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Add and Subtract Game

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9 minutes ago, angelangie said:

are you from penang-intel?

haha nope i'm from singapore! intel penang is our customer though :heythere:


7 minutes ago, mademoisellesia said:

I'm watching too. Who do you think the father is?

keeping it in spoiler tag in case some haven't started lol


i'm thinking it's Oh Dae O... it's definitely not Pa Do or Yeon Woo..

hahaha, i lurk in the drama thread there







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It's the most plausible, yes. I'm dying from curiosity why the baby booklet has YW's name


...and just after I wrote the above I figure out the answer to my own Q.


YW found out and decided to be the daddy that's why. But she feels bad for dragging him down so they move away....  



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2 hours ago, phikyl said:
2 hours ago, mademoisellesia said:

Interesting. I thought it's the mademoiselle that stumped everyone due to its spelling, but looks like it's the combo of mademoiselle+sia

I can't speak for others but that's definitely what stumps me. :lol: 


another reason is I can't spell mademoiselle. I keep thinking of madam. but then other folks show up. so I have to go back and see "ah it is made + moi + selle" :sweatingbullets:


@Sejabin ~ you are back? :selfie2:



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17 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

hi ya, how come you are up? isn't it night in your part of the world? I woke up feeling still tired.


yeah it is night. im up way later cuz of a project that's due in the next 24ish hours so massive time crunch :sweatingbullets:



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