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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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11 minutes ago, Ainee Etp said:


@riuenu I love the jealous part too. I keep repeating the scene where WS said "Do you know how hard I stop myself from breaking your door last night?!" The BA gift scene, I was suspecting there are more to it when WS said "A court lady should be thankful that the princes celebrated her birthday". I think HS had rejected his proposal again some time back, citing that she is 'just a court lady'.

Sorry to cut your post @Ainee Etp, I have a thing for male lead been jealous LOL...but I dunno I am so hardcore sadist...other male lead jealousy is cute...but So jealousy is murderous and me, still liking it, maybe I really like WangSo too much already

Ya, So, we saw that how hard you are stopping yourself from breaking in Soo door, with that murderous look on your face

And I like your point..if what you suspect is correct,this guy here is not only a big vinegar jar, he is a revengeful big vinegar jar, and I believe, wook will suffer badly for that.

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52 minutes ago, millie10468 said:


  • Favorite WS/HS scene: before mutual kiss when they talk out the stuffs and resolve misunderstanding
  • Favorite WW/ HS scene: snow walk
  • Favorite Scene involving a female character :queen yoo and so confrontation after monk killing.
  • Favorite Scene involving a male character (that is not WS :sweatingbullets:):I liked the the fight scene between hs and eun
  • The scene that made you fall/start rooting for WS:honestly I liked when he threw hs off horse.I don't know why I enjoyed that a lot.:-p
  • Scene that made you question your love for WS.: him killing monks for hours mother, except for that never (a little bit in forced kiss scene,but I understood it so it was quite mitigated)
  • Scene that made you fall for WW.: I never fell for him. I understand him but..... Still one is my fav when he goes to jungle and struggles against his feelings for hs.
  • Scene that made you question your love for WW:quite often. From yh beating to hs ordeal, his passiveness frustrated me.
  • Favorite scene with the other Princes (Mu, Yo, Eun, Jung):I liked mu scenes most.he had big heart.when he regrets letting so stand in his place at ceremony.
  • Scene you can point at as the one that irrevocably made you obsessed with the drama.:second episode start.hs scolding WS and WS scaring her with horsey.
  • Your least liked scene.:
  • Scene that made you saddest.:ws drinking poison.
  • Moist poignant scene.:WS and hs talking through bars and lady oh last scene with hs.
  • Scene that made you think/analyze the most.:queen yoo obvious show of hatred towards so.
  • Scene that made you anxious the most. All previews. The recent one is having me on edge.



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the sad thing about the scene where KG look back is because So that we knew now is totally opposite KG.. KG eyes is full of emptiness and loneliness and its opposite So that always have light in his eyes because of Soo...

you ask whether he will able to protect the one he love up until the end?? for me its yes and no.. he will able to protect all people and the country from Yo reign but he will unable to protect the one person who matter the most for him... in the process of protecting HS he will sacrifice himself by marrying YH and indirectly hurting HS with the fact she have to stay in palace without any titles... 

so for me WS and HS sacrifice their love for the history to unfold and for So to fulfill his fate as KG....


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38 minutes ago, itzibitzispider said:


But the last is not the perfect moment

that would be


Slowly his Arms trailed along her body. His fingertips memoriese each curve, thru the delicate fabric of her dress
Her hands crawl up and her fingers dig into his hair while he slowly loses the ties on her top, his hands free her shoulders so careful from the fabric that a small shudder runs thru HS. His lips leave hers just mere inches "Are you cold?" her head gives a small shake, while a small shy smile forms on her lips. As he leans back into her, his mouth start to trail to her earloop and from there down her neck 


... do I need to go further? ;)

Please continue!!!!!

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50 minutes ago, notintoyou said:

Our Hae Soo is #2 in ideal type World Cup among 10,000 people. (I don't think wiki tree held the survey, they just published the report.)

World Cup among 10.000 people? How do they do this survey? Park Bo Young is my favee! IU is my new favee! Yaaay!! So happy for both of them!! :blush:

42 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:


Posting my answers. I have a paper due tomorrow but I can't think of any , so these serve an exercise perhaps ? I hope. Awesome questions btw !

Scene that made you think/analyze the most. THE GWANJONG ? after the rain ritual scene. I have thoughts about it lately.

