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  1. https://www.soompi.com/article/1386690wpp/yang-kyung-won-describes-acting-with-crash-landing-on-you-co-stars-hyun-bin-and-son-ye-jin This new article from Soompi almost had me chocking on my water while I was reading it. How can YKW have blurry vision when he sees SYJ but say that she’s beautiful and also say that he couldn’t look at HB straight in the eyes because he was too handsome?! WHAT?! I laughed so hard...”Handsomeness just exudes from his entire body” WHAT?! Both main leads probably glowed whenever they walked into a room *dying from laughter*
  2. @Ms. M Reshared by The Bride Story...ahem! Those wedding bells seem to be ringing so loud I wonder if BinJin hears em lol!
  3. Hi fellow shoppers! I have been MIA because life. A quick info to those who are wondering if they should purchase the CLOY DVD/Blu-Ray from Daum Cafe: You should. Just double check if they do have English Subs when the production starts. I purchased my Healer (2014-2015) DVD set from the same website. So, I’ve been a lurker here lately and watched the Swoon video yesterday. Sepanx for CLOY fans. I like how they are trying to squeeze out more click bait ratings. Lol! I love everyone’s analysis, especially the new shoppers. Thanks so much for the great entertainment. To the old timers, gosh, those videos/clips/articles - how much more evidence do we really need?! I’m for more LOL! Marriage is in the future, friends. Btw, regarding hugs - may it be side hugs, koala, full frontal - squeezing side hugs: close friends, koala hugs: intimately close, full frontal: too close - in which translation?! Could be more than friends?! HAHAHA! To the newbies, please don’t forget to delete the pics/videos when you are quoting someone. BUT! For a better idea just @ the person you wanted to respond to so we won’t have any issues with the Shipper thread mods. You guys wouldn’t want this thread to be locked down would you?! Anyways, make sure your shopping cart is filled with great BinJin bits! <3
  4. @AnnieCheesecake But YJ got the green light for their Switzerland pic on her IG. Was it because YJ was leaning so close to him in the deleted pic? (this was discussed why it was removed pages ago lol!)
  5. @charray Hyena just started this weekend. I don’t think it’ll catch up for the nominees panel. I don’t know when they cut off nomination times for drama entries. I’m guessing IC will be getting in there because it only has 4 more weeks until its done airing. Anyways, Dramabeans just posted their last review on CLOY. Finishing that up and off to bed because it’s 4am out here in California.
  6. @rookiehistorianAB Probably: . When The Camellia Blooms (KBS) . VIP (SBS) . Vagabond (tvN) . Dr. John (SBS) . Hotel del Luna (tvN) . Arthdal Chronicles (tvN) . Stove League (SBS) . Itaewon Class (JTBC) - this is a VERY stiff one. Latest ep (8) is at 12.6% Nationwide, 14.0% Seoul Metro Area per Nielsen Korea . Dr. Romantic 2 (SBS) But I’m betting that CLOY might be nominated for: . Best Script, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Grand Prize, Style Icon Award, Best OST, etc. Sky Castle was on the list from last years Baeksang. I’m guessing it might be the highly rated dramas (cable and public network) that will be on the awards this year Edit: I have a very biased opinion about Itaewon Class and it’s ratings. My dad loves CLOY for how fast pace it was.
  7. @rookiehistorianAB Baeksang Awards is the cream of the crop awards. I hope CLOY gets multiple nominations this year. But here’s an idea for you of who won last year in May 2019: https://www.soompi.com/article/1321446wpp/winners-of-the-55th-baeksang-arts-awards
  8. I was already starting to move on from our RiRi Couple. Then The Swoon posted the video. How do you move on, really?! I rewatched almost 2 episodes of CLOY today. The sepanx is real... I almost got my life back...
  9. So, I’ve been missing this drama couple and for the past days that I end up listening to Sigriswil from the CLOY OST. The CLOY drama production team/staff/cast flew from SK to this wonderful place. Check out the spoiler tag to travel to a place they went to to shoot the drama and be amazed with the out of this world beauty.
  10. I love how hauntingly beautiful the song Sigriswil is in the CLOY OST. So I looked for the actual place in Switzerland. I would love to visit the Suspension Bridge where they shot the drama and maybe stay at one of those chalets by the lake side. I doubt I’d ever go paragliding but would love to take the train in this beautiful scenic place.
  11. This article was posted in January 2019. I don’t know where your getting the idea that BinJin won’t be possible anymore, even in the future. So, hold fast your shippers heart. The ride is rough but it’ll be worthwhile. Every denial is for protection.
  12. This article was posted in the beginning of this BinJin thread. Dating scandals don’t really give good reps to both parties. But usually the female of the OTP gets more bad rep than her counterpart. Articles like this were written because of the undeniable chemistry of BinJin couple.
  13. @flailingfangirl They’ve already posted a link to the Korean website to sign up for the D-Cut DVD set. Here’s the link I’ve excavated for you from the drama thread: https://m.cafe.daum.net/crashlandingbd/rGmU?boardType=C You can sign up with your kakaotalk ID. Enjoy!
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