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[OFFICIAL] ♥O2 / Oxygen Couple♥ ~ *Jo In Sung & Song Hye Gyo* Heart-Warming Shippers

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Hi @nataliakay, welcome to the O2 thread   Here is the TWTWB commentary video with just JIS and SHK (many thanks to zuizui).  Unfortunately there are no English subs on this video, but I did translate

Yay ...JIS visited the set of Hye Kyo drama....are there any photos??? ok ..I can settle for this...much love pic...

All praises for Hye Kyo in The Crossing1 movie.Brilliant acting. No wonder John Woo believed that she deserved to be on this film..She delivered the lines in Mandarin. HXM give it all in the romantic

You guys, they were so into their characters in this drama hence it's not easy for them to forget their scenes together! I bet my only $, those scenes will always linger in their minds! Their scenes were both intensely emotionally and physically draining! It was worth it, though! Beautiful drama! Kept going back for a peek! One of the best so far! =D>

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Guest Aimee092

   <<sniff>> < sniff>>   After Kim Hyung Joong and now minho..my little soompi heart  is just so tired right now. Sorry chinggus , I just have to vent... :((  And don't click that off topic button! lol. 

*****  eating pizza  with   cold , very cold  pepsi*****,  feeling ,much better!    

By the way, if anyone of you have an elevator gif ( of  jis or he kyo)  please pm it to me.lol. I forgot I have a story to finish, 

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@Maimee it's okey to be sentimental at times but don't be carried away too much so that you will not get drowned.. ;) this ship manage to learn how to swim so that even how many tsunami's would come this ship still survives all for the sake of SHK and JIS.. :x >:D< and besides everyone of us here treat as friends already.. ;) and that's why this is called a heart warming shipper's too.. ;) :x >:D<

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Guest Aimee092

How do I love thee?  Let me count the back hugs!  



Image result for the wind that winter blows gif

save the best for the last!  The best back hug is the  behind the scene backhug .:)  . 


Credit as tagged / web 

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thanks heart-warming shippers for making this thread alive..those kissing scenes, back hugs are making this page burning :)

O2 couple have also been busy lately. @heyitzmaureen posted that SHK is open for international marriage, so this maybe the reason why some fans noticed that JIS looks sad during his Shanghai FM.


but i think later on everything was cleared-up becoz i saw them smiling so cutely :x

@Maimee, waiting for your 50 shades of white story :)

@timi, if only i know how to do those gifs, i would love to see those BTS funny moments of JIS and SHK.

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i m waiting for @Maimee 50 shades of white story too :))
bcoz of this ship i learned how to make gift :P just google it @blim0523 @timi163
it's fun to learn new things :-B like whats with people with big hand, big feeet, thick eyebrows


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@cikqueen, i'll try to google how to make a gif  so i can make one too, thanks :)

about a person who have big hands, i heard person who have big hands have a long ________ the words starts with a "p" it has letters "e and n" too. can you guess it? ok not to make it so suspenseful, people who have big hands have a long PATIENCE =))

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