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  1. After Encounter, I was looking for a show to fill up its gap and THIS is it. I havent fully caught up but I’m taking my time. I’ve no idea who is the actress who played Lee Bom but I love Lee Yoo Ri and she slayed! I enjoy myself a lot when she’s Lee Bom - that over the top docile woman, it really tickles my funnybone. Probably because in all the shows I’ve seen Lee Yoo-ri, she’s always the fiercely independent woman. Never the meek soft spoken one.
  2. I just finished the last episode not Long ago. And while I love the analysis here, I also want to share how simple the show is, in showing love at its simplest and most poignant. Love can be as simple as how KJH shows. It need not be complicated display. Neither has it to be sacrificial. Like what the ex did. When two people are in love, and when you know that, then you never let go. And that’s what KJH did. Which I think it’s the most beautiful aspect I’d love. Never to let go. The ex thinks otherwise. He thinks to love CSH, he has to let her go. What many people don’t realise is, to give support and stay by your lover’s side is one of the strongest show of love. And not to think, “ok if breaking up makes you happy, I’ll respect your decision”. So many times KJH went against CSH’s wish during the breakup, just so that he can be there for her. If this isn’t love, what is?
  3. But even then, no empresses who have bore sons can summon the emperor. If you want to see the emperor, you have to seek an audience.
  4. What kind of monarchy is it that the nanny can summon the emperor to her room?!
  5. Something sweet came in the mail today. Won’t know about this brand if not for Encounter.
  6. Someone in here mentioned that this is not a show for lazy viewers. There are purely entertaining shallow (don’t mean it in a bad way) shows that are good for after a hard day at work. Ans there are also shows which show so many symbolism it deserves multiple viewings. For some of us, Encounter falls in this category. I am not as astute in my observations but I like to repeat scenes just to catch the expressions and small actions of the actors. Even when JH said I missed you, I’ll watch first time for the subtitle, the second time to look at his eyes and expressions and the third time to see the other person’s reaction. So thank you @bebebisous33 for the analysis. I really enjoy them. I said before I came into the show for SHK and I didn’t mind PBG because he imprsssed me so much in I Remember You. I remembered how good looking he was, yet so eerily and chilly he could be. Then that facade fell a little to reveal a boy who yearned for love. From that cold-faced lawyer to this ever-smiling JH, at first I didn’t get used to it too. But as the show proceeds, I get it. As @charlieblue17 and @thistle pointed out, deep down JH could be lonely. And I agree. For someone who grew up in a loving home, with parents who tried so hard to provide, the young JH could only return the love by being the good boy, by showing he’s fine and he’s ok even when he wasn’t. His solace was books where he could dive into another world. Outwardly, he has to stay positive for his parents, and be the best he could. So to me, his smiles are just a mask to put on a brave front to show others and even himself, that the world is good. That’s he’s happy with the way things are. I’m not saying he’s unhappy though. Just that his smiles are used to hide all the negative feelings he has, if any. And then I came to forgive the too-broad smiles. Because he used it to compensate the loneliness and whatever negative feelings he had inside. From his lies to his Mother, we know that as loving and calm as his family is, it is only so because of the effort of being the ideal son JH tried to be, despite his own desires. Hence, beneath that, JH could never be really truthful about his wants and needs, for fear of hurting his parents and the dynamic of the family. In a subtle way, JH is similar to SH.
  7. I’m fine with the very slow brewing romance, if there’s any. I just want to see what schemes the empress has up her sleeves.
  8. While I think Ari was cute and loveable in the initial episodes, I also find her slyness to be scary. At such a young age, she already was disrespectful to her elders and so so scheming. Can’t imagine how she would be when she has more power. So no I didn’t find her being cunning like this funny at all.
  9. I came into the show for SHK but stayed for the compelling leads, as well as the beautiful, beautiful cinematography, the drawings (and looooove all your analysis of them!!!) and the poem. I love dramas like these which have symbolic hints here and there and everywhere in the movie! What is better is that this forum is filled with so many observant viewers. Salute! My 2 cents on some things that were brought up. Ex-husband Having gone through 4 episodes, I can't imagine the marriage both of them had. It seemed the husband was more willing than SH to the marriage. But from what I see, SH is the kind of person who has grown accustomed to being forced to do things. She would do without too much resistance but she wouldn't do it with much passion. So I can understand throughout the marriage, she's like a dead fish. While the ex-husband did like her and might have tried to win her over, he just didn't know the way to her heart, as shown in the gestures he made. Jealousy After spending a day in Cuba together, there's no doubt SH is also attracted to JH, so I believe there was some jealousy when she caught JH talking happily on the phone. And that's also why she brought up 'his girlfriend' again after wrongfully thinking that JH had talked to his girlfriend. And because she's accustomed to not doing or having things she likes, she didn't think there was going to be any consequences to her jealousy anyway.
  10. So, where can I find the earrings? She actually had two variations of that earrings. One is shorter (as shown in the above picture) and another pair which is slightly longer which she wore on episode 3.
  11. My favourite scene in last week's episode was actually the fight scene between woon bin and the emperor. Each time the drawing of the emperor came out, I snickered. He's so ugly in the drawings that it's good. Although a minor character in the show, I can't help but notice that the Grand Empress Dowager during her time as empress, must be a kind and motherly one who is well-loved. She did not seem to have an elitist mind and without second thoughts, accepted Sunny and her family. She did not seem to have any upper class snobbery at all. And for that reason, I can see how she so easily empathises with Sunny who seemed to be kind and loving too.
  12. Okay first I haven’t watched ep 3 and merely slumped through the comments here because I rather watch the episode first than read the spoilers. And second I may have mistaken the Korean culture altogether so humour me a little. Saying you miss someone is confessing good feelings but can’t good friends confess that? It may not be love yet but Jin Hyuk may already have really good feelings and the confession may indicate that instead of love. Or am I reading too little into it? If Koreans confess they miss each other, it’s love?
  13. I don’t usually watch romance but for SHK, I’ll make an exception. I’ll follow wherever she goes and apparently she’s into dramas with great cinematography since DOTS has some beautiful scenes too. I dont know if tvN always produces great stuff (but I liked hwayugi and am liking room no 9 even though they aren’t too highly rated) and no idea about the director, but for a show to be chosen by both pbg and shk must say something so I’m looking forward to the show.
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