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[Drama 2017-2018] A Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi 화유기

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Watch: “Hwayugi” Cast Are Endlessly Witty Behind The Scenes



tvN’s weekend drama “Hwayugi” released another behind-the-scenes video of the cast being comfortable and silly with each other.


In the beginning of the video, the cast is drinking coffee while waiting for filming to start. Lee El sees the camera and looks both amused and surprised as she says, “Wow. Is this what you call ‘making a moving story’?” Lee Seung Gi explains, “I gave Lee El a cup of coffee, and it accidentally got caught on camera.” Hearing that, Cha Seung Won grabs a random cushion and hands it to her. Lee El gives him a confused look, and Cha Seung Won responds, “We need to share something, too,” causing both his co-stars to burst out laughing.

Later on, when it’s time to film the scene with Lee Se Young, Lee Seung Gi humorously comments, “After turning into Ah Sa Nyeo [the other character Lee Se Young plays beside Jin Bu Ja], she’s been making money, so she wears mink coats nowadays.” In response, Lee Se Young tilts her head and smiles brightly.



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YEEEEEEEESSSS  - Son Oh Gong finally holds his bride in his arms once again (a bride who is wearing a royal wedding dress). Judging from OG's scarf this scene will follow the confrontation with the Wi

It took the Hong Sisters 13 long years to write a bed scene but they managed to  do it right on their first try. I might have issues with their writing in this show but this whole moment was FREAKING

Oh no.. with everyone hating on the ending, i think i wanna step out to defend it a little. initially without the subtitles, the ending seemed like a whole mess. But if u really just focus on our OTP

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14 hours ago, hikaru_dawn said:

What if Seon Mi and Oh Gong has two fates? The death bell and love bell. Wouldn't it be interesting for them to hear the love bell ring too?

My thoughts exactly!:) I believe that SM was not mistaken saying she & OG are match made in Heaven. I remember when they were chasing the bride ghost SM heard the bell ringing when she was looking at OG. She  dismissed it as her imagination but I do believe it was the love bell she heard at the time.

So in my opinion the two of them are truly destined for each other. Maybe OG share a death fate with Samjang while he & SM are destined couple. Who knows, something like this may serve as loophole later.


P.s. I  must say I don't understand all the critique of SM's black&white business syle of clothes. Personally, I am very happy to see her usual self. I mean, we all saw that SM can be seductress when it's needed (the nightclub scene) and girlishly charming  when at home in her personal space. But she is a business lady and prefers to look professional in everyday life. Which in no way lessen her womanly charms. She is confident, stylish and posh even in her black suits. She carries herself with dignity and class, she has inner glow, she is witty, can be daring and sexy but in a subtle way unlike ASN who throws herself at men. SM doesn't need this superficial glamour to catch a man's attention. And that is what makes her all the more special, in my opinion. 

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2 hours ago, saoriumori said:

Maybe they already filming the last episode? 


OMG! Uri OG has a baby in his arms?! So cute! :wub: They look so lovely, like young parents on the walk in the park.:)

*Brontosaurus!* is back:lol:

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6 hours ago, HolyBasil said:

We'll see.. it's hard to assume that they are in a relationship. There must be a reason behind why they ignore Oys in hwayugi bts. Tvn and hwayugi Crew must answer all these. Even I, a Seung gi fan is really pissed that they ignore our female main lead. We don't even have a bts scene of our main couple. (Especially those kissing scenes) 

They need to clarify this asap. 

At first I was  skeptical about this..

but how can a female lead gets no bts at all? Dramas usually gives a lot of otp bts to promote the drama but she is basically cut out from bts where she was supposed to be there too


Even her official  fansite is qusetioning this matter too



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9 hours ago, kjesin said:

@40somethingahjumma It's ok. No tomato throwing :D


As for me, I don't mind her trusting MW and others in their group, because she has OG. OG is the strongest among them so it's not like they can do anything to her. That time with PK too, since she's not SJ anymore, why would PK wants to eat her, and she didn't know about BJ, so I can understand her trusting him about that. She was worried about BJ after all. I don't know... Maybe it's because I love her so much I can understand everything she does? :wub: I just don't mind they way this is going. She's not annoyingly stupid and weak damsel in distress and I don't mind OG saving her no matter how many times. But sometimes, she can save herself too, like with the book seller. Even though OG got rid of her, he couldn't help SM and she came back herself. Anyway, this is just my opinion. I'm so blindly in love with her so I can't see any fault in her. Maybe she too is blindly in love with OG so she can't see anyone and anything else anymore?


Except when she doesn't have OG :wink: Or chooses not to use him. Which is where the problem usually lies for me at least. Sigh...


I hope no one thinks I'm saying it's wrong to love SM because that's not where I was going with my earlier post. :wink: All I'm saying is that there are valid criticisms of SM's development over the course of the drama. I've seen them in other parts of the internet where the frustration is more palpable and where people do think she's a frustrating damsel in distress or just a plot device to further the storyline. Also this forum would be a rather dull place if we all regurgitated the same kinds of views.


My perspective is somewhere in between. I think she's quite capable of taking care of herself but then she has these odd moments where she throws caution to the wind. I'm glad she doesn't need to rely on the yellow umbrella anymore because she has something better and that she's finally stopped trying to expect too much normality in her relationship with OG. But in the incident of the Asanyeo... sigh... I truly despair... Even if what the Asanyeo says is mostly true or sounds mostly true about the so-called death fate, there's no reason to believe the best solution is necessarily to lock oneself up in a coffin for all of eternity. :wacko:


On the issue of trust, I take a fairly pragmatic position. It shouldn't be a blanket attitude. For instance, the fact that she doesn't tell Han Ju everything about her other life suggests that she doesn't practice unqualified trust all of the time. She certainly didn't with OG. Again, the cynical side of me thinks that the writers are quite particular about when they want SM to be trusting and when not to be in order to take the story in a certain direction.


