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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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30 minutes ago, Killa92 said:

You are not alone... I also keep thinking about MLSHR even at my workplace, while riding my motorcycle, showering,eating and laying on my bed. Hee 

oh man, we are all doomed! SHR trash..while u are thinking when u riding ur motorcycle, I am thinking while I am taking MRT to work...

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Could someone start a pedition for a mental-rehabilitition-center on a nice warm island?

Not to to far or expensive, but maybe with good therapies?

- “touch your inner Wang**“

- “how to embrace the evil within“

- “throwing a used tissue for stress reduction“

- “how to cover your disappointment, when your hubby/bf is no WangSo“

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12 minutes ago, penelop3 said:

OMG... that is tooo cute! :blush:

If we need to do some dissecting, what about this image.

(sorry for lores image, anyone has a clearer image?)
Why do I have the feeling that this will not happen AT ALL
We have no clue but So and Soo's face and hair, and background, and filming time. Besides, Soo's hair as clue, the rest is pretty ambiguous.
In this case, Soo's hair especially is still in Sanggong style 1 (Moo's reign) and unless the writers purposely mislead us, I dont think this will happen during Yo's reign (when she changed hairstyle). 

So, IF and this is a huuuge IF, this happens at aall.. it should happen in next episode.
This could be the goodbye kiss, before So left to do Yo's bidding - that's why Soo asks him 'have you forgotten me?'. No reason for So to forget Soo if they keep seeing each other, that's just weird. So must have been gone for a long time, too long that makes Soo ask him that. 

It is my hope that this kiss - this passionate and full of longing kiss - happens in next ep as well.. ;) _/\_

Edit: Oh, and I just remembered. In history, Yo's main mission is to move the capital to Pyongyang. My guess is that is where So is being sent to, and when the construction (for new palace) is facing trouble, Yo is 'threatening' So by hurting Soo. 

@penelop3 I really hope that is So left palace, left Soo for a long time to move the damn capital, that totally make sense of the first voice over of the preview, of Yo saying, why would you stop construction just because a few slaves died..and adding on the effect, by crushing Soo hand(damn that Yo).

But not ignoring Soo for the long long time, giving Soo cold treatment just to protect her...please don't give me this crap...

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5 minutes ago, riuenu said:

@penelop3 I really hope that is So left palace, left Soo for a long time to move the damn capital, that totally make sense of the first voice over of the preview, of Yo saying, why would you stop construction just because a few slaves died..and adding on the effect, by crushing Soo hand(damn that Yo).

But not ignoring Soo for the long long time, giving Soo cold treatment just to protect her...please don't give me this crap...


Oooh, I certainly hope not and hopefully that doesnt happen. I think he'll be away for just tooo long that prompts Soo to say that. But the love is still there.. :wub:

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19 hours ago, edensor said:

Yes, IU is a shy type. She is introvert to people she don't know yet, but when she get closer to them, she is a very loyal and kind friends. You can tell by what people around her said about her. You can also tell with her song collaboration. She helped her hoobae to debut, keeping promises to duet and make song together etc. Friends of her called her a 500 years old mountain (or something like that) lol It's bc she is so mature and have a deep thoughts. She is good analyzing things, which I think is what make her good in a serious and crying scenes. I really think melodrama suit her best. Since YTBLSS, her crying scenes is always heartbreaking.

From all her co star so far, I really adored chemistry she had for JJS and LJG. Both of them is really match her best. What more weird is, they had big age gap with her. I think she really blend well with guy older than her. Maybe bc they can understand and handle her old ahjumma inside lol

But really... I feel like I'm going crazy with her chemistry with Joon Gi. GOSH! They are TOO GOOD! I can't hold my self and let my self loose in shipping themXDD

These days... I'm such a SoSoo JoonU trash! XDDDDD 

Ehem! I'm done with my confession ^^;;;

I think after this drama end, LJG cant never ever shed his Wang So image for a long long time. He will always be remember as the 4th Prince Wang So. Even if he act in another drama or movie, fans or should I sayfanatic fans will always remember his as Wang So. I got the weird feeling watching him in another drama. 

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Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 & 15 Recap – Honest Love

4th-prince-stroking-hae-soo Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 & 15 Recap

Yes!! Hae-Soo finally opens up her heart to 4th Prince – just as their fight for survival in the palace becomes even more deadly and twisted.


Two years later, Hae-Soo is now the head Court Lady at the Damiwon. Her former maidservant Chae-Ryung works with her. Unbeknownst to Hae-Soo, Chae-Ryung has been manipulated by 8th and 9th Prince to slowly poison the king (formerly Crown Prince Wang Moo) over time.

stargazing-hae-soo-4th-prince Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 & 15 Recap

In an adorable scene, 4th Prince and Hae-Soo watch the stars for her birthday. He tries to sneak a little kiss but she avoids him. Meanwhile, 8th Prince advises the very ill king to abdicate to him. The king, who is bordering on insanity, orders his young daughter to marry the Khitan, a foreign lord and ignores her distressed cries at being sent away. Horrified, 4th Prince asks the king to not send her away to be a hostage. The king asks if 4th Prince will marry his daughter instead and protect the royal family.

