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[Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

Emily Bett

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5528708441926e36ba74059bbbcae59c.jpg KIM GO EUN X GONG JI CHUL 5528708441926e36ba74059bbbcae59c.jpg



~ WELCOME 5528708441926e36ba74059bbbcae59c.jpg GONGGO BRIDES ~

Gong Ji Chul (Gong Yoo) and Kim Go Eun first crossed paths on August 30, 2016 at the table reading of their mega-hit fantasy romance drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, also known as Goblin. Gong Ji Chul portrayed the 939 year old immortal Goblin Kim Shin, who wandered the Earth, searching for his bride to remove the sword in his chest while Kim Go Eun played his bubbly and charismatic bride Ji Eun Tak, who falls in love with him and gives him a reason to live. 

However, their story began long before Goblin was ever announced. In February 2016, Gong Ji Chul expressed his affections for Kim Go Eun as well as his desire to work with her. Kim Go Eun was also known as a self-professed Coffee Prince fan and looked up to him when she was younger. Of course, this was just the beginning of their destined fate. Over the course of a five month long filming period, Gong Ji Chul and Kim Go Eun developed a very close relationship, despite their age difference of 12 years. Stunning drama-watchers from all over the world, their chemistry not only amazed viewers but those around them. Their on screen love broke cable rating records and trended on Twitter for weeks on end. Despite Kim Go Eun being officially in a relationship during filming, it was later revealed that she was single at the start of Goblin's filming period, allowing her to pursue a close relationship with Gong Ji Chul. The two have kept in touch through group chats and have been rumoured multiple times to have been in a relationship. While Kim Go Eun's agency has denied this, Soop Management which represents Gong Ji Chul has never commented on the matter, leading to much speculation that there is indeed a relationship.

Red Strings of Fate has ruled their relationship. From friends, family members, and even co-stars, destiny has brought them together and connected them in ways that seem impossible. When they describe their desired partners, it's very clear that they are perfect for one another.

As GongGo Brides, we all wish for these two to openly pursue their amazing love. They have both shown affections for one another for months now, from before Goblin, to the presscon, all of the behind the scenes and even the wrap party. Their relationship has given many hope that it has progressed to something more and everyday is a new discovery on this ship. Please join us and help steer this mega-yacht to Love Island.


A Note from Janeybae:

I just wanted closure for a long time and to say thank you <3 Thank you to all of the Goblin brides who stuck by the ship, even when we all went through a difficult time. It was an amazing ride with every single one of you and despite the ship now being decommissioned, the friendships and valuable conversations I've had with you guys over the years have been absolutely amazing. A lot of you stuck by us when the April '17 massacre occurred, you followed us from platform to platform as we searched for a new home for our ship and supported us in every way possible. I am truly blessed to have gained such amazing friends from this ship, whether it be UG members or our amazing shippers and will never forget the fun we had here. Love you and miss you all!



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Guide for all of the new passengers onboard our ship:

Ship GongGo responsibility and make sure not to harass, stalk, or harm Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun!

Don't do anything that Kim Shin would disapprove of.





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I'm so into this you guys. I know she has a BF but with the last confirmation, they had only been dating for a few weeks. It's not a solid commitment so OUR GOBLIN COUPLE IS TOTALLY A POSSIBILITY. We know she likes older guys so GY is PERFECT for her.

Even she's said:

"Regarding Gong Yoo, she said, "Gong Yoo is like a prankster.  His personality is similar to mine.  Even on set, we cheerfully engage in filming while joking around."

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aaaaaah thank you @janeeta for making this thread :wub:

love both Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun, and their chemistry in this drama maaaan....NO JOKE. form all the bts, i can feel that she's really really comfortable with him. wish there's gonna be tons of cf for both of them after this drama. and then movie together, and in the next or two years, another drama. girl can dream right :glasses:





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thank you janeybae for starting this.  I personally don't want to start another ship due to my past experience, so I won't be as active as i'll be. However, it seems like KGE & GY has many common friends as they have partner with the same actors & actress in their previous movies, so I'm sure they'll continue their friendship forward!  

And I see someone on IG putting various theories about KGE & GY off-screen chemistry...so you girls may want to check her out and ask her to join this thread!



