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  1. Well, I never know that I'll read a short research journal about type of kisses here— which is my favorite subject. If only I can give you 2 reactions ; LOL and Insightful. I wonder if I should spread this knowledge on my IG post or not? *Deep_thinking
  2. Can I repost your drawing on my IG? Please tell me your IG account, so I can tagged you. And I'll put the link to this post also. If you allow me, I'll repost it.
  3. My favorite quote from ep 8. Taken from.the opening title . And it fits DeokMi imagination — on being super delusional. You're legally a hard core fangirl when you're able to write your own fanfiction at least for a short scene or two .
  4. Somehow I feel the same after I noticed RG eyes in tears while staring at LeeSol's painting in the end of ep 2. Also recalled when his psychiatrist friend asked if he found who's LeeSol true identity. Why he's been searching for her? If she's not someone who's important for him. Also I assumed he's stop painting after he saw LeeSol painting and noticed that's his mom's work. He's in tremendous amount of longing to see her. He's overwhelmed after he knew she's alive that he lost his ability to paint. Well, that's my assumption (^^)
  5. Annyeong @katakwasabi, me neither. Can't recall in which drama we've been meeting each other. But I guess, it might some discussion about kisses one of my favorite subject. Lol
  6. So, I'm your pervy chingu ? mianhe for dragging you down the road of byeontae-ness.
  7. Thank you @stroppyse for the translation, also for @alleram95. So happy to see both of you. Been waiting for this couple to reunite. Just watched ep 1 with sub on tvN Asia and watched ep 2 clips on naver site. *Waving hand to @triplem.
  8. As I can see just now, the kiss clips still on top3 most watched video on naver. And the top comments mostly positive. Even one of the comment said, it's the most beautiful kiss on a drama.
  9. Gotta rush into YouTube after I post this comment. But, that Kiss BTS so RAW. Then I saw YouJoong post this, my mind goes to KyunSang (note: "Teddy Bear Rises" For me Teddy Bear is KyunSang's codename (^^)).
  10. I have to quote @bebebisous33 post when she answered my question about when will SG and OS kiss for real. Dear, your prediction was right! It's happened on ep 12. Watching kdrama for years just made us able to read the plot. (^^)
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