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  1. Silent lurker here for awhile. Been watching this show and it's my daily dose of K-drama goodness. I even bypassed Encounter and MOA with all those A listers. The storyline is not too interesting itself at the beginning but its slowly growing on to me, it helps that the actors and actresses can act and that keeps me hooked. And it definitely helps that they such eye candies. Their sparkly eyes makes me actually think they have something going on IRL. Lol. Cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow. Here are some synopsis: Looks almost like a proposal. They are moving along very nicely. Very sweet indeed!
  2. I watched the finale and was so happy of the ending. It was terribly bittersweet. I want season 2 but also don't want them to stretch it out so it is how I wanted it to end. So this top moments is fun...I can't decide. so these are my favorite scenes in no particular order: 1. SA ask DS that she needs assistance since she's drunk. DS cleverly ask other boys to sober her up. 2. DS rescues MR from CW in the lounge area and then ask her if she's from his high school. 3. DS trips over CW in the cafeteria and stops MR from falling down. He later gives him his classic back hit and drop kick. Much deserved for the douchebag. 4. SA walks over to flirt with DS, who pays her no attention and tells her to buy her own drink but focuses his attention to MR. (I replayed this scene so many times...like burn snake burn....lol. 5. DS stops drunk MR from crossing the street after having drinks with her...and we have that "something in your eyes...whenever you're near..." which took forever for them to release the OST. 6. MR falls hard for DS when she knew he wasn't mean to her ever. The next day she denied herself by saying that he ain't that good looking but looks so star-stuck when he opened his can with one hand (commercial moment), tries to run but gets pushed back to him by the forces of nature. love that moment. 7. MR meets up with HJ and WY to eat out at KS's friend's restaurant. The classic jealous first moment was so fun to watch when he realizes they live so close to each other. 8. MR stood up for herself with the scum bag from her high school that came to taunt her. She questioned SA about her motives and that was instant gratification that I see MR linking the events together to be wary of SA - where the latter tells KS that MR can't be that ugly for someone to call her KangOrc. And KS pointed out that she was cute. triple burn, snake. 9. The table match-making game where KS instantly choose MR and where she decides to pick KS to go with her to the change room. The look on the Mrs. Snake's face is like putting a cherry on top of a cake. 10. MR and KS share a moment to talk about their friendship if not for the misunderstanding from the past. MR ask if he meant she was ugly when he said he doesn't like pretty girls. His come back was weak but sweet when he likes her funny personality. 11. The fireworks moment when KS stares at MR and the title pops up..."First guy friend." 12. The smile on KS's face (his first biggest one yet) when he asks the next day if MR got on the wrong bus. And the switch to a surprised/jealous face when MR picked up the phone to speak to sunbae. 13. SA pretends to share her sob moment with KS at the gathering with their classmates. KS didn't care but when he saw MR's ID on his phone, he walks away from everyone else while leaving SA pissed off that she couldn't hold his attention (yes, that was so gratifying to see that her charms don't work). 14. DS meets up with MR, HJ and WY at the rooftop and brings a TV. DS getting jelly when the girls praise WY for being so thoughtful of cutting the meat in bite size portions and attempts to cut it himself into smaller bits, then gets jellied up again when MR has so much in common with WY with their thriftiness. He even ask MR out to watch movies to finish up a school assignment using it as a disguise to spend time with her alone. This is a really strong disconnect and development from his cold personality in episode 1. 15. Movie date night where MR attempts to go dutch with him but he thwarts every attempt since he wants it to be more of a date. MR is so clueless but can't help stare at him the whole time at the movies and the girl beside him is staring too, all shy and embarrassed. MR is so weird to use a chopstick to prevent any intimate moments from happening from day-dreaming. someone watching to many rom-com with cliche moments. This is no lady and the tramp moment sharing spaghetti - which ironically happens when they went to the restaurant to order that item. I LOVE THAT "AMAZING" sound that plays on when KS calculates his bill since he's a broke bf. 16. Rain scene where they are shoulder-to-shoulder and MR realizes that he can't just be a guy friend to her. 17. KS getting up and excusing himself cause he has no time for SA, while he ran to the TA's office to get his spot to be his roommate. I find it surprising why no one else sign up for a good deal like that. Maybe it was meant for KS. 18. KS being jealous when he thought MR was meeting with WY. He was so straight-forward in asking her that. I loved that character of his - never dragging it out and getting right to it loud and clear. 