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2 hours ago, wallflowersforjane said:



Happy shopping! What are you planning to buy?



HanHyoJoo badge. But her pic used is old. Hihi. Might not get it for now.


I was hoping there'd be a Hospital Playlist badge or a 'band' badge  :D



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hai everyone.. night in the sockets rounds.   to a team add @Sleepy Owl @Ameera Ali    @iksunijini @corey @cenching    @Nodame   @pompyavi @larus @Jillia   @MayanEcho  @partyon @Lm

hai everyone.. putting that zoom camera set up to good use.    @Lmangla @partyon @Jillia          @Ameera Ali @iksunijini @Sleepy Owl  @Thong Thin   @MayanEcho @Min2206 @joccu @sadthe1st

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35 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

either of my weekend drama kissed yet , if they kiss I Doomed 



@TiNaDo would you think it’s okay for them to kiss in Saturday When I am busy battling  :yum:

Ahahah, @Ameera Ali, I actually think that they would kiss either on Sunday or in one of the episodes next week. A kiss this Saturday would be too predictable and we know this drama is not really a predictable one. :D 


Fight the battle, girl!






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3 hours ago, partyon said:

@triplem Have you watched this week's Makjang Express episodes? I haven't even started yet. :(

What did you think?


 @kokodus Ms. Koko where are you? You've been MIA all day. :(  I wanted to tell you that I am attempting to watch HP ep 6 today! :bashful:



Did you watch it? Did you use the fast-forward button? LOL. 6th ep is one of my fav too, but since you already got spoiled, thanks to me, I guess it won't be as exciting and surprising for you. sighhhh. 



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1 hour ago, partyon said:


Hey @celebrianna Great to see you here on the thread! Welcome!

Apologies that I didn't have time to say hi to you on the battle field - lol :D


We usually ask all newcomers on this thread a few introductory questions. I hope you don't mind us asking you them? ;)


1) Who is your favorite oppa(s)?

2) Do you like abs (please disregard this question if you are under 18 - lol)

3) Are you Asian?


Anyway, it's really great to see new people here! :)



Oh, wow, I didn’t know. :D

Here are my answers:


1) Favorite Oppa: Hmmm. I never thought of this. There are actors I enjoy just for their acting and good looks like Ji Sung, Park Bo Gum, Chen Xiao, Jang Ki Young, Lee Jong Suk, Gong Yoo, Lee Joongi, Huang Xiao Ming, etc. 


However, there are some that I’m naturally drawn to like So Ji Sub, Namgoong Min, Jung Woo Sung, Do Kyung Soo, Yoo Ah In, Qin Junjie and Lee Joon Hyuk. I guess these would be the Oppas.


2) :lol: I guess I did when I first saw Antonio Sabato Jr’s abs years ago. Dare I say I kind of outgrew half naked men in a country where people like to walk around almost naked during the summer? 

3)No, I’m not Asian although I love Asian food, particularly Thai and Indian. ^_^ I’m getting into Korean food now that I’ve ventured into Korean Town in New York City.



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@kokodus @partyon I'm watching ep 6 a little bit later. Want to enjoy the nice weather first. :wink: 



@partyon You outed yourself as a pervy ahjumma. :offtospace:


@Lawyerh I did make the giraffe badge as well as a couple others. 1stgiraffe.png  Only the truck of doom is in the store so far though. 



@Alice Wonderland I love HYD also. I have a real soft spot for the Japanese version though. Matsumoto Jun = Domyouji Tsukasa. 100%


I'm still waiting for the Thai version of Itazura na Kiss to give me a second season too! 




Edit: did ya'll just forget about the numbers? :spitswater:

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1 hour ago, celebrianna said:

Oh, wow, I didn’t know. :D

Yes, it is the new way to welcome new members. :D


Welcome! YAY! Another Add member.


Hurray GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY





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2 hours ago, kokodus said:

Did you watch it? Did you use the fast-forward button? LOL. 6th ep is one of my fav too, but since you already got spoiled, thanks to me, I guess it won't be as exciting and surprising for you. sighhhh.


I watched it and I used the FF button a little bit. I will post my thoughts on the re-watch thread as I don't want to spoil it for @phikyl here


1 hour ago, celebrianna said:

Oh, wow, I didn’t know. :D


Nice to meet you! :)

@cenching always has a special question, but I will let her ask the question as it is her "specialty" :D


1 hour ago, phikyl said:


@partyon You outed yourself as a pervy ahjumma.




<must abandon abs>





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@partyon @Lawyerh  @Ameera Ali so here is the introduction post of BTS members




Top row from left to right: Suga, Jin and  J-hope

Botton row from left to right: Jungkook, Taehyung (V), Jimin and RM 


Jungkook (youngest member, Main vocalist, Center, Lead dancer)











V (Taehyung) ( Sub vocalist, Visual, Lead dancer)













Jimin (Main dancer, Lead vocalist)












RM (Leader of the group, main rapper)







J-hope (Main Dancer, Sub rapper)











Suga (Lead Rapper)











Jin (oldest member, Sub vocalist, Visual)












This post took such a long time to create :sweat_smile:

Also check out their new japanese single that will be an OST in a japanese movie



Edited by phikyl
More than 3 images must be under spoiler to keep loading issues under control. Thank you!
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Thank you for the introductions to BTS @Sarang21 ! :kiss_wink:

I have a few questions:


1) Who is the most popular member?

2) How tall are they?

3) Is it true that only RM speaks English?

4) Do they ever show their foreheads? Or do they always have the Korean bowl cut styled hair (like most k-drama actors )


Good night peeps! I'm off to bed now. So exhausted...




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