Is it only  me who thinks this scene is not actually horrifying as Hae Soo interprets it but actually a very sad interpretation of Gwanjong? I was thinking this is the writer's attempt to make us think, but maybe because I am aware of 4th Prince's ending in BBJX, I am quite more of feeling sad by looking at it. Gwangjong here is the lonely king. Will he able to protect those he love until the end? 


@LyraYoo I kinda agree with you. We follow Soo's way of thinking and because she knew Gwanjong's history, she jumped into that conclusion. How ruthless he seems. Now that we know her vision may not aaall true, what's with Eun and SD's death (cross fingers), her vision of Gwanjong may also be misinterpreted. I think this is how Soo will look at him for the last time. Perhaps when she finally left the palace. 
Sigh.. this is going to be heartbreaking. :tears:

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On 10/12/2016 at 3:03 AM, Rose34 said:


Welcome to the thread! Feel free to share your thoughts. You may be right, maybe Lee Joon Gi showing the preview to promote the drama and for fan-service lol. Ikr, what this drama does to us? 

I just love this drama, all the emotions that riled up against this drama is interesting. Lol, you don't know what to expect. And we only have 5 episodes left. Just 5 episodes. Let's enjoy this drama while we have it. How I wish we have longer episodes. 

P.S I am wondering how they are going to squeeze 5 episodes with many things to happen. 


The speed of this thread is amazing... I didn't log in for 2 days and now I'm almost 100 pages behind :sweatingbullets:

Thank you for the warm welcome dear eclipses :)

@Rose34 I'm also wondering how the story will be told in the remaining 5 episodes... let's all hope that it will be ended in a nice way, whether it is a sad or happy ending (as long as it is not a crappy ending that will make the viewers feel very disappointed)

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1 hour ago, Gabi Bros said:

This can't be deleted. :anguished: It has to happen soon.

Some people say is another angle of the forced kiss scene, but I don't think so...there is a hand and looks like mutual kiss. 

I love it!!! :lol: So cute!!! 

@Gabi Bros I dont think so too. I've checked BTS forced kiss and I didnt see IU's hand going up to LJK's shoulder. Hopefully I'm not wrong.

Can we still hope for this kiss scene to show up soon? :( 

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36 minutes ago, shiraru said:

@yongwonhi4jfc @taehumama Thank you for your comments, I'm glad you guys like it! I also hope I can write more, it would be a good opportunity to brush up my written English, hehehee...:D

Also, I found this on twitter, it seems to be related to Hae Soo and Lady Oh? Would someone please translate this, pretty pleaaaaase? :lol:


It's just going over the scene between her and Lady Oh.  Ji Eun (Hae Soo) is actually very delicate, fragile, and pretty but she had to hold such heavy books as punishment.  But it was actually because Lady Oh was worried about her but after Lady Oh became sick, Hae Soo made her porridge to eat and put on a smile and Lady Oh's true feelings behind her actions were revealed.  Very rough translation based on what I could understand.

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On 10/12/2016 at 3:39 AM, itzibitzispider said:


Another victim ....

... welcome welcome *dragging cancergirl87 along*

Take a cookie .... oh wait, no ... I ate them all ... hahahaha


@itzibitzispider Ah... yes... I have officially became a victim of the MLSHR's curse since ep 4 (no reason regarding the episode though, it was just after that, I invested a lot of my time to MLSHR until I didn't have enough time to follow other dramas :sweatingbullets: )

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11 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

The colour of Wang Wook's hanbok has changed: it is grey/brown or even black so that the colour is reflecting his darkness. @solelylurkingused to describe Wang Wook as a wolf disguised as a sheep and now, I've come to think that Wang Wook should be more considered as a wolf disguised as a dog, while Wang So's nickname was the dog wolf. Wang Wook seemed to be loyal and nice, just like a dog in the earlier episodes. Here, Wang Wook is connected to the positive qualities of a dog, whereas Wang So was considered as a wolf with the bad qualities of a dog (his social low status). Now, the colour of their handbok is the same: black or dark colours (brown). But they have something more in common: Wang Wook and Wang So were born in the same year so that their astrological sign is the same. And now back to your connection: yes, the title would fit in here too because as time passes on, Wang Wook turns into a wolf, whereas Wang So has become the dog (in a positive way). It is difficult to distinguish them as friend or foe. Since the dog comes from the wolf, they still have some wildness in them so that a dog can become dangerous as well. Notice that Wang So will call himself a dog who will kill people in order to become free again. 