19. KS asking MR to get a job for him at her place, speaking so casually with MR and SA notices the dynamics there and excuses herself. He wants to work with MR regardless and not so much with SA where she clearly knew that her manager hired based on looks and doesn't consider the fact that it can affect others. 20. The playful nature of WY and KS where they both get jealous of each other when one spends time with MR. Especially when MR was drunk and each fought to piggy back her home. Mom was the queen of chess and paved the way for her son. Cute and witty. 21. KS does not want MR to drink more than 2 shots so guys can't touch her since he possesses her. He lets the kid on the bus know he is her boyfriend so no guys can get to her. Witty KS even says that he's not her girlfriend so he didn't lie technically. 22. KS confronted SA about her working with them and questioned her real motive. She said she was going to leave if he didn't like it so instead of asking her to do it, he tells her to basically "enjoy your meal" aka "enjoy your meal by yourself" then. Classy move. 23. DS getting into a fight for MR. DS's mom finds out through SA who tries to make MR the culprit but to her dismay, the move back-fired since his mom loves MR. 24. KS and his two confessions. MR asks him to not worry cause she only thinks of him as her friend but next, MR gets upset of KS and SA hugging and KS ask MR to stop running and start dating cause he has eyes for her only. 25. WY's confession to MR and how understanding he was when he knew MR never liked him back. 26. Angry KS when he saw MR and WY on the steps. It was really good acting to see him so angry and frustrated the first time. You can see the misery in his eyes when he walks away. I felt the black cloud around him. 27. KS went to confront SA about her confession and he knew what she was doing and why. MR snapped and directly confronted SA about her evil ways. That scene was done well and way overdue. 28. MR's confession to KS at the park. Their awkward hand-holding session was so good to watch. 29. Do-Rae cute dating moments where they tried to hide from everyone. The back-to-back texting session was really cute. But KS's mom finds out and was totally cool/rooting for them. 30. MR and KS alone in her apartment asking each other when they fell for each other - to which KS confessed that he liked her earlier. Their back hug was so sweet. 31. MR is gaining confidence to confess to the whole class and everyone was super supportive except Mrs Snake and her two-faced friend JH. 32. WH calls SA out that KS is good at judging someone's character to choose MR over her. 33. Eun calling JH to stop saying back things about KS having lower standards in women and JB calling her weird since he threw SA under a bus when she found out about her eating disorder and bad reputation. 34. The class teases Do-Rae, to which KS tells jokingly everyone that he will not kiss MR in class. He changed so much now. 35. Kiss-su moments with the double-layered first kiss - but feels not too innocent. I was worried about the scene being too staged and unrealistic if they feel it might upset Aroha fans. But in my head, I was thinking to tell those young fans to get real if they are so possessive to chain their idols up and expect them to just be a vase in a drama where he is suppose to perform. Acting is art and practice makes perfect. But I also know they are young so it's somewhat understandable but still so silly. I'm so glad he did it with ISH since she's experienced and seems to be a fun outgoing all-around person to hang out with. Also, the scene where KS feels his hormones raging due to his gf on top of him was done so perfect where he thinks a shot of soju will quench his thirst but utterly failed when he went all out on his gf to reassure her that he likes her regardless of her looks and the second lead-in kiss is more like his hormones kicking in and he had to get a better taste (kind of like you had a piece of chocolate and that wasn't enough and you reach to get the whole bar). The later pecks from KS's birthday seem like an addiction to each other after their initial kiss and MR's cheeky kiss. WEBTOON SPOILER ALERT: I'm sad we don't get to see the scene from the webtoon where KS was full on making out with MR in her apartment and the scene where MR avoided spending time alone with KS on their trip together since she gained some weight. Apparently, there was also a bed scene where they were lying together in the same bed. It gives us hope to see them in the future *wedding bells* The last moment where we see SA's short hair and the realization that she looks sincere and no longer fake. Hope she gets more counselling and have Eun around her to steer her in the right path to self-recovery. I like that part where he looked for DS to tell him she never had a thing for him. That was great! So this is the end. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Hope to see them again in a new project. Thanks to those who share the images and comments, spoilers and updates. You made me look forward to my weekends more. what to do with my fridays and saturdays now?
