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[OFFICIAL] ♥O2 / Oxygen Couple♥ ~ *Jo In Sung & Song Hye Gyo* Heart-Warming Shippers

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Hi @nataliakay, welcome to the O2 thread   Here is the TWTWB commentary video with just JIS and SHK (many thanks to zuizui).  Unfortunately there are no English subs on this video, but I did translate

I still don't like this new format, but I'm slowly getting use to it JIS looks really good with this new hair cut

Guys, after numerous times watching this unforgettable drama, here I am again, shedding tubs of tears! On episode 7 now! Can't believe it still affects me the way it did the very first time I watched

On 1/13/2021 at 12:01 AM, ElectricHearts said:

@Nelly plus we know since their drama, SHK did visit It's Okay That's Love set. Plus Jo In Sung did also appear in NHK's Dear My Friends (2016) too. He even did get offer to in her new drama Here but he decided to turn it down - that drama didn't actually end up getting filmed last year due to covid. Not sure if it will be the same cast due to everyone else having to pick up new projects. Plus Jo In Sung and Jung Woo Sung starred in The King together - 2017 too. JWS and SHK follow each other on SNS. Regardless, SK ent is small. I find it hard for people to just not talk to each other anymore. Of course some will be closer than others but they have known each other for a long time too. It looks like she was catching up with people she hadn't seen in a while and when she did reappear on SNS on her friend's instagram account. That was before Jung Woo Sung's birthday. SHK's new KES drama is suppose to film later in the year from Studio Dragon. 


From JIS' Harper Bazaar Korea August cover interview - Regardless he is very private. Who knows what he is up to. Although since he is doing the tvn variety show with Cha Tae Hyun - Guess we will find out more/he may share more as well.


"I used to do interviews about my work, but I don't have much to say after the promotional season. I'm just trying to talk less because I thought, "Are you really living as I say?"




ElectricHearts  its true we dont know what hapend , both are very private ,I am pleased that SGK speaks so Wells of twtwb that means they have  very good memories

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