Striking is that Wang Wook and Wang So have a similar view about love and polygamy. Wang Wook has never had more than one wife, unlike his brothers Yo and Won. And it was unusual. Sure, it was an arranged marriage which unlines the difference between So and Wook. Then Wook might have flirted with Hae Soo, but he didn't want to marry her, while lady Hae was still living. If you think about it, Wang Wook has a similar point of view about monogamy, but he was just not firm enough to act on it. When he fell in love with Hae Soo, he realised that he couldn't marry anyone else... if he had to marry, then it would be only Hae Soo. But his ambition and greed were the brakes that stopped him from doing so. 

On the other hand, Wang So has and had the determination and the courage to show how much Hae Soo means to him, despise what the social norms were back then. No wonder that Yo makes fun of Wang So because of that: he insults Wang So and he compares him to an animal, just like @40somethingahjumma pointed it out correctly. Wang Wook has never showed this side of him to Yo and Won. They might know that there is something between Wook and Hae Soo, but not get aware of the deepness of his love for her.  

In my opinion, Hae Soo had an impact on both of them: Hae Soo could see the good qualities of Wang So (dog) and she could tame him, while the opposite happened with Wang Wook. She turned him into a wolf and like it is said, a wolf has only one mate. Everything evolves around Hae Soo.

As conclusion, Wang Wook and Wang So can be associated to the wolf and dog, both animals have positive and negatives sides:

- dangerosity

- freedom

- wildness: a dog can become wild and difficult to control too

- loyalty

- one love

- sense of family and honour: defend his people

- wolf is less bloodthirsty than it was described in the past

- Hierarchy system: alpha-beta / master - dog

Did this answer your question?


Then I would like to add something else: Actually the situation that is about to happen is really similar to this situation from the episode 7:   Yes, the birthday party! Yo used Eun and Hae Soo to hurt Wang So and it happened in front of everyone. This is exactly the same trap!!

The similarity is that Yo uses Hae Soo again, but this time the roles are reversed: Eun is the victim and Wang So the so called executor, while in the episode 7, Eun was the executor and So the victim. In the episode 7, Yo had set the trap and in the episode 16, Yo has again set the same trap. And Jung will be a witness too, just like the other brothers I guess. Hae Soo is again the leverage, however there is a small change: Hae Soo is well aware that she is Yo's tool to force Wang So to kill Eun, while she had no idea in the episode 7. What looked like a bad joke in the episode 7 was an announcement for the future incident which ends deadly. Back then, it ended with an apology from Eun, but this time Eun dies. 

 scroll l pink mouse

@chi13lou @Claudia Koh @meahri_1@nonski

 @UnniSarah@adijnpu @solelylurking

@fathiayunia @dramu51ch0c10ve @ktcjdrama

@syeramy @littleloony @Yongzura @valsava  @junee22 @evie7


Chingu @bebebisous33 The contrast between Wook and So are on point.  I noticed Wooks handbook we're getting darker as times go on but it also creeps me out that Wook seems to still be close to WY but not trusting him completely. I think Yo has become quite the fool because he is also being poisoned by Wook. I think Wook is poisoning him so he would abdicate to him. Yo is slowly going insane. I think Yo might still be jealous of So, because he still enjoys taunting him with Hae Soo. Wang Won is sure very loyal to Yo and I wished they would explain why he is so loyal to him. I can't quite get it because I don't think Won wants to be King. There is one thing I find very annoying is Won's reaction to when someone he knows dies and  being part of the cause of that particular death. Like when his father died he had that same reaction and I can't quite describe it.  I never once thought Yo had used HS when Yo used EUN's innocence to request his brother to remove his mask here comes the irony , He forces WS to kill his brother the same brother Eun humiliated.  After seeing the preview of next weeks episode, I am starting really pity Yo because in the preview his mom starts to fear him and that makes me wonder what she will do to protect Jung. Her baby and her favorite, who will she turn too and what will she do?? I fear , that richard simmons will go to HS and force WS to save his brother ( the one who who is still loyal to WW and who will never love him). This world is just to cruel to WS. I am soooo mad that he was dated to be lonely just like his father to protect the people who will never love him but will think very ill of him. Smh smh 

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1 hour ago, millie10468 said:

Does anyone have a favorite scene that is NOT the fight-makeup/confession scene of Episode 14?


