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[OFFICIAL] ♥O2 / Oxygen Couple♥ ~ *Jo In Sung & Song Hye Gyo* Heart-Warming Shippers

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Guest moonsong85

Latest IG update of Hye Kyo (kyo1122) is a picture with cotton candy.  Reminds me so much of the cotton candy kiss in the series "That Winter the Wind Blows."

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Hi @nataliakay, welcome to the O2 thread   Here is the TWTWB commentary video with just JIS and SHK (many thanks to zuizui).  Unfortunately there are no English subs on this video, but I did translate

Yay ...JIS visited the set of Hye Kyo drama....are there any photos??? ok ..I can settle for this...much love pic...

All praises for Hye Kyo in The Crossing1 movie.Brilliant acting. No wonder John Woo believed that she deserved to be on this film..She delivered the lines in Mandarin. HXM give it all in the romantic

Hello dearest O2 ship!! I haven't been in this thread in ages! But I saw song hye kyo's IG picture with the cotton candy which she also hash tagged in korean #thatwinterthewindblows #ohsoo #ohyoung and it just brought back a lot of memories and feels! Love it! :x

I wish her the best in her comeback drama with joongki. I honestly feel iffy about since I'm not a big fan of the writer but maybe it may prove me wrong. Idk.

Anyways have a great day shippers! Sail on! :D

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Hi there, @moonsong85 and @hergurlc :) :)

@hanna1388, I sooooo agree!!!

To all fantabulousO2 shippers, thanks much for sticking with this fantabulous couple  :x =D> \:D/ <:-P :)

Looking forward to JIS' much-awaited visit to DoTS' set :) :)

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Guest heyitzmaureen


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@SusanC So agree.


@hanna3188 @spuffniche Don't worry about it. It will be good for her domestic comeback, Kim Eun Suk's dramas were more successful than Noh Hee Kyung's ones because of her writing style. Song Joong Ki had the chemistry with Moon Chae Won who offers the same atmosphere as Song Hye Kyo does.

Edit- Song Joong Ki is one of the talented actors, don't worry about it.



@hergurlc I don't like Kim Eun Sook's previous works either but she always performed mainstream dramas, that's why I wanted her to accept this role and it is a drama genre this time plus there are two writers for this drama.

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Guest Aimee092

        Gotta love this couple, never ending of cuteness..Youngie hashtag Ohsoo? lolol.   Will Ohsoo do some hashtagging too?  #ohsooloveyoungie, lol .( my delulu mind again, ) , omg you 2,  date already!  or if you guys are dating, admit it already!
    That's what I love about this ship, you don't need to read too much to ship them. 
   Since my 'delusional  mind is at it again today. ' maybe youngie is remembering Oh soo these days, April 8 ( I think it was )   was when her interview was released with that famous line asking Oh soo..""were you happy that  winter" ?   And of course, we all know she will be doing a drama with OH soo's long time buddy  SJK!  In my shipping mind, Oh soo advised Youngie to take the drama, that will keep  his Youngie in Korea for awhile, the whole summer !  ( and not in China!)/  plus it will be with his buddy SJK.


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Helloooooooo shippers, SusanC here, just an fyi, my newly acquired soompi ID is now esophageal14! Did not know what happened,but I lost my former and could not recover! Anyway, it was so frustrating at first but perseverance paid off! :-bdEsophageal14, I know it's a weird name, but I could not think of something at that instant, so I thought let me look inside the anatomy of thehuman body, and voila, esophageal14 was born! :)Anyway, I like the Oh Soo-Oh Young-SJK connection going on here! Ok, who's the bridge? :D

Nooooooooooooo, I'm not a new member!!!!! :((:((:((Ok, 1 post, 2nd post coming up!:))

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did you guys know SHK post this on her instagram about 2 hours ago? :D


dunno about the caption..but the pic alone makes me happy enough :D btw it has been twice,right? SHK posted pics about O2 and TWTWB :D

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Oh My!!!! Can somebody tell me what's happening  :-S ;;) :-? 

Ms Song, are you trying to tell us something with those posts? Pleeeaaassseee.......we can't wait any longer! Don't prolong our agony  :(( =))

Thanks, @Cara!

@Susan, you are so hilarious!

@hanna1388, @heyitsmaureen, @Maimee :) :) :)

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yes, there is absolutely no acting involved.  The moment of eye contact, the feeling is wonderful"
                                                               Song Hye Kyo 

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Hi everyone  :-h   Haven't been active here for a while, but seeing Kyo's posts on her Instagram made me miss O2 and TWTWB so much.  I like this pic she posted so much that I made it into my avatar :D


The caption for her post says:  That winter...now it is spring ^^

I've read a mini fan account of JIS' Shanghai fan meeting last month from a Chinese fan.  The fans asked him what is his favorite season.  He said he likes winter the most (he didn't specified why he likes winter the most).  I remembered reading his past interviews and he's always said summer was his favorite season because it gives him a warm feeling.  I wonder why he changed his mind this time ;);))

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@wbhkis and @heyitzmaureen, thanks, it feels good to be back :D  Hope our dear @blim0523 will come back soon also. 

The One was on a Chinese variety show last month and he sang "Winter Love".  They showed clips of TWTWB when he was singing.  Brings back so many feels when O2 showed up on the screen :)  TWTWB even enjoyed a surge of popularity after this performance.  It was on weibo's top 10 "real-time hot search".  Hope The One will sing this song also in "I Am A Singer" (he joined the Chinese version of this show and is enjoying great popularity in China because of the show).

Clips of O2 starts around 1:10

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Guest shey428

Hello chinggus!!!!!!!! I miss you. I've been lurking around everyday, so im still updated though i dont log in and post.

Anyway, i've been wanting to post this little thought of mine about SHK's IG postings... Are those hints? Was she telling us something??? We know that photographs tells us so many information that words can't explain..

Ist post: her picture holding a cotton candy. --- she was re-enacting the scene with oh soo. She couldve take a picture of the cotton candy only... But no, hihi she didnt. For me, even though it is spring, she remember winter... <3

2nd post: dried flowers... ---

Where did they come from? I dont know either. But base on what i observe on tv guestings and events, Bouquets were the ones that are always given. These flowers looked like they came from an admirer. And it is so sweet at she actually keep them. <3

3rd and 4th posts: fresh flowers

Thoughts running through my mind: are those also from the one who gave her the dried roses? Hhmmm... Is she telling us that that has been running for a while now. That it has been months...

And then of course her latest post: the picture of oh soo and oh young or should i say.. Of Jo Insung and Song hyekyo.

Sorry for the lengthy post. Hihi

Pls guys, give us your thoughts too. So i may say that i'm not the only one. Haha

Hi @hclover96 !

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