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omg.....gurlllll...came runnin  from goblin thread just to confess my nasty nasty sin....

first of all...thank you so much for making this thread

I WISH....that kim go eun would break up with her boyfriend and date gong yoo....:blush:

I said it...yass i said it...sorry...not sorry....

I wanted gong yoo to date yoon eun hye back in the day but my thirst wasn't that real back then....

one of the immortals on goblin thread commented how KGE and GY's beauty and handsomeness balance and compliment each other.......

after i saw her comment, it was enlightening to me that why i want them to date in real life u know..

and why are love them so much together......they just look perfect...u know its not like actor/actress perfect....but they look like they both genuinely could be a couple

like i love DOTS to death but i just never think that SJK and SHK would be dating material u knw... (unlike many others, dont kill me)

the vibes....for KGE and GY ..its just that i felt it ..and i felt it for moonlight couples (PBG & KYJ too)

of cuz its not possible now....may be in like a couple years?? i am sure she must have had some feelings when they are filming 

i think this drama shooting began only after she started dating the dude for a couple months...

damn...if only the drama shooting began earlier..oh well...yes i m being difficult and thirsty.... <_<

I am sure GY would feel smth right .....a girl this cute...which guy wouldn't fall...

I am sure KGE will break with her current bf one day (yes i m mean b***h).......

if gong yoo is still single by then.....:heart:

oh lord..plz forgive me for all my sinssss 



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hai haii..thanks janeeta for making this forum ^^

one question though, i ship Gong Yoo and Go eun, but what about Jung Yumi, I've seen his video and jung yumi during press con etc and they look really close, i even think gong yoo had a bit crush on him,because he tease her a lot. Dont want to sink any ship or offend anyone, i'm just curious does anyone know more xD ( if this is out topic very sorry i wouldnt ask again :) )

I pray all the best for Gong Yoo and Go eun ^^ i do hope they filmed a movie together thats gonna bee soo awesome xD

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"One you become goblin bride, its your FATE, its your destiny maybe for now, GO EUN dating someone but in the end she would build and have marriage life with GONG YOO" 

Heck yeah girl!!! So agreed with this comment on the above IG! 

Me too sorry not sorry cos I really want her to break up with that man! I get a feeling it's over based on what her actress best friend said during the recent interview. GoEun suits someone like GY cos their personality suits each other, their looks compliment one another. I just don't see how her bf could match GoEun's personality. The only thing they have in common is diving. 

Also...this is interesting: GY is so respectful when he talks to GoEun. He doesn't call her, Kyaaa...or be rough with her even though they are comfortable and they both are rough type of ppl. During presscon for VLive, his body was turned towards her and she has her body turned towards him. And when she suggested him to do finger hearts, he decline with a smile and honey filled eyes...gahhhhh, I can't stop spazzing!! Welp!!! 

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@ogrenji Yup, GY is close with Jung Yumi since they are both from the same company and have same friends. He said he really likes her cos she's comfortable to be with but if you look at their interactions, he acted more like an oppa-friend towards her and she doesn't really show that "crush" reaction towards him. I don't think GY is her taste cos she dated YAI before. Jeon Do Yeon once told GY he's single cos his GF would be fed up with him. I think this may be due to his prankster attitude and the energy he has. Amazing thing is, GoEun gel well with him. They two can go on for days with their silliness and still not drain out each other's energy...lol. 

He said his ideal type's face is like Jeon Do Yeon and we saw in Bts, he suggested GoEun be JDY and he be another actor...lol. I was quite surprise when I saw that. 

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back then kim go eun is a fan of coffee prince


“Director Lee Yoon Jung‘s work ‘Coffee Princeis a work that I was sucked into and I watched over and over


There are a lot of charming people.  Kim Go Eun is charming.  Maybe I'm getting old, but it makes me happy when I see the people make their first appearances at Chungmuro [film festival] and take center stage.  It makes me fell good.  I enjoyed Kim Go Eun's 'Chinatown.'"

is this is called starstruck ???




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im going to be here everyday. this is my second time shipping a couple. i think GY is always star struck when he's with KGE. on one of the bts, while they were eating potatoes, and KGE, LDW were standing together, he was watching her. does anyone have any info on what made KGE chase GY in one of the bts videos?

i saw this on the facebook thread, that when KGE made the NG wishing to watch a movie with the GR, GY wasn't laughing with them. 

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