I really liked the scene where WS kept trying to kiss HS hahahaha.  But my favorite scene wasn't the confession/kiss, it was actually the boat ride.  It was just so beautiful with the way the light was bouncing off both of them.  They really, truly looked gorgeous.  It was a few minutes of eye candy for me :)

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2 hours ago, qwenli said:

Yes, I think this chemistry between LJG and IU was an unexpected "variable". I think the marketing people was banking on the ensemble cast, the director who had previously worked with KHN was quite partial to Wook and this is still evident in the international version. 

And nobody, just nobody forsee the feels that LJG and IU would create.

Yes we have to credits to their individual acting, but acting skills can only get so far, if you really like your partner then its extra icing on the cake. I think most folks will think hmmm, a veteran historical older actor and a young idol singer, ok we just hope they act out their roles well, not expecting much from here. But turned out that LJG is a big boy at heart and IU is an old soul :D so no age gap feels here.

Perhaps also the pre-production of long months increase the interaction but its just a really nice bonus that there is chemistry. SBS knows what the audience wants, so the bts these days are all about Sohae.:)

I am with you 1000% on bold lines... while watching international ver i can clearly see WS has much lesser presence and attention than WW. And after getting all backlash and scolding after first three epi they got to know where lies their USP (LJK + WS-HS story ) and then the mastermove of re-editing. And i am glad finally they realized and made efforts to please audience by showing more of WS on screen.

LJK.. never acts of his Age ever in any of the BTS. I can say as his skin cant tell his age his heart is same...he looks young by face and is young by heart too... and hope he remains such happy go lucky guy forever and God blesses him with all good and best things in life to keep his happiness intact for a very very long time (Forever in other words...)


3 hours ago, riuenu said:
3 hours ago, Killa92 said:

You are not alone... I also keep thinking about MLSHR even at my workplace, while riding my motorcycle, showering,eating and laying on my bed. Hee 

oh man, we are all doomed! SHR trash..while u are thinking when u riding ur motorcycle, I am thinking while I am taking MRT to work...

same here... my life (days and nights...mornings and evenings) is all about SHR + LJK these days.... there is rarely a second of a day that I think anything else (wilingly..) but yes there is  a catch when its meeting or anything related to work I had to keep my SHR mode off for some time and as soon as its finished m back to SHR Zombie....i am not at sleeping for full hours from the day i hav started watchin SHR.

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4 minutes ago, KdramaSwimmer said:

same here... my life (days and nights...mornings and evenings) is all about SHR + LJK these days.... there is rarely a second of a day that I think anything else (wilingly..) but yes there is  a catch when its meeting or anything related to work I had to keep my SHR mode off for some time and as soon as its finished m back to SHR Zombie....i am not at sleeping for full hours from the day i hav started watchin SHR.

sorry to cut your post @KdramaSwimmer,here....another SHR zombie here and still refuse to sleep, last night I can spam freely before I flying..suddenly, I not really excited over my Korea trip anymore, life of a SHR trash...luggage not pack, itinerary not planned, not going sleep, still hanging here...and working tomorrow ....plus flying off tomorrow as well...

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On 10/12/2016 at 10:11 AM, kdramawriter said:


I also find it unfair that people are blaming Hae Su for not spotting the mercury poisoning earlier. King Mu wasn’t just a dude, hanging out in the bathtub all day by himself and Hae Su. She wasn’t the only one to see him. He had a trusted circle of advisors who would HAVE to notice and yet none of those people spoke up (that goes for you too Jimong, Baek-Ah, Ji Soo). If she HAD questioned the king’s sanity, she also would have been shut-down REAL quick. This gives creedance to my theory that Wang So was not in the palace for the last two years, or away for travel significantly so that Hae Su could not tell him her suspicions.




I noticed that she puts her hand in the bath to test the water temperature so wouldn't she get mercury poisoning also, and who else comes in touch with the bath water to clean it out? It doesn't seem like an easy way to poison him. I would think that after the tea poisoning incident she would be more wary and notice that the CP is suspiciously ill (he even mentions that it is after his bath) and not just lack of sleep. The palace doctors must be incompetent not to detect or notice the symptoms earlier.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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