Son Oh Gong finally holds his bride in his arms once again (a bride who is wearing a royal wedding dress). Judging from OG's scarf this scene will follow the confrontation with the Wi

It took the Hong Sisters 13 long years to write a bed scene but they managed to  do it right on their first try. I might have issues with their writing in this show but this whole moment was FREAKING

Oh no.. with everyone hating on the ending, i think i wanna step out to defend it a little. initially without the subtitles, the ending seemed like a whole mess. But if u really just focus on our OTP

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4 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

I just read the original article of those stills a while ago... 


The title read as ...

[Oh! Sinccut] "Awakening atmosphere" .. 'Hwanggwon' Lee Seunggi ♥ Oh Yeon Seo, 19 gold september capture

@stargazer187 would you have the link to the original article?  Or the original text?  @stroppyse would you please translate when you have some free time?

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9 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

I just read the original article of those stills a while ago... 


The title read as ...

[Oh! Sinccut] "Awakening atmosphere" .. 'Hwanggwon' Lee Seunggi ♥ Oh Yeon Seo, 19 gold september capture

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[OSEN = Park Jin-young] "A provocative '19 geumganggo Couple is on the way!" 

Lee, Seung-ki and Oh Yeon-seo are focusing their attention on the 19th gold bed scene with a strange atmosphere on the bed.

TVN 's TV drama' Hwayugi '(dramatized by Hong Jung - eun / Hong - Mi Lan / directing actor Park Hong - kyun / studio dragon, produced by JEES Pictures) is a decadent ghost story of Goguryeo with a motif of ancient novels. 'Absolute Romantic Exorcism'. Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo each played the role of Jin-sun mi, the "decadent god-goblin" Son Oh Gong, who is also the ghost of the gods, and the third god of blood, Couples' romance, and the anime theater is flooded in pink. 

However, the last broadcast of the marriage promised to resolve the hearts of each other 'Jin Ganggou couple' to win the Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung-gi) Ahn Seo Nyeo (Lee Se-young) to interfere with the work continued to suffer again. Because of the trick of Jin-mi (Ye-yeon-seo) and the sister-in-law, Jin-jin Jin-mi has disappeared, and Son Gong-ee cries out to the third Jinseonmi.

Lee Seung-gi and Oh Yeon-seo's provocative "19 gold feddings" are anticipating the ups and downs in the 15th broadcast on the 17th. In the movie, Son Oh Gong is a romantic figure who tries to look at only jin seonmi, and touches the ball. Jin Sun Mi is showing a way to gaze at Son Gong-gung while armed with rich eyes and red lips. In addition, Jang Jin-mi of the third hand touches the shirt button of Son Gong-gong and stimulates his gaze as he brings his lips close to him as if he is kissing. 

Above all, Jang Seonmi, the third actor in the movie, is a shy person who kissed while he was a little careless. However, the scene of the day, such as bringing a hand to the chest of Son Gong, actively leading to the appearance of the skin seems to raise the curiosity of the reason. It seems that the love line of the Kumganggeo couple is rushing to the side, or it is the reverse state which foresees another hardship.

In the meantime, Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo have tensed out the tension and wittyness of intense skin tactics for the first time since the filming of 'Fang Yin' started.However, as veteran actors, they arrived at the filming site and, after a while, exchanged jokes and jokes and brought out natural feelings. Ohnyosho, who had to show an active aspect, showed his heart and soul as he paired his head with Lee Seung-gi, his opponent, in order to match the scene. Lee Seung-gi, the next camera, turned out to be Gon-gong's charm of Gon-gong and Ohn Yeon-seo showed his envy of the staff, which was 180 degrees different from Jin- osen.co.kr 

[Photo] TVN provided 


Credit to Osen/Naver


Oh... did you read that.. ok don't if you hate something like mad lib . Hahaha.. let me just tell you.. I love how the article tells us a bit on how that bed scene has been taken, and how the two actors feels during the take and after the take.. gahhhh... I ship these two...!! and no wonder the bts was kinda yeah.. annoying without many of these two.. i guess they don't want fans to start another rumor dating... or whatnot...  and cause their off screen as explained on the article enough to make me swoon over them.. gahhh


Plus.. sigh.. after reading that.. I come to be doubts between "it must be jSM who wakes up right?" Ah..  "but it looks like ASN who wakes up in her body" aissshhh.... mollla molla... 

