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  1. Hi friends I am joining this new forum to heal my soul and trauma I suffered from MOA. Who else is here to heal lol?
  2. LOL guys side note...so remember how last week I mentioned Running man was using MOA concepts and stuff for their episodes...now I was watching Master in the House and I noticed they were using the same exact edits as MOA game screen for their last week's episode LOL I wanna leave MOA but I come across it in Running Man...Master in the House...everywhere is MOA
  3. Putting aside my emotions and gave it a few more hours I watched the last episode again and thought of writer’s perspective. guys I am less mad now, I sort of get why the writer went down the path. everyone around JW.. not gonna lie even me I agree HJ was too good for JW. JW was pretty much so broken as a human being and character that he found HJ innocence and kindness something new something he was not used to about. Someone genuinely caring about him is something he forgot what it felt like . From viewers perspective we wanted more... we wanted JW happy ending but even he himself knew in episode 15 he has to disappear for it all to end. I just couldn’t help but feel so bad for him when he told Emma he doesn’t wanna die... knowing he reached the bottom and he doesn’t have much chance at survival considering he had to fight all day everyday he decided to be stabbed by Emma. SJ did explain even he didn’t know why things went the way they did... even the internal dungeon but the more he thinks about it there is a high possibility JW is stuck in almost the same situation as him. he didn’t turn into a NPC but rather as a user got stuck in the third dimension between the game and the world waiting for someone to rescue him just like how someone rescued SeJu. I made my peace with the drama... I mean at the end of the day open endings sometimes might work the best leaving it to viewers imagination to make peace with their dramas so imma decided to think positive about this lol
  4. They said it’s time for President to Log Out now... kyaaa I will miss our obnoxious President Yoo .. gah that acting though when he was stabbing everyone. I cried my eyes out when he stabbed Secretary Seo
  5. Guys go check Vast entertainment IG page aka Binnie’s Company IG... they posted a short clip of his last shooting go heal y’all
  6. Guys you know what makes me mad even more??? Fact that HB has been so busy the past 2 years with different projects that now he will may be like time for me to take a break in 2019.. lol uhm I can’t take that why do all my favourite actors take forever to star in a project?? Oh because they all crazy rich millionaires superstars who don’t need as much money and already established fame so they only work once every blue moon okay ignore me guys sorry LOL
  7. Yeah so it’s a bit confusing.. JW turned out to become a Bug before he was a Master while SeJu to begin with was the master so in order to reset the game Emma had to get rid of all bugs so JW had to disappear as well for the reset to happen. However, considering he was the master there was a slight twist to it all that he didn’t completely disappear but rather became stuck only in game as someone who could fight against NPCsss i don’t think he became an NPC but not even a user... idk what he became lmao
  8. Funny.. both HB and PSH rejected that drama cause of script issues... oh well lol look where we are now.. but tbh.. I do think HB was actually really happy with his choice of participating in this drama. being his long time fan, ik over the past 2 years he has been wanting to challenge himself to take on more unique projects so this for him as an actor would be a great memory and project. Thinking about that makes me less angry lol
  9. Yeah u are right and that’s why I said “almost” in his situation.so SeJu said no matter how much he thought about it since he became master there was a high possibility he was locked up in a prison where only NPCs could have seen him. But how come users can see JW idk.. writer couldn’t wrap her head around her own ideas for the ending lol
  10. Okay guys you know what.... time to go join Romance is the supplement forum... thanks the lord I will have my other favourite actor in romantic comedy healing my soul from the trauma I faced through MOA
  11. Because he was a human not an NPC and master so he was almost in Seju’s situation being locked up in a prison
  12. Lol this is so much more worst than W... in W couple got their happy ending and spent enough time on romance... writer just screwed up this one so bad... I loved W... but MOA she just disappointed in these last 2 episodes way badly..
  13. Guys this reminds me of how I felt with The drama Big too.. like how the writers ended made me so bad... makes me feel like crap
  14. I don’t even want to express my opinion here cause I will just snap... she could have focused this episode on so many other things but nope she had to leave it open ended like that leaving it to viewers imagination what happens next... smh
  15. Yup the end... so mad.... writer could have at least made them see each other... wow... nope she totally messed up the ending
  16. OMG guys I am so pissed.... what kind of ending was that??? Worst that what we though lol!!! What!!!
  17. okay guys I see you all in a few hours...gonna sleep for a few hours then wake up to watch the last episode live LOL
  18. I think thats some level of closure writer was talking about....I mean Sujin at one point was the woman he loved and married...he would not be human it he just ignored what she was going through cause of Cha. It didn't bother me as much in comparison to him stopping himself from seeing Hee Ju..UGH
  19. guys her me out..Cha before he died and schemed his evil plan wrote some of that confession letter that JW forced him to write and put it in his pocket. So what if...what if 1 in 1000000 chances ...LOL... they rule his death as suicide.. Park ends up confession Cha's scheme too.. Game doesn't kill JW and he has another chance at life? Honestly I just don't want our prediction to be true and Hee Ju and Jin Woo end up staring into each other's eyes at the end of episode in Granada tomorrow...that'll be like worst ending ever lol
  20. This happened in so many drama where it was fast forwarded and two characters met like that... ugh I hate it too
  21. Yeah so that’s what I am thinking too... for him to completely wait to be stabbed for all this to end. Idk SeJu came back though... he is prob useless... can’t even man up to fix it lol Oh wait... Emma was the start of this all... so maybe she had to be stabbed for it all to end??? twist to the story of key’s heaven and Fatima’s hand... oh my God lol
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