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I realised what it is that makes the Yoo Si Jin-Kang Mo Yeon relationship so comfortable to watch and why I just love it so much. It boils down to one thing:   Even though he is soooooo slic

True story: Me, after watching Episode 01: BEST EPISODE EVER!  After Episode 02: NO, THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE EVER!  After Episode 03: NO, THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE EVER!  After Episod

Hello,i will try my best to translate some   How similar is Yoo Shi Jin to Song Joong Ki? SHK: i think they have 80% similarity.However Song Joong Ki is more focus t

First Six OST Tracks From Descendants of the Sun Take Top Six Melon Download Ranks

Posted on March 18, 2016 by ockoala


Song Joong Ki is grinning like a cat got cream in the cover for the latest OST release from Descendants of the Sun and I can’t say I blame him. In addition to the phenomenal domestic ratings and record breaking Chinese viewership for the KBSdrama, the songs from the official soundtrack have been released one after another as major hits. With K.Will‘s single “Talk Love” (Say It! What Are You Doing) dropping today as the 6th track from the OST (and my personal favorite), the top six digital downloads on Melon promptly were taken all by DotS soundtrack songs. Six for six all kill.

There are reportedly ten songs total from the OST so four more left to come and it’s not impossible to imagine the entire drama soundtrack taking the top ten of digital download tracking once it’s all released. So far it’s been a who’s who of famous K-drama OST contributors and the next track is supposed to be from Kim Junsu. I’m guessing a soulful ballad, maybe just the thing to get Mo Yeon in the mood to take an extra step forward with Shi Jin. I’m a bit surprised to see Baek Ji Young not doing a DotS track but maybe that’s a good thing since “That Women” still reverberates around my brain from time to time, plus Yoon Mirae and Davichi have tracks so that covers the lady ballad genre.


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hello everyone!!!congrats DoTs Family for doing the great job!!!

But i feel so sad it's look like almost the credit is given only to SJK but i know that criticism is always welcome...We can,t please everybody...though the way the story is running SJK is becoming popular and i'm waiting for his next project so i can see the difference if the chemistry of his next partner is the same with SHK unnie...Because in the DoTs for me everytime you will see their chemistry it's look like it will take more years to have an amazing team like as SJK and SHK did...let's face it guys it's history already for Korean Drama what the DoTs made....SJK career shine more because of SHK charisma...so thats why until now it's a big ??? why i can't hear SJK  praise or thanking SHK for made this project possible...

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Tell me. What are you doing?
Don't let me look away
From you like a fool
Tell me please tell me please


Sing me to sleep..captain Yoo..








ok ok I'm going..:phew:

Good night chingus.. ^_^


I would die... :heart:



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Just now, bebebisous33 said:

Actually, this shows that although he had a rather normal job, he wasn't often around his wife. So to me, his story illustrates that even as a normal civilian, they didn't spend much time together. As conclusion, his life is an example for KMY that they were happy (they had three children together), even if they were often seperated.

This is another reason for her to change her mind!


Yes, I am sure it is the way u put it... there will be a reference to this in the coming episodes.

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Their bromance is always a joy to watch in DOTS. I found these 2 opposite re-actions from them rather amusing....




SDY fearfully running away at a count of 3 but where is the 2 lol and loosing the respect of YSJ....









And a fearless SDY couldn't give a crap and beats the hell out of that crazy low life bastard earning a standing ovation from his Captain YSJ.... 








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Could there be a possibility that Argus is actually going undercover?   He was a legend as SJ had mentioned in the Delta force.  Makes no sense that he just turned bad guy for no reason.  He still showed up at the funeral with SJ and Daniel, albeit, a bit out of sight.  So I'm wondering if there might be a twist in the story.  Or maybe I'm too optimistic.... 



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I'ii post this photo yesterday.

