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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to this thread. I have curiosity about princess Xiao Zhou. Does anyone know how her character in the novel? And how she is in the drama? I know the main couple for this drama is yuran and ji ye and couple of ppl who's already read the book said so, but i haven't read it so i don't really know. That's why i'm curious about asule and xiao zhou dynamic in the drama. I got this from weibo
  2. One of my fave hsds after 86'. My fave ZWJ, joseph did a wonderful job for portraying of ZWJ. I really like him as ZWJ more than tony leung and this coming from a huge fan of 86' version. So in love with yukee's ZM. Even though my No1 ZM still Ady An, but in this version, yukee gave us a various emotion of ZM and she's really nailed it. This version YX and ZD now became my fave of all and i'm really sad that there's not enough of them from last night episodes. My only forever disappointment was the yellow maiden scene with ZZR Thank god for the ending that there is no ZZR creepily shows up when ZWJ and ZM reunited. Always love reading all the posts here. I can't believe we are already at page 70+ consider this chinese drama, not Kdrama. See you all at the next hsds remake lol
  3. Congrats for 5 billion viewers Joseph weibo post couple days ago
  4. Yes, In 86' version it's also zzr who gave the book to zwj. The book belong to yue fei warrior, guo jing and huang rong passed it to their son but their son got killed at xiangyang and the book got lost.
  5. Omg, that version. I just can't. It's like the word "OVER" written in every scenes. Overacting, overcrying, overdrama over everything. That's why i was like worried this version have the same writer but so far, so good. There is some changes here and there specially last couple episodes, but they make ZM so great. My fave of course ep 42. I hope they can keep this kind of ZM until last episode.
  6. In the 86', zzr also gave the book to zwj. I forgot about other version tho for i only rewatch 86' version recently.
  7. It's very popular in china. It's over 4 billion views and counting. And note that this is online series not airing on tv. Huge achievement. But yeah i want to see all main cast together doing fanmeet or shows
  8. That's when they are in a village before going to shaolin so probably 43-44
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