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  1. Silent lurker here for awhile. Been watching this show and it's my daily dose of K-drama goodness. I even bypassed Encounter and MOA with all those A listers. The storyline is not too interesting itself at the beginning but its slowly growing on to me, it helps that the actors and actresses can act and that keeps me hooked. And it definitely helps that they such eye candies. Their sparkly eyes makes me actually think they have something going on IRL. Lol. Cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow. Here are some synopsis: Looks almost like a proposal. They are moving along very nicely. Very sweet indeed!
  2. Getting aquainted, are we? ....Feeling fuzzy all over Who's manlier? Let's stay this way forever... Just need to get closer..............wait for this......................He's heavier than I thought! Sorry Yeo Wool, these naughty hands can't get enough. Need for more skinship! Naked alert! Hormones checked! Actions speak louder than words Who ever questions their smooching skills? Back hugs are the trend. Piggyback are overrated! -*- GU CouPLe ProFiLe -*- Name: 이승기 / Lee Seung Ki (Lee Seung Gi) AS Choi Kang Chi Profession: Singer and actor Birthdate: 1987-Jan-13 Birthplace: Korea Height: 182cm Weight: 70kg Star sign: Capricorn Education: Sang Gye High School, Dong Guk University Skill: Fencing Hobbies: Listening to music and soccer Name: 수지 / Bae Suzy AS Dam Yeo Wool Real name: 배수지 / Bae Soo Ji Profession: Singer, actress Birthdate: 1994-Oct-10 Height: 166cm Weight: 47kg Star sign: Libra Talent agency: JYP Entertainment KPOP group: Miss A SOURCE: KOREANDRAMA.ORG -*- DraMa DeTaiLs -*- Main Title: Guga Family Book Native title: 구가의서 Also known as : Guga Uiseo; Gugaeuiseo; Ancient Medical Book; The Writings of Nine Houses Network: MBC Aired: April 8, 2013 to June 25, 2013 Airs On: Monday, Tuesday 21:55 # of Episodes: 24 Genres: Fantasy, Historical Synopsis Born from a human mother and deity father but wanting very much to become fully human, a male gumiho (fox with nine tails) Choi Kang Chi, tries his best to live a human life. Source: MyDramaList.com =========================================================================== Classic Phrase: "Don't Worry. I'll Protect You!" Minus the fainting part... Kang-chi: “Don’t do that again. Don’t make secrets. Don’t walk past me like you don’t know who I am!" Kang-chi: “That’s my bloodline. We hang onto one woman, live or die. So don’t YOU go getting sick of me. Because I’m going to live looking only at you, live or die. Forever.”Kang-chi cries, “Yeo-wool is my person! Don't lay a hand on my person!" Kang-chi cries, "I thought I lost you. I was so scared.The truth is, Yeo-wool-ah, you are the one who’s most precious to me. Without you, I have no meaning.= Kang-chi says to himself: “I didn’t want to say goodbye. You were the first person I wanted to make mine. I didn’t want to make you cry heartbreaking tears ever again. But Yeol-woo might die…” Yeo Wool cries, “Don’t you know that your words right now are ripping my heart up more?!” Yeo-wool: I should’ve said it more then. Kang-chi: I should’ve held you more then. That I liked you this much. Yeo-wool: That I loved you this much.
  3. This is my first thread on this couple shippers paradise. Let's share our beautiful Oxygen heart-warming couple moments here! That Winter, The Wind Blows “People want to find meaning to their life. To try to find meaning in life, some people put their life on the line for a loved one they will soon forget. Others put their life on the line chasing after a desire that will soon disappear like bubbles. Everyone says they’re looking for life’s meaning. Then should I also try to find some meaning in this screwed up world? Then will my life change? I’ve lived my whole life believing that there’s no one I can count on but myself. Will the sun shine down on me as well? Then, let’s give it a shot…” - Oh Soo – Source: Koreandrama.com align="center"OXYGEN COUPLE DETAILS Jo In Sung (Cho In Seong) Birthday : July 28, 1981 Height : 186 cm. Weight : 72 kg. Blood Type : B Debut : December 1998 Georgio model Information : Likes watching movies, collecting hats, and playing Starcraft! Enjoys playing basketball and practices tae kwon do. His ideal partner would be someone who is kind, has sense and does her best in everything in she does. TV Dramas: 2005 - SBS - Spring Day 2004 - SBS - What Happened In Bali 2002 - SBS - Shooting Star 2002 - SBS - Piano 2001 - KBS - School 3 2001 - MBC - Nonstop3 Song Hye (Hae) Gyo (Kyo) Song Hye Kyo (Song Hye Gyo) English name: Lorraine Song Nicknames: Woodpecker, Hejgyo, Yookgyo, Hakkyo Profession: Actress and model Birthdate: 1981-Nov-22 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 160cm Weight: 45kg Star sign: Scorpio Blood type: A Talent agency: eden9 Education: Sook Myung Women's Junior High School, Eun Kwang Women's High School, Se Jong University (Arts major) Hobbies: Stitching-knitting and perfumes collecting Specialty: Piano Religion: Buddhism/Christianity (Roman Catholic) Debut: 1996 SunKyung Smart (school uniform brand) model search Grand Prize winner, 1996 KBS Sunday morning drama, Happy Morning She is a former figure skater Her registered birthdate - February 26, 1982. Her quote: “I keep it inside when things make me mad or I am dissatisfied with something because I’m afraid would hurt others. Sometimes when I’m alone it explodes and I cry alone then” Series 2004 KBS Full House (Han Ji Eun) 2003 SBS All In (Su-Yon) 2001 MBC Hotelier (Yun-Hee) 2001 SBS Guardian Angel (Da-so) 2000 KBS Host of Music Bank 2000 KBS Autumn in My Heart (Eun-suh) 1998 SBS Sung Pung Clinic 1998 SBS Na Uh Dae
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