Everytime there's an article of the otp having fun and joking about the filming blah blah blah... but the production staff never cared to share their bts at all?-_-

*still bitter*

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THANKS @stargazer187!!  @stroppyse here is the original text: 


[OSEN=박진영 기자] “도발적인 ‘19금강고 커플’이 떴다!”

‘화유기’ 이승기와 오연서가 침대 위 야릇한 분위기의 ‘19금 베드신’을 예고해 이목을 집중시키고 있다.

tvN 토일드라마 ‘화유기’(극본 홍정은, 홍미란/연출 박홍균/제작 스튜디오드래곤, 제이에스픽쳐스)는 고대소설 서유기를 모티브로 퇴폐적 악동요괴 손오공과 고상한 젠틀요괴 우마왕이 어두운 세상에서 빛을 찾아가는 여정을 그린 ‘절대낭만 퇴마극’. 이승기와 오연서는 각각 옥황상제와 맞짱도 불사하는 ‘퇴폐적 악동요괴’ 손오공 역과 모든 요괴들이 노리는 피의 주인 삼장이자 말 한마디로 오공을 길들이는 ‘요괴 보는 여자 인간’ 진선미 역을 맡아, 독특한 ‘금강고 커플’의 로맨스를 선보이며 안방극장을 핑크빛으로 물들이고 있다.

하지만 지난 방송에서는 결혼까지 약속하며 서로의 마음을 확인했던 ‘금강고 커플’ 에게, 손오공(이승기)을 차지하려는 아사녀(이세영)의 방해 공작이 이어지면서 또다시 고난이 닥쳤던 터. 삼장 진선미(오연서)와 영혼을 바꾸려는 아사녀의 계략으로 인해 삼장 진선미가 사라졌고, 손오공이 그런 삼장 진선미를 부르짖는 모습으로 보는 이들을 안타깝게 만들었다.

이와 관련 오는 17일 방송되는 15회분에서 반전 분위기를 예고하는 이승기와 오연서의 도발적인 ‘19금 베드신’이 포착돼 설렘 지수를 폭등시키고 있다. 극중 손오공은 오롯이 삼장 진선미만을 뚫어지게 쳐다보며 볼을 어루만지는 로맨틱한 모습으로, 삼장 진선미는 이전과는 달리 짙은 눈화장과 빨간 입술로 무장한 채 손오공을 응시하는 모습을 선보이고 있는 것. 더욱이 삼장 진선미는 손오공의 셔츠 단추에 손을 대는가 하면, 키스하려는 듯 입술을 가까이 가져가는 모습으로 시선을 자극하고 있다.

무엇보다 극중 삼장 진선미는 그동안 키스 한 번에도 부끄러워하는가 하면, 작은 스킨십도 조심스러워 했던 인물. 그러나 이날 장면에서는 손오공의 가슴에 손을 가져다 대는 등 적극적으로 스킨십을 주도하는 듯한 모습을 보여 그 이유에 대한 궁금증을 높이고 있다. 금강고 커플의 러브라인이 급물살을 타게 된 것일지, 아니면 또 다른 고난을 예고하는 반전 자태일지, 눈길을 끌고 있다.

그런가 하면 이승기와 오연서는 ‘화유기’ 촬영이 시작된 이후 처음으로 펼치는 강도 높은 스킨십에 긴장감과 쑥스러움을 내비쳤던 상태. 하지만 베테랑 배우들답게 두 사람은 촬영장에 도착한 후 여느 때처럼 장난과 농담을 주고받으며 자연스러운 감정을 이끌어냈다. 특히 적극적인 모습을 보여야했던 오연서는 감독과 상대방인 이승기와 머리를 맞대고 장면에 대한 합을 맞추는 등 심혈을 기울이는 모습을 보였다. 이어 카메라가 돌아가자 이승기는 이내 손오공의 상남자 다운 매력을, 오연서는 그동안의 삼장 진선미와는 180도 달라진 농염한 면모를 한껏 발휘, 스태프들의 부러움을 유발하며, 현장마저 들썩이게 만들었다./parkjy@osen.co.kr