Hae-Soo learns about the marriage and is upset. 4th Prince apologizes to her for failing to carry out his promise to get her out of the palace. They walk away in silence.



Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 & 15 Recap

Nobody gets past a determined court lady

The king reveals his plan to abdicate as soon as he makes 4th Prince his son-in-law. Meanwhile, 14th Prince is shocked to find that 3rd Prince survived falling off the cliff! 14thPrince returns to the palace but has to sneak in because he’s past curfew. 4th Prince is on guard duty and spies him sneaking in. Hae-Soo hides him in her room and refuses anyone entrance. She uses her position to keep the guards and 4th Prince out of her room – if they enter, she swears to kill herself over the shame of a man (aside from the king) entering a court lady’s room.

hae-soo-kisses-4th-prince- Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 & 15 Recap

Hae Soo and 4th Prince share a kiss in Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14!!

The next day, 4th Prince angrily demands to know if it was 14th Prince in Hae-Soo’s room. She instead asks him to be honest with her – why did he marry the young princess? Does he want the throne? He reveals that he did it to save his niece from a horrible childhood like his own. The marriage is merely political and he sent the princess to a safe temple to live. But he knows that Hae-Soo hates polygamy so he felt like he failed her. Moved by his honesty, she admits that she hid 14th Prince. When he confesses that he loves her, Hae-Soo replies with a kiss.

Soon, 3rd Prince finally attacks the palace and kills the sickly king. He threatens 4th Prince – either he serves him or Hae-Soo dies as a traitor who poisoned the king. 4th Prince grits his teeth and bows to 3rd Prince, the new king.

No Escape

3rd Prince, now king, immediately gets to work eliminating his brothers who might potentially come after his throne. He accuses the 10th Prince’s family of treason and executes his relatives while 10th Prince and his wife, Soon-Duk, barely escape. The evil king orders 4th Prince to hunt and kill 10th Prince – or everyone he cares about will die. 10th Prince and Soon-Duk find Hae-Soo, who hides them in the Damiwon while they wait for a boat to arrive so they can escape.

hae-soo-tea-3rd-prince-Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 & 15 Recap

That night, Hae-Soo brings the evil king his tea. He taunts her with the truth that 8thPrince killed the Crown Prince. Hae-Soo asks 8th Prince if he did, but he denies it. He’s convinced himself that all his evil plans are the only way to have power and Hae-Soo.

Hae-Soo hasn’t told 4th Prince that she’s hiding 10th Prince, fearing the visions she’s had. But Soon-Duk challenges Hae-Soo about not trusting him – after all, she loves him, doesn’t she? Hae-Soo realizes that Soon-Duk is right; 4th Prince has never betrayed her trust. 14th Prince helps 10th Prince and Soon-Duk in their attempt to escape and secretly admits that he likes Hae-Soo.

10th-prince-soon-duk-kiss-Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 & 15 Recap

Soon-Duk kisses 10th Prince

Princess Yeon-Hwa is upset when the evil king tells her to marry the Khitan. The night before their escape, 10th Prince and his wife finally kiss. To save herself from marrying the Khitan, Yeon-Hwa blabs about 10th Prince’s whereabouts after having deduced that he’s hiding in the Damiwon. The guards surround the court maids’ residence. Sook-Duk tells her husband to escape while she holds the guards back. Hae-Soo begs him to run away but he refuses to leave Soon-Duk to die alone.

Thoughts and Feels – Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 & 15

smiling-hae-soo-moon-lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 & 15 Recap

Yes!! Hae-Soo’s back! After all the angst, how wonderful is it to see her really open up her heart to 4th Prince like this? I definitely understood where we were taking Hae-Soo’s character for a while, what with her frightening visions, losing her friend and mother-figure Court Lady Oh, and then 8th Prince’s betrayal. She was burdened and wearied from all the chaos around her.

Though she’s not as wide-eyed innocent or carefree as she was in the past, her smile is back along with a new backbone forged through the fire she’s been through. I loved how she protected 14th Prince, not giving the guards or 4th Prince an inch. Or when she served the evil king tea and told him if he tried to threaten her with possible torture/death with the lie that she poisoned the king, she would confess that he was the one who made her poison the king.

