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  1. gigivillaceran, these people could not topple SHK, so they target where it hurts the most, her family! Desperation! That's how I would sum it up! They are running out of weapons! Their weaponry is exhausted! Running out of disparaging remarks to hurl at SHK! Nothing is working, apparently. They expected SHK to quiver with fear and hide! But instead, she remained mum and let them do what they are good for, tittle-tattle! True, we have not heard from her since the break up, nor seen her, but, when she emerged, VOILA, all hell broke loose! Don't let them get to you! Save your strength because the best is yet to come! WE STAND BY YOU!
  2. Be an empowered woman, Kyo! You can be anybody you want to be! You are in control of your life, nobody else! We are so happy to see you up and about! We look forward to more Kyo, more projects, and more Kyo! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! WE STAND BY YOU!
  3. They are both handsome looking gals, IMHO! SHK is beyond that, though! She exudes sexiness and has this room-stopping allure in her that would stop you in your tracks and just stare! JMHO! Anywho, she looks better than ever! As if she's trying to say "Eat your hearts out, gossipmongers!" Kinda has this "who cares what you think, knuckleheads!" attitude. I think we are witnessing a much more daring Kyo. A much less unguarded Kyo! And I am liking it! It is about time! Show these dum-dums what you can do! Only you, have the power to do anything you wish! Don't be cowed by intimidation and threat from these dimwits! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING................ WE STAND BY YOU!
  4. This rings a bell to me. A Korean co-worker of my hubby made a reference similar to this. They were talking about where everyone is going on vacation. This Korean co-worker apparently said that never will he set foot in his homeland ever again. My hubby was taken aback. Hi co-worker made a reference to them Koreans as his "people", that they are "fill in the blanks." I won't say exactly the adjectives he used to describe how he feels about them. Now I see the big picture why he felt that way. Of course, not all Koreans are the same. Koreans I have met in my neck of the woods are so far nice.Just sharing. WE STAND BY YOU!
  5. People, especially Koreans who are maligning her, as if they have the right to, are forgetting that at one time, not long ago, this one person they are accusing of as money hungry has rejected an offer from one of the biggest Japanese automakers, Mitsubishi, to be their model. Because she loves her culture and history and wants to preserve them, and knowing that the company was involved in forced labor during the Japanese occupation of Korea, she did not hesitate to turn the offer down. Imagine that undisclosed money offered to her! If you remember, a woman involved in forced labor thanked and appreciated her for her unbelievable gesture! If SHK is such a greedy person, she wouldn't have cared at all! Jealousy and ignorance are forces of evil that propelled this group of people to bring slanderous allegations and nonsense! What else would it be? They do not personally know SHK and vice versa! What gives?
  7. The truth will eventually come out! It never will be hidden forever! Only SHK can divulge the truth! Someday! Until then, "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" WE STAND BY YOU!
  8. Once again, in support of SHK fighting, kyo BRAVE THE STORM! NO STORM LASTS FOREVER! IT WILL GET BETTER! aja aja fighting!!!
  10. My point exactly! Let alone mention that other person's name. Sorry, just can't bear to see this person's name alongside SHK's.
  11. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful faces the world has to offer! For SKH We pray for inner peace, joy, and forgiveness...... we will always stand by your side
  12. Everything is going to be fine in the end..... If it is not fine, it is not the end! ....Oscar Wilde... we stand by you, kyo! be patient and believe in yourself hang in there stay strong have faith
  13. it just dawned on me wonder what his reaction to all that is happening to shk all those malicious rumors those derogatory and insulting remarks thrown at shk wonder how he feels about it
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