'Descendants of the Sun' Jin Goo shares behind-the-scenes image of the earthquake scene



'Descendants of the Sun' Jin Goo shared his behind-the-scenes images from the earthquake filming set.

On March 18th, Jin Goo posted the image on his personal Instagram with the caption, "I can remember exactly when it was! The earthquake scene was such a long and tough filming. Can't count how many nights we stayed up in the dusty hole... #Seo Da-yeong faces the limits to his physical strength. #Descendants of the Sun".

In the revealed images, Jin Goo is taking a break on the filming set of 'Descendants of the Sun'. The image, in which Jin Goo is dozing off while sitting, shows how strenuous the filming of the earthquake scene was. As Jin Goo mentioned, the image clearly shows Jin Goo coping with the limits of his physical strength.

Meanwhile, Jin Goo along with Song Joong-ki on 'Descendants of the Sun' episode 8 continued searching in ruins after earthquake.


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2 hours ago, Yasaman Asghari said:

A girls heart is so complicated :phew:

Till 3 weeks ago my heart was beating for Park have jin but now its beating for Song Joong Ki again after 3 years ;):wub:

I can't get over this drama its so beautiful <3 

Count me too..i totally fallen for our Yoo Jung sunbae....honestly,i'm not so interested  on him when he's in MLFTS or Doctor Stranger..but his character in CITT makes every woman fangirling over him...

but when it comes to a girl heart,nobody can really assured about it..Joong Ki really deserve to be "LOVED"..and here i am totally fall for him ..:blush:

DotS..the best drama ever!!!!

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2 hours ago, joongkyo said:

But right now I'm worried about Chihoon, it's like nurse Jae Ah said some of them would need some sort of counseling on their return to Seoul. I'm worried if he goes to Seul he'll sink deeper into depression and his guilt is only going to get worse. I don't know how but I hope he doesn't end up going, I want him to  get his self confidence back. I was crying for him in all his scenes, it was heartbreaking seeing him - he who wanted to be the perfect Doctor now probably doesn't consider himself worthy of his profession. Did you see the guilt and pain flash before his eyes when MY complimented him on having found the survivor. Oh Chihoon, this too shall pass!


Me too.  I hope he will be able to get help from his colleagues to overcome the situation before going back home.  At this moment, it seems like no one realises the pain he is going through.  Although, KMY has been told that he did not answer the call from home, she hasn't ask him yet about it. Hopefully in the next episode someone will be able to let him talk and go through his guilt and move on.

p.s Congrats to Onew for being able to show all sides of his emotion in DoTS.

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I just love how YSJ reassured KMY that he is good at his job, and that his job includes him not getting killed something to that effect.

I was hoping before ep 8 ends, KMY would reconsider, but then the mobile confession happened. I guess my OTP are doing perfectly well. LOL!

Also on the preview of ep 9, my impression of LT Gen asking if YMJ and SDY still can't give up each other, my shipper heart was imagining as if he is officiating their marriage of some sort. LOL!  I just hope he gives his blessing already.

Is it Wednesday yet?

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Just finished watching episode 8. And it's as heartbreaking as ep 7. I kept on shedding tears throughout the episode, thankfully there are a couple of chuckling moments also. For example, the son-in-law scene, tehee, SJ & MJ caught in the act with their joke resulted in a jealous DY makes a very happy MJ. That phone call MY gave to Manager Ko's wife, applaud to SHK, she nailed the scene so much I can feel MY's pain. There's no doubt that the thought of she could be at the other end of that phone call one day if she happens to accept SJ crossed her mind. I wonder how it must've been going on in her mind, what kind of mind war, how chaotic is it in there? For we know that her feelings for YSJ is deep enough that at one point there must've been that moment where she wanted to just let it all go and run straight into SJ's arms, but all those rational thoughts pulling her back, demanding her to stand still. KES, thank you for giving us this kind of character, so deep that it's not easy to analyse, and for choosing SHK to be her. And thank you for those phone confession scene also, it was so daebakly done. For we know that there is no way MY would let her feeling known by SJ if it wasn't in that kind of situation. Although, omg, why must it be on a speaker phone though, I'm experiencing second hand embarrassment. Poor MY, lol.