Oh my word, the romance! We’ve only been waiting 15 episodes for this! It’s amazing what a healthy dose of openness and trust will do for a relationship. My favorite scene totally went to Hae-Soo and 4th Prince finally hashing it out and being completely honest with each other. It was cute to see 4th Prince thinking that 14th Prince was the guy she mentioned loving before (also funny that he hasn’t figured out that it was 8th Prince yet) and how she quickly told him she didn’t like 14th Prince that way. He also got points for deeply respecting Hae-Soo’s revulsion to polygamy. He was clearly upset that he couldn’t find a way to save the princess and the king without getting in a marriage. Finally, his confession to loving her – and her kiss – so perfect!

8th Prince working the guyliner Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 & 15 Recap

8th Prince working that guyliner

Intriguingly, 8th Prince has descended fully and quite comfortably into the role of a villain. I wasn’t expecting him to go full force baddie, though I’m not shocked either. It’s still hard to dislike his character just because he’s so fascinating onscreen. His obsession with seeming righteous on the outside makes him different than his brother 3rd Prince (now the evil king), who has no issue with being seen as the evil usurper.

I’ve really enjoyed the subplots of late especially the insane king. It was chilling to watchhim scream at his daughter to protect the royal family by marrying the Khitan. Thankfully, his advisors and 4th Prince intervened, chiding the king for doing this to his daughter when she’s just a child. Despite his insane behavior, the king’s death was surprisingly heartbreaking. And then watching the evil king (3rd Prince) force 4th Prince into becoming his dog, or animal to do his bidding, was just nerve-racking. We’ve yet to see how far 4thPrince will be forced to serve him but it’s not looking good since Hae-Soo and 13thPrince’s lives are on the line.

With only 5 episodes left, we’ve finally reached homestretch. The story is falling into place and I’m both intrigued and saddened to know the end of several characters is quickly approaching. 10th Prince and his wife’s final moments together were sweet and precious, making it only more tragic knowing that they’re probably not going to make it in the next episode. I only hope Hae-Soo can handle this tragic blow because she still believes that somehow she can change the future and save them from their heart-rending deaths. I don’t want her to carry the burden of failing them when she’s done everything she can to protect them. Be strong, Hae-Soo!


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1 minute ago, junejungki said:

I think after this drama end, LJG cant never ever shed his Wang So image for a long long time. He will always be remember as the 4th Prince Wang So. Even if he act in another drama or movie, fans or should I say a fanatic fans will always remember his as Wang So. I got the weird feeling watching him in another drama. 


@junejungki like people still call Nicky Wu "四爷" which mean the 4th prince till now..


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7 minutes ago, riuenu said:

@soorani I love that sentence, Soo is the one who given his life meaning, the one who covered his scar, not only on his face, and his heart as well. Like what So say, she is the one that can see him beyond the surface, see who he actually is.

But the writer also start pulling out the jealousy card already, and I believe, those jealousy we saw on episode 14 is just the beginning. The more devoted So is, the more possessive he will be as well. Jealousy will change people much as well.

When he already tied his life or should I say his soul to hers, also mean that, taking Soo always equal to taking his soul away. So that is without his soul, love and humanity will be gone as well, I cant imagine that to be frank. How ruthless, how merciless he will be....

He will not be back to the person before he met her, he will be worst then the So we saw in episode 1. A person without love and soul is equal to a person without hope and faith. The empty shelf left before will be just living day by day, till death finally claim him. I cant believe I am tearing while typing this...


i just want to give my two cent about this...

remember LJG keep saying how obsessive and possessive WS will be when he loved HS.. at first i kinda think maybe because So never give up on HS heart but now that i think it only started to show in eps 14... when he knew WJ is in Soo room his face and anger really showing.. WS supposed to calm down when he knew its WJ then its mean HS is safe but he still boiling just because WJ in her room together with her...

So always devoted himself to HS but the difference now is Soo accepting his feeling.. that's mean he will be more possessive of her and also he will slowly scared to loss her that will make him loss his balance...

and i agree that losing Soo will make So much worse than he at first arrive in Songak.. at least he never taste the love before and he did't know anything about it but now Soo make him taste that and someone in this thread said Soo love is like a drug for So... in fact i think its much worse than a drug the only thing that keep So alive is Soo... the line when So said 'how will i live without you' really break my heart... 

you know what really sad for me is everytime So have a problem he will look for Soo... only her can make him calm down and with her So don't have to pretend because she understand him the most... Soo is his soulmate along with his greatest love and to loss that is just heart wrenching for So..

i already said this but So will never be the same when Soo is gone.. Soo will pass away and with her she also bring So soul along.. and all that left in So life is his memory with Soo and their love that keeping him alive each day until he dies... 

their love maybe fiction but i really think its one of a kind love story... the love that transcend time between two soul that fated to love each other....


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32 minutes ago, penelop3 said:

sorry for lores image, anyone has a clearer image?


This can't be deleted. :anguished: It has to happen soon.

Some people say is another angle of the forced kiss scene, but I don't think so...there is a hand and looks like mutual kiss. 

