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  1. It's been a while since my last saeguk. I'm closely following this show. I like the pacing of the storyline, although I must admit I've been skipping scenes here and there. I'm mostly curious as to how DW will be able to go back to the palace and be able to bring his wife. Anyway, I made a desktop calendar if you guys would like it. I also made some quote edits. I'll post it here when I can.
  2. Voice 2 is driving me crazy with a major cliffhanger. I seriously am anxious for news that LHN is recast in Voice 3. For me, if there's no LHN, there's not Voice series. I'm also lowkey shipping her character with DKW. Although, I don't want a full bloom romance because it will ruin the entire show. Anyway, I'm in the process of making quote edits from the show. I don't have as many, but I made a few on our facebook page. I'll post it here every once in a while so as not to spam the thread. Oh, I also made a desktop calendar. hope you like it. there's space on the top for your icons.
  3. How's everyone surviving now that this show is over? I really enjoyed this show. It's not a perfect trifecta (Cinematography, OST, Script) for me, but I dedicated time to diligently watching the show. What gets me through is making quote edits for the facebook page where I'm one of the admins. I still have more to make, while I decide which newer dramas I get to really watch after this show.
  4. I'm enjoying this show so far. It's been a while since I watched SJS since I didn't watch his last tv drama. I still need to watch a couple more in order to know if I'm going to commit to the show or not. Anyway, my biggest pet peeve in watching dramas is the opening credit. I can't seem to find this anywhere. Does anyone have a source on where to find this? thanks in advance.
  5. deleted because I'm responding on the translate request below. btw, i'm loving this show!
  6. I have a question... what is the name of the song in episode 9 when they were playing volleyball? It’s really catchy.
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