  3. Silent lurker here. I followed this drama since episode 1 and like you all, anticipated for every friday and saturday. OMO, it is coming to an end. So sad. I was going to post earlier but somehow getting login page issues. Anyways, that's fixed and I'm here, when it's the finale of this show. I really love the characters and actors/actresses here. Hope they will get to work on other awesome projects together. I have a lot to say since I missed out on the discussion. ISH is really a good actress. The way she portrays MR, I do not think any other actresses can do the same. Her voice is really easy to listen to. I can see her progression from start to end. She's really coming into her own skin and stopped grading faces. MR-DS is a good match since they help each other through the struggles of life - the best of both worlds in friendship, family and love. I've honestly never even heard of CEW before or his idol group ASTRO which I just recently came to know. Man, this guy is all visuals from top to bottom. He outshines most, if I dare say, almost all actors and idol singers. That's subjective and my opinion only. For his first project, I approve 100%. As for today's daebak kiss scene, I expected less but they offered more. No complaints but clapping for me. If any of his fans are against it, I don't understand why and don't care to even know why. That's what pains me to see idols acting cause they will always have to cater to some of the most craziest fans who think they own them. It's really dumb IMHO, like do they want him to succeed in the entertainment industry or not. So far the comments see good so I'm not worried about the so called age gap since it's not extremely noticeable. It is a learning curve for him and what better actress like ISH to be his first love counterpart, so what's there to complain about? WY is really a good friend. Man, I wish there was a guy friend who was like him. He's really understanding and patient. No wonder he has so many admirers since as HY, who has been fabulous as MR's awesome cool friend and the other short hair girl who gave him the funniest confession. I love their scenes to bits. This guy is really a comedian, I will definitely follow his new projects cause he's such a versatile actor. I can see him going big in the near future with his acting chops. And for SA, what a witch from start to finish. Her back story does not even make anyone pity her. Just because she feel a need to look pretty to gain acceptance and popularity, it does not make it acceptable to harm others the way she did. Eun was nice to care about her but with her type of personality needs more than that. Maybe at a psychiatric hospital would ring a bell. She honestly believes she is above it all and uses that as a excuse for her crappy behavior to put others down. Watching her fake self for the last 14 episodes was just pure torture - I was like, someone, anyone, call it out. Just because she had a poor experience with her "servant" friend does not excuse her from hating MR from the beginning just because she's pretty due to her plastic surgeries. It's MR's personality that takes her to good places and meeting good people but it's SA's rotten personality that makes her keep digging a deeper hole for herself and in the end, she's left with no one but herself to blame. Her hatred for MR is so strong that she's blindsided on everything else including friendship, trust and loyalty since most of her manipulations, schemes and tactics are self-taught. I'd love to be a minor extra character to step on SA like the cockroach she is...sign me up...I'll be the one to call her out on everything she's done starting from episode 1 so we can get an extra 15 episodes to focus on the progression of MR-DS's relationship and WY-HJ storyline. I loved today's episode cause it seems that everyone is slowly unraveling the colored snake that SA is and slowly releasing the sleeping monster deep within. One scene where SA was telling the coordinator that he doesn't like perfume and likes natural scent and not artificially made. Like why did you even sign up for the class to learn how to make perfume. SA is getting incredibly dumb or she''s just disoriented since so much drama is surrounding her. Her so-called friend JH is one of the worse characters and easily hated for all the right reasons. She travels where the tides flow, completely untrustworthy and will throw you under a bus without any hesitation. Who is she to say that DS has low standards when it comes to dating whom, why she is so nosy asking him who he's dating and instantly thinks its a celebrity. What kind of clueless and brainless student like herself gets accepted into any university? This is the exact type of person I would avoid in RL. JB was great to call her out as a weirdo in her own way. lol. love that *had to repeat a few more times. I cannot wait for the last episode. It will definitely be bitter sweet. Hopefully it ties in all the storyline so we get to see more lovey-dovey scenes from our protagonists and more karma coming to our antagonists. I hope at least we will see some long overdue apologies from mrs. snake herself. Stay tuned for the finale everyone!!!!
  4. OR is so beaten in this episode. Her so called douchy friend, YJ is lousy and manipulative and she looks like she's giving up the fight. BR is too perfect. That's the only unrealistic part of this drama cause there's not alot of these guys in the real world. Aww... It's going to be a "cheeky" kissu. Cause the producer loves the innocence and seems to enjoys the endless torture for any shipper. Even the birds in the background are getting more action than these two. The irony. Classic.
  5. I know this is a legal drama but I can't help feeling disappointed about the progress of our two main leads. It's so slow even worse than turtles pace. And when we do get a cute moment, they jump back to a heavy court case. It's so frustrating for shippers. Feels like the producers are feeding crumbs. Lol. I have myself to blame for shipping them so deeply when I knew this drama won't fulfill my hopes. By the looks of it, we will only get that bicycle scene in the last couple of seconds in the finale. It sucks. Wish we can do a Rom com and put those two in it. Aside of shipping, the cases are interesting. Both Ara and MS are portraying their emotions very realistically without overreacting. Hope to see them in the finale as expert judges helping newbies.
