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  1. @Duc Dang I found the video below the rest has been removed, unless there's one on YT
  2. He said he'll meet her mother, but she wanted him to meet her the time she want, read the text messages in between them. Plus she always said she's a hard person to live with. I don't think she lost, after this divorce case has been forgotten within a couple of months, she'll get jobs for the 2021 season by winter or early spring time. anything good or bad is a positive thing for idols and influencers,. I used to support the female said, but I am no longer that naive woman who sides with the female. I am not on Ahn's side but I am not her side either. This was a speedy marriage and had a short life.
  3. She is the one who's talking negative about her husband, and if I am not wrong she was the one who kept saying Ahn is the best thing that ever happened to me and helped her to gain her confidence etc etc. I understand she doesn't want to get divorced maybe she still loves him. She keeps talking, posting stuff on social media, nobody is judging them because they are getting a divorce, it's normal to get a divorce, but it's not OK to tarnish your soon to be ex. It's valid for both parties. From their show newly wed's diary, Ahn looked like caring, loving & giving hubby, and she appeared to be the cold one.
  4. I found this Kang Ji Hwan‘s past interview about drinking alcohol and blacking out has been resurfacing in light of his arrest. In 2009, Kang Ji Hwan filmed the movie 7th Grade Civil Servant with Kim Ha Neul. During an interview for the movie, he revealed his “drinking style” and confessed that he drinks all night until he blacks out. & this but has no subs https://youtu.be/wCEs6xo9tKI
  5. I don't follow this couple closely but I do like Ahn Jae- Hyun as an actor (not a fan girl) I always found Ahn Goo a bit narcisist, I feel the same towards Song Hye Kyo, both women are cold, and I hate women who always plays the victim, if the marriage doesn't work, it's not only because of one person, it's because of both parties. If things aren't working, it's the fault of husband and wife, marriage needs sacrifice, and both parties needs to do this, marriage needs giving, caring. It's not like when dating I'll do what I want. They dated only a year and when the honeymoon period of marriage ends, they start to experience problems. When you get married you don't only marry to your bf/ gf, you also marry with the parents. Parents play an important factor. Speaking too much about soon to be ex spouse is no good either, it only makes people to question more.. why s/he speaks too much anti about the spouse, why one party is speaking anti and the other is remanning their silence. Silence is gold.
  6. So upset his entire career is gone.. Koreans will never forgive him. Men are men, whether Korean, whether Chinese, or English, they all think of with the thing in between their legs, not with their brain. And that's how they fail.. @gm4queen not sure if they'll replace him or just stop airing the drama for good..
  7. I'm open minded, he's my all time favourite but he had a couple of incidents before, one was that Filipino girl posted some photos on social media and there was another incident over seas, I'm not a fan girl, so not gonna be advocating him blindly.
  8. I wish they give us season 2, I trust on Thai maybe they'll do a remake lol. Nadech, Yaya, Kimberley, Mark, Pae Arak, all the top guys I'll keep on dreaming
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