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  1. I never posted anything here ever since I have soompi acc, but I always come and read the support of Kyo long time fans here. We need to stand for her in every situation, I'm glad we did it I always love that statement she ever made, she trust us guys, so lets keep support her and trust her no matter what
  2. Thank you for calling me, so happy finally there is thread for this very lovely couple, i fall for them since goblin, so happy when they are reunited in Touch Your Heart, seriously, every time I watch Touch Your Heart, their scene together already make me smile like crazy, i don't know why I always smiling seeing them together Cr to Theresa I really like this video, how they interact since their first met till the newest project of them, i wish they will end up together in real life *I really hope so* Anyway, hi everyone , I'm new member here
  3. The bad Chaebol is coming back, he is still stalking on Oh Yeon Soo, can't wait for next episode, hope Kwon Jung Rok best friend can take down that bad chaebol that destroy Oh Yeon Soo carrier
  4. And here we go, the day that we've been waiting for, finally here. And it's mean the other good news will come too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  5. Oh Se Ho really the main witch in this drama, how could she treat her son like that, she is crazy. And seriously Kwak Dong Yeon acting really good, seriously. Funny when Bok Soo said "This time it's me who dumb you" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Here is the new bts Enjoy
  6. Done watching the last episode. Just stop by to say I like the ending, super enjoy this drama, I smile brightly like Cha Soo Hyun when she is around Kim Jin Hyuk. Happy ending for everyone including me hehehe
  7. Yes they just split for awhile and like you funny that in the preview of tonight episode, it's like nothing bad happen to them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  8. Done watching ep 21-22 or 11, i cried like a baby because of the ending scene, Teacher Park Se Ho, i really hate him, I don't mind he hurt Bok Soo or Soo Jeong but Teacher Park I already predict Yoon Seung Hoon will be the top ranks. The kiss in the bed looks romantic but the ending scene, make me can't really memorize it as a happy memory. Hope Bok Soo and the request team can beat up Se Ho, and mess all of Se Ho planning
  9. Hello there, welcome to the thread. Anyway i've been looking for the translation for that show too, but I've got none
  10. Yeah it's show that SSJ is strong character, well she can do it if she put her will. I love that SSJ asking sorry and saying thanks to Kang Min Ji, and now Kang Min Ji likes CEO of Your Request, me so happy seeing everyone found their happiness, In Ho also so proud that Teacher Son is her aunt to be hahahahaha I think Yoon Seung Hoon and Young Mi also know Bok Soo and Teacher Son are dating
  11. OMG episode 9 (or 17-18) really interesting, I really like how Wildflower class win over Ivy Class. In the preview we see Wildflower class team up to exposed the unfairness in their school. Mr. Park is the frame of very good teacher, proud of him. Bok So drunken scene really funny hahahha, anyway I hope Young Min and Yoon Seung Hoon be the top ranks in their next exam. Hope we will see how Bok Soo and Your Request Team could gather all the proof of the corruption and Wildflower class could gather all the proof of school unfairness. My fav part, my top fav part is when Son Soo Jeong said to Se Ho "Try It you crazy jerk. I'll show you who's crazier" finally Son Soo Jeong proud of you, really nice paragraph by the writer "I'll show you who's crazier" not the type of girl who you can destroy easily
  12. Totally agreed, he wait for 9 years and she feels guilty day by day on last 9 years so no wonder the long amd intense kiss like this happen, seriously why it's me who got the butterflies in my stomach while they are the one who kiss? Why oh why? Lol
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