  6. Getting aquainted, are we? ....Feeling fuzzy all over Who's manlier? Let's stay this way forever... Just need to get closer..............wait for this......................He's heavier than I thought! Sorry Yeo Wool, these naughty hands can't get enough. Need for more skinship! Naked alert! Hormones checked! Actions speak louder than words Who ever questions their smooching skills? Back hugs are the trend. Piggyback are overrated! -*- GU CouPLe ProFiLe -*- Name: 이승기 / Lee Seung Ki (Lee Seung Gi) AS Choi Kang Chi Profession: Singer and actor Birthdate: 1987-Jan-13 Birthplace: Korea Height: 182cm Weight: 70kg Star sign: Capricorn Education: Sang Gye High School, Dong Guk University Skill: Fencing Hobbies: Listening to music and soccer Name: 수지 / Bae Suzy AS Dam Yeo Wool Real name: 배수지 / Bae Soo Ji Profession: Singer, actress Birthdate: 1994-Oct-10 Height: 166cm Weight: 47kg Star sign: Libra Talent agency: JYP Entertainment KPOP group: Miss A SOURCE: KOREANDRAMA.ORG -*- DraMa DeTaiLs -*- Main Title: Guga Family Book Native title: 구가의서 Also known as : Guga Uiseo; Gugaeuiseo; Ancient Medical Book; The Writings of Nine Houses Network: MBC Aired: April 8, 2013 to June 25, 2013 Airs On: Monday, Tuesday 21:55 # of Episodes: 24 Genres: Fantasy, Historical Synopsis Born from a human mother and deity father but wanting very much to become fully human, a male gumiho (fox with nine tails) Choi Kang Chi, tries his best to live a human life. Source: MyDramaList.com =========================================================================== Classic Phrase: "Don't Worry. I'll Protect You!" Minus the fainting part... Kang-chi: “Don’t do that again. Don’t make secrets. Don’t walk past me like you don’t know who I am!" Kang-chi: “That’s my bloodline. We hang onto one woman, live or die. So don’t YOU go getting sick of me. Because I’m going to live looking only at you, live or die. Forever.”Kang-chi cries, “Yeo-wool is my person! Don't lay a hand on my person!" Kang-chi cries, "I thought I lost you. I was so scared.The truth is, Yeo-wool-ah, you are the one who’s most precious to me. Without you, I have no meaning.= Kang-chi says to himself: “I didn’t want to say goodbye. You were the first person I wanted to make mine. I didn’t want to make you cry heartbreaking tears ever again. But Yeol-woo might die…” Yeo Wool cries, “Don’t you know that your words right now are ripping my heart up more?!” Yeo-wool: I should’ve said it more then. Kang-chi: I should’ve held you more then. That I liked you this much. Yeo-wool: That I loved you this much.
  7. This is my first thread on this couple shippers paradise. Let's share our beautiful Oxygen heart-warming couple moments here! That Winter, The Wind Blows “People want to find meaning to their life. To try to find meaning in life, some people put their life on the line for a loved one they will soon forget. Others put their life on the line chasing after a desire that will soon disappear like bubbles. Everyone says they’re looking for life’s meaning. Then should I also try to find some meaning in this screwed up world? Then will my life change? I’ve lived my whole life believing that there’s no one I can count on but myself. Will the sun shine down on me as well? Then, let’s give it a shot…” - Oh Soo – Source: Koreandrama.com align="center"OXYGEN COUPLE DETAILS Jo In Sung (Cho In Seong) Birthday : July 28, 1981 Height : 186 cm. Weight : 72 kg. Blood Type : B Debut : December 1998 Georgio model Information : Likes watching movies, collecting hats, and playing Starcraft! Enjoys playing basketball and practices tae kwon do. His ideal partner would be someone who is kind, has sense and does her best in everything in she does. TV Dramas: 2005 - SBS - Spring Day 2004 - SBS - What Happened In Bali 2002 - SBS - Shooting Star 2002 - SBS - Piano 2001 - KBS - School 3 2001 - MBC - Nonstop3 Song Hye (Hae) Gyo (Kyo) Song Hye Kyo (Song Hye Gyo) English name: Lorraine Song Nicknames: Woodpecker, Hejgyo, Yookgyo, Hakkyo Profession: Actress and model Birthdate: 1981-Nov-22 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 160cm Weight: 45kg Star sign: Scorpio Blood type: A Talent agency: eden9 Education: Sook Myung Women's Junior High School, Eun Kwang Women's High School, Se Jong University (Arts major) Hobbies: Stitching-knitting and perfumes collecting Specialty: Piano Religion: Buddhism/Christianity (Roman Catholic) Debut: 1996 SunKyung Smart (school uniform brand) model search Grand Prize winner, 1996 KBS Sunday morning drama, Happy Morning She is a former figure skater Her registered birthdate - February 26, 1982. Her quote: “I keep it inside when things make me mad or I am dissatisfied with something because I’m afraid would hurt others. Sometimes when I’m alone it explodes and I cry alone then” Series 2004 KBS Full House (Han Ji Eun) 2003 SBS All In (Su-Yon) 2001 MBC Hotelier (Yun-Hee) 2001 SBS Guardian Angel (Da-so) 2000 KBS Host of Music Bank 2000 KBS Autumn in My Heart (Eun-suh) 1998 SBS Sung Pung Clinic 1998 SBS Na Uh Dae
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