5 more days to go before we can eat some ramen and wreck some lipstick. In the meantime 50 pages thread-back-reading and rewatching 8 episodes.

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What I am really looking forward to is when the words "I love you" are declared. It wouldn't be surprising if Shi Jin were to utter them first, but I would prefer that Mo Yeon be the one to initiate, and not in an unintentional or accidental manner either---and preferably not when either one is under duress. I do support Mo Yeon for taking her time with Shi Jin, but it's also because of her initial (and constant) rejections of him that I want her to be the first to say "I love you." And I do hope that Kim Eun Sook has an original/creative way for how that moment will happen. It has to top Mo Yeon's hilarious cliffhanger "confession." 

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Netizens in love with Kim Ji Won’s beauty

Posted on March 18, 2016

Although Descendants of the Sun actress Song Hye Kyo has been praised for her beauty, another actress from the drama has also been receiving a lot of love lately. 

In fact, netizens are claiming actress Kim Ji Won looks so beautiful in her military uniform that her looks can even beat Song Hye Kyo. According to netizens, Kim Ji Won looks incredible in light make up, which is why she can still look so good in her role as a sergeant in the drama. Although some netizens have found her character on the show a little off-putting, many have agreed that her visuals make it really hard to dislike her.

Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below!














Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[+ 160, – 46] She seriously catches viewers’ eyes more than Song Hye Kyo..her hair is so prety

[+ 140, – 82] I felt like she was way more beautiful than Song Hye Kyo when they were in a picture together

[+ 129, – 16] She is so beautiful and she’s such a good actress ㅠㅠㅠ..her roles until now were just all perky but her role in this drama makes her look so lovely ㅠㅠㅠ

search : koreaboo


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please use a spoiler tag when posting multiple pictures
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K.Will Drops MV for “Talk Love” Off “Descendants of the Sun” OST

K.Will Drops MV for “Talk Love” Off “Descendants of the Sun” OST





Solo artist K.Will has lent his dreamy voice for the sixth official soundtrack of KBS2‘s hit drama “Descendants of the Sun.”




The OST track entitled “Talk Love” dropped on March 18 along with the music video. Viewers have been able to hear parts of the song featured in previous episodes, and many have been waiting to hear the full single.




“Talk Love” is a bright pop song with a catchy whistling melody. Immediately after its release, the song secured a place in the Top 5 of most music charts, including Korea’s leading online music store MelOn.




The music video features scenes from the drama starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Check it out below!




Meanwhile, previously released “Descendants of the Sun” soundtracks, such as Davichi‘s “This Love” and Gummy‘s “You Are My Everything,” continue to compete for the No.1 spot on music charts.









“Descendants of the Sun” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS2.







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Schedule for Saturday to Tuesday: Listen to OST's like crazy and watch DOTS clips or re-watch a few episodes. Maybe study abit? LOL 

I seriously love this drama. I find one thing so funny though, its about how the OST's are competing against EACH OTHER for number one. YOU ARE ALL GREAT, ILY :wub:

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I'm excited for the poster kiss actually..really wanna know why Mo Yeon kinda looks surprised there. Don't think she'll be kidnapped soon. Perhaps Argus just wants to threaten Si Jin by giving him a call..saying that he has eyes on Mo Yeon now. So Si Jin will turn into a panic mode and goes to find her. The kiss probably just shows how vulnerable he feels at the time and instead of using words..he chooses to give her a kiss to show how much he loves her. Hence, the surprised look from Mo Yeon. She probably doesn't expect it at all. 

This is what I'm doing now lol. Analysing every part of the preview while waiting for next eps. I'm hopeless. :D

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2016] Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예 | Wed-Thurs 10PM KST

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