@theseasasleep I suppose I expect MW to always be shady and act in his own interest because he is the Bull Demon King after all. :wink: Even OG doesn't trust him even while they're the best of buddies, I don't see why anyone else should.  :D  In fact, I'm rather glad he's blind at the moment and can't do too much damage because I'm wondering now that his wife has been relieved of her karmic curse whether or not he has any incentive at all to do accrue merit points to become a deity. He's not altruistically reliable and I don't think that will ever change. SM's in a business relationship with him so I'm of the opinion that she should take the view that he would hold his end of the bargain as long as he has something to gain and he will tell her what she needs to know in so far as it suits him. 


Anyway, I expect the monsters, no matter how cute and cuddly they are sometimes, to act like monsters. :wink:


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@deanne3004 @haymochi @marinated_lemon


Thanks so much lovelies for entertaining my question! 


I agree that OG probably fell in love with JSM because of her character. I rmb how he was moved when JSM commented that OG must have felt very lonely when he was trapped for 500 years+. Noone else seemed to care and even MW and PK would jump at any opportunity to lock our monkey up again. (in the picture etc.)


I guess now i can sorta believe that OG’s love towards JSM is real.


I would hate it if they remained as an immortal and mortal being though? I don’t want to see a granny JSM hugging the handsome monkey king. 



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I've been meaning to say for a while how impressed I am with the lass that plays Bu Ja/Richie, Lee Se Young. She's not only a really good actress but extremely beautiful too in that rare luminescent sort of way. She was good as Zombie Girl but she's great as Asanyeo. She's got the kind of look that reminds me of the British actress, Jane Seymour in her heyday. (Yeah, showing my age here)

I was looking at her profile on Asianwiki and didn't realise that she had been in a few things that I've seen including being a young Dae Jang Geum. Apparently she's been acting since she was 11.


19 minutes ago, immortal_piglet said:

I would hate it if they remained as an immortal and mortal being though? I don’t want to see a granny JSM hugging the handsome monkey king. 


Wouldn't you? I think it would be hilarious... and definitely in keeping with the wacky tone of the drama. :D



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There have been a lot of comments bashing Seon Mi for being weak, stupid and a damsel in distress after she decided to give up her life to protect Oh Gong; and wishing that the Seon Mi who stood up for herself and defended her right to live in front of Oh Gong in episode 2 would come back. Those comments couldn’t be more wrong because the Seon Mi who lets herself bury alive for Oh Gong’s sake is the same person who fought for her right to live - brave, kind, strong and with a huge capacity for love. It’s really funny how the same people who criticize SM for her sacrifice are squealing, fangirling and swooning about Oh Gong’s willingness to protect her at all cost, even if it the cost was his life. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SEON HAS ACTUALLY DONE RIGHT NOW. Therefore saying that SM is weak for sacrificing her life for Oh Gong while praising him for his willingness to risk his life for her is a hypocrisy and misogyny of the highest order.


How epic is that when aware of the truth behind the death bell and facing the same dilemma both Seon Mi and Oh Gong make the same choice?! These two people who have always clinged to their own life take themselves out of the equation and choose to save the other person. 

Oh Gong himself admitted to Ma Wang that if he were offered with only one chance to save the person he loves he would take it, no matter how disadvantageous and dangerous for him. 


A deity, a demon and a human - they are all susceptible to love and capable of risking and sacrificing their lives for it because true love does not discriminate and doesn’t make a distinction between men, women, demons or even gods.


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5 minutes ago, briseis said:

There have been a lot of comments bashing Seon Mi for being weak, stupid and a damsel in distress after she decided to give up her life to protect Oh Gong; and wishing that the Seon Mi who stood up for herself and defended her right to live in front of Oh Gong in episode 2 would come back. Those comments couldn’t be more wrong because the Seon Mi who lets herself bury alive for Oh Gong’s sake is the same person who fought for her right to live - brave, kind, strong and with a huge capacity for love. 


same as here as well. 

from my pov there's a huge difference between from being weak and scared of losing the one you truly love by killing his/her by your self . 

i think right now  SM is just got  more panic by hearing asn words that's why make her to give so easily  and it can't count as stupid thing.

also ;  as i review the last Ep again .smt is going on my nerve now. kinda think SM cant stay on her decision Bc we saw multiple time OG told SM if she'll be in danger , his hurt will be in danger too  Bc of GGG and.

she know it already so i believe she'll definitely realize it to change her mind :unsure:


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Hi  New member here! I'm de-lurking myself finally because after those pics I just couldn't control myself anymore and needed some place to talk about it. And I gotta say this group is one of the only thing that allows me to survive a whole week waiting for a new episode :)


Sooo excited with those pics, the chemistry between Lee seung gi and Oh yeon seo is amazing!




17 hours ago, briseis said:


  Hide contents


source: enews


and adding to the conversation before whether it was SM o ASN, mmm in the first pic it looks like ASN, with that sultry look, but that light, is just because of the pic or something else is going on?... also I don't think OG would let ASN touch him like that (I mean he even tricked her in his home not sitting with her, why would he let her lie in bed with him?), but you never know, maybe he is planning something? 

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12 hours ago, sadpluto said:

Is he switching ASN and JSM's souls?????



Ohh that is an interesting thought!!!!  Have physical contact with ASN maybe the way he is able to bring SM's soul back.  

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