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[Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

Emily Bett

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1 hour ago, sooyoungdaebak said:

"One you become goblin bride, its your FATE, its your destiny maybe for now, GO EUN dating someone but in the end she would build and have marriage life with GONG YOO" 

Heck yeah girl!!! So agreed with this comment on the above IG! 

Me too sorry not sorry cos I really want her to break up with that man! I get a feeling it's over based on what her actress best friend said during the recent interview. GoEun suits someone like GY cos their personality suits each other, their looks compliment one another. I just don't see how her bf could match GoEun's personality. The only thing they have in common is diving. 

Also...this is interesting: GY is so respectful when he talks to GoEun. He doesn't call her, Kyaaa...or be rough with her even though they are comfortable and they both are rough type of ppl. During presscon for VLive, his body was turned towards her and she has her body turned towards him. And when she suggested him to do finger hearts, he decline with a smile and honey filled eyes...gahhhhh, I can't stop spazzing!! Welp!!! 

Same here, chingu! I really think they're over!! I don't know what happened to me but I ship GY and KGE so bad :) 

Anyway, is the finger heart thing the presscon in which GY wears all white? :) 

5 minutes ago, AQUARIANUNICORN said:

im going to be here everyday. this is my second time shipping a couple. i think GY is always star struck when he's with KGE. on one of the bts, while they were eating potatoes, and KGE, LDW were standing together, he was watching her. does anyone have any info on what made KGE chase GY in one of the bts videos?

i saw this on the facebook thread, that when KGE made the NG wishing to watch a movie with the GR, GY wasn't laughing with them. 

It is this bts, chingu! 


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@melonpark Yup, the one where GoEun changed her clothes, from dress to a sweater. And GY wore the white outfit. Her long hair must have made him "fall in love"...kekeke. 

On Happy Together show when GoEun appeared, all the hosts can't stop praising how pretty she is. Even Park Myung Soo praised her beauty and they complimented how beautiful her skin is. 

One fun fact: Both GY and GoEun love to sing and they are both good singers. GoEun sang an English song in Happy Together. :wub:

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1 hour ago, sooyoungdaebak said:

@ogrenji Yup, GY is close with Jung Yumi since they are both from the same company and have same friends. He said he really likes her cos she's comfortable to be with but if you look at their interactions, he acted more like an oppa-friend towards her and she doesn't really show that "crush" reaction towards him. I don't think GY is her taste cos she dated YAI before. Jeon Do Yeon once told GY he's single cos his GF would be fed up with him. I think this may be due to his prankster attitude and the energy he has. Amazing thing is, GoEun gel well with him. They two can go on for days with their silliness and still not drain out each other's energy...lol. 

He said his ideal type's face is like Jeon Do Yeon and we saw in Bts, he suggested GoEun be JDY and he be another actor...lol. I was quite surprise when I saw that. 

Yes yes..i was wondering too what JDY mean referring to his GF would be fed up with him LOL ur thinking quite explain it xD

i was suprised too when he comment on go eun beauty frankly and in front of many staffs :wub:  

Reading more of this thread makes me believe GY-GE has a thing,at least i think GY did omooooo xD

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1) That infatuated look on GY's face. Did they feel electrocuted when their lips touch?

2) I'm sure he must have wanted to kiss her inviting lips. 

3)  You gals noticed how her face is literally on his shoulder *cough neck cough* heheee...

4) Her hands right on his hips and almost on his butt...lol. 

My ship is sailing on smooth waters in Antarctica...

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does anyone have a video link that's in instagram @gongyooxgoeun....the one where GY and KGE kept playing with the mic....that was epic. LDW and YIN were talking and those 2 were freaking playing with the mic!!!!

did anyone notice that after their kiss scene, when KGE was preparing soup, GY looked glowing? 


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6 minutes ago, AQUARIANUNICORN said:

does anyone have a video link that's in instagram @gongyooxgoeun....the one where GY and KGE kept playing with the mic....that was epic.

LDW and YIN were talking and those 2 were freaking playing with the mic!!!!

I think you were talking about this one?


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5 minutes ago, lorac529 said:


Same here!  That LOL smile is so GY himself than KS LOL.  They must be having loads of fun with this scene!


I love that she keeps giving him kisses. SO ADORABLE.

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Hello! Newbie lurker here:D.  Can I just say it's been a long while since a pair sent me into this roller-coaster ride of emotions both on and off screen. And while I know that fervently investing your emotions into actors playing their parts may not be exactly  smart,  but I can't help it. These two got me, hook,  line, and sinker.

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