3 hours ago, LyraYoo said:

Translated version of KHN and LJE. Adorable :D

I love it!!! :lol: So cute!!! 

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20 minutes ago, junejungki said:

I think after this drama end, LJG cant never ever shed his Wang So image for a long long time. He will always be remember as the 4th Prince Wang So. Even if he act in another drama or movie, fans or should I say a fanatic fans will always remember his as Wang So. I got the weird feeling watching him in another drama. 


Wang So is a masterpiece :heart:

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4 hours ago, kyar7jizhenll said:

Just to let you about possibility of using 9th older brother as one of the princes for this drama is very slim as he seemed to die young though history can't give exact DOB or DOD for most of these princes. That prince might not have reached to his teenage years or marriageable age as well as the grandson of General Hong, one of the 4 generals who put Taejo on the throne since this family was also powerful one and he was given crown prince rank plus his sister was married to Crown Prince Wang Tae, eldest brother of WY, WS, WJ and eldest son of Queen Yoo who was shown just died in this drama when WS face was ruined by that crazy QY.


Actually, according to Goryeosa, Wang Won's older brother (Wang Eui) lived long enough to get married and have a son who later became a Buddhist monk. Besides, this is something where you can be more creative with history. For example, Wang Jik, the prince from the Hong clan you mentioned, was apparently featured in Shine or Go Crazy although I don't remember.

4 hours ago, kyar7jizhenll said:

Actually, in both history and this drama Muu's issue with getting accused of not deserving as CP is not only due to his in-laws but mainly because of his maternal family though drama seems to stress a little more on his in-laws.  However, it was actually mentioned about his maternal uncle owing money and overcharging taxes while WY's supporters were trying to cause rift between CP and WS.


Another issue I have with DramaFever's subtitles was that they often translated maternal clan as in-laws. The Korean dialogue clearly said 외가 (mother's family), not 처가 (wife's family). The Crown Prince was married to daughters of two prominent families (one of which includes Wang Gyu/Kyu, Eun's grandfather who just got killed in episode 15, another hint that he wouldn't have revolted to put Eun on the throne), but they didn't have much military power. 


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56 minutes ago, maria_m2me said:


Same with me here when I first know the meaning of this OST. Suddenly I remember Wang So and Hae Soo talking about at boat,WS said he intentionaly not use the boat because he really likes that boat, and then HS said she can not imagine how to hold himself from something he likes... Is that also a clue??? 


Omona... I am so stress to think this drama day by day near to the original history of Goryeo and the original BBJX. That really torture me indeed...


Right now, I'm listening to the OST and YES, I AM CRYING :bawling:

God, how am I suppose to watch the ending ? Just listening to this song while reading the lyrics already make me cry like crazy.


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20 minutes ago, MoOnLoVeRz said:
  Reveal hidden contents

On the day we went on the boat, you had something important to tell me. You never did forget, did you? What was it?

I squealed soooo much during this scene (and pretty much every time a guy confesses) and my poor 4 year old was next to me and I grabbed him for a big smooch and told him I loved him.  He was like "Eomma HAJIMA!  NO!  Ugh so gross!" :sweatingbullets: :lol: Hope we get a few more sweet moments before the heartbreak!  

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Out of curiosity ...and since it is a reference to Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo.... I was curious enough to watch the ending of  Bu Bu Jing Xin...and oh wow..why did i do that..  :bawling:

Although I learned some interesting aspects of their storyline version...


• Ruoxi was able, at one point, inform the 4th Prince somehow of her real identity, and the true circumstance of her being there, referring to the fact that she is from the future.  And the eventuality of her returning to the present time. (for me that's something important to point out, because since it is the premise of the story, the 4th prince should atleast be informed of something that important - whether he can be able to comprehend it or not.  

• That regret is always at the end...and pride and anger sucks.  As sad as it was, still what's the use of his tears, and regret when the woman he loves is already  gone, no amount of tears, and lamentations can ever bring her back..too late ..so very too late.

• The 13th prince portrayed a very "prominent" role in the C-version.

• And the 14th prince even took the spotlight from the 8th prince as a rival?  Gosh...will Wang Jung be like that later on...oh no...no ...please

• Ruoxi seeing those artifacts, the painting in the museum, got me goosebumps all over !

• So Ruoxi and the 4th Prince met in the future...but he doesn't recognize her.
If the news is true, that they will be having a sequel of Bu Bu Jing Xin (set at the present time) - then wow...good for them..that would be interesting.

But i thought I saw that part before...some time ago...that the man that actually run over Ruoxi with his car is the 4th Prince (of the present time?) that got me confused so much ...but is that accurate?..or am I mistaken?


Having to watch that .....was really an ordeal..:crazy:
I pray to all dramagods...that SHR would be more compassionate to the emotional state of the viewers.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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