[사진] tvN 제공 

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@40somethingahjumma  Oh, I hope I didn't come off as shouting you down for a different opinion. :(  Reading your points just made me think of the ones I wrote, that's all.  I don't think I expressed myself well because I also wanted to indicate that while I share some of those listed frustrations I channel their focus on other characters, specifically MW, who I have the most problematic relationship with.  The bull frustrates me, but you are right in that he is acting according to their nature.  It has taken me a while to wrap my head around the ways in which they snipe and take shots at each other.  They can pull stuff on each other which among humans would mean you are the bitterest of enemies but since they are immortal, they take it in stride and will likely share a bear in a century or so and laugh over good times. I try to keep that in mind but I am admittedly protective of SM, :D


I think SM doesn't share with HJ because experience has taught her regular humans don't want to know and I think she fears losing him, not so much because she doesn't trust him. Perhaps for me it is a matter of semantics. I feel like SM fears losing what she has, so initially it makes her hesitant to risk (like how she initially resisted actively giving her heart to OG) but she does long to experience and have close relationships with people who won't shun her.  I think of that moment when she told Summer Fairy that if she could find humans who wanted to be around her, then she'd be around humans and not monsters, or something like that. I still think about she and OG's heartbreaking tour through "Friendship-Family-and-Lover" event. How prior to engaging OG as one of the three, SM took a moment to look with longing at people who actually living those moments, but then how sincerely happy she was to be sharing those moments with OG even under a false pretext.  She's always been a curious mixture of caution and the untempered, a very odd girl. But to your point, if only to address what others in the audience feels she lacks, it's likely time to readjust her reactions and actions. Ultimately, if the audience isn't reading what's being sold well, the fault lies with the storyteller.  


@aunniek  Nice catch about Nachal's daughter being killed in this life! To that point, didn't Nachal in the 1930's film say her daughter and husband were murdered?  If so, two examples are a very small sample size to be basing anything on but it is curious... LOL, well, what else do we have but to endlessly speculate since this drama is so difficult to precisely pin down how the next event will play out.

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My, my! New pics! ^^ Thank you to those who posted them!


So, here is my current guess at how the episode could go.

  • There will be awhile of Asa Nyeo in Sun Mi's body (hence the pics of her in red and cream with red lipstick).
  • Oh Gong will not be able to call out to Sun Mi at first, because the ring was not the sealing of a magical contract (There was no glowing light like the time when they made a contract when she was a child. And Sun Mi does not have teleportation powers like Oh Gong).
  • He will, however, find the censer and get it despite the Winter General's attempts to obstruct him.
  • During this time, Sun Mi herself will be dreaming and while she thinks during the dream, she will come to realize that she should return.
  • At the point when Sun Mi comes to this resolve, she will hear Oh Gong's voice calling her through the censer and this will have the visual symbol of the ring on her finger. Her soul will leave the dream via the censer to go to him.
  • Oh Gong will then trick Asa Nyeo into getting close to him with her guard down, so that he can place Sun Mi's soul back into her body.
  • Then Sun Mi will wake up, and Asa Nyeo will be forced out and return to Se Ra's body.
  • So, the first part of the "bedscene" will be Asa Nyeo, while the second part will be Sun Mi.

What do you all think?

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I hope ASN will be back to her own body. She going back to Buja's body is an endless circle....

I hope Pk plays a bigger role in making Buja comes back... isn't Buja part of the world saving team as well?

PK keeps saying that he gonna find Buja's mum but it keeps dragging on with endless fillers like the dragon prince scene....

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2 hours ago, haymochi said:

Everytime there's an article of the otp having fun and joking about the filming blah blah blah... but the production staff never cared to share their bts at all?-_-

*still bitter*


True! I read in an article about the making process of the library scene when OG and SM tried to catch the mermaid, it said that LSG made an adlib about the thickness of the books where he rests his head so he could get the best angle of OYS. But then, no bts for that -_-

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5 hours ago, immortal_piglet said:

I would hate it if they remained as an immortal and mortal being though? I don’t want to see a granny JSM hugging the handsome monkey king. 


Since they might end up saving the world, wouldn't it be possible that they both become deities, live forever and hopefully be together? :)

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2017-2018] A Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi 화유기

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