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[Drama 2013] Flower Boy Next Door / My Flower Boy Neighbor (이웃집 꽃미남)


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Guest jjsweeter0211

Flower Boy Next Door releases teaser

by girlfriday | December 5, 2012 |


I can’t wait for January to come this year because we’ve got TWO rom-coms on the way. (I know! Please be good. Please be good.) The first teaser is out for tvN’s Flower Boy Next Door, featuring leads Yoon Shi-yoon and Park Shin-hye cozying up for a kiss… in her fantasies. Way to burst a girl’s bubble in forty seconds or less.

It’s a durned good one as far as fantasies go though: she’s got a flower-boy-appear-o remote, and a closet full of hotties on a — What’s a spinning tie rack for boys instead of ties? Motorized Lazy Boy Susan? That sounds like a chair. Anyway, you clearly know it’s fake because if you had a Kim Ji-hoon in your room, I guarantee that’s not where you’d keep him.

The drama stars Park Shin-hye as a shut-in Miss Lonelyhearts type, who spends her days spying on hot neighbor Kim Ji-hoon, only to be caught redhanded in her creepy peeping by her other neighbor, Yoon Shi-yoon. Kim Ji-hoon is a scruffy manhwa artist, while Yoon Shi-yoon is a younger golden boy (and also hilariously named Enrique — can’t wait for that explanation).

The boys in the teaser are labeled thusly: Front Neighbor, Next-door Neighbor, Back Neighbor, Side Neighbor, and Across-the-way Neighbor. Uh… when can I move in?

I’m really looking forward to the everyone-is-everyone’s-neighbor setup for this drama, because it’ll do the opposite of what every other drama does (in having characters coincidentally run into each other all the time as if Seoul consisted of three streets with one coffee shop and a bar). Not that living in a building full of pretty boys is any more realistic, mind you. Just a nice change of scenery is all.

Flower Boy Next Door premieres January 7 on tvN.











Via Joy News

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I was going to say - I don't think it's that PSH is a bad kisser at all. It might be the director too. There are quite a few directors, PD's and/or writers in K-dramas who insist on chaste, close-mouthed kiss scenes. They also take into account how comfortable the actor/actress is so it might also be that PSH is very uncomfortable kissing so many fellow actors. I can think of one actress (Sung Yuri) who also has NEVER done a good kiss scene, they're always horrible. (No offense to her fans at all) I hate watching her kiss scenes, she's in her 30's now but continues to do the wide-eyed, innocent, surprised look in all her kiss scenes. It's annoying. But again, it might be the director. 
PSH is still very young and I'm up for giving her the benefit of the doubt. I also noticed in the kiss scene in the teaser, Yoon Shi Yoon's mouth is closed so I have a feeling this will be one of those very innocent type kisses. *shrugs* I'm trying to deal with it. =))

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Guest littlemermaid_

Wow this thread has sure been moving fast! Its only been about four days since my last visit, and theres already teasers and screen caps! Thanks guys for sharing them :) 
Shin hye is one real lucky lady with 5 good looking men surrounding her in the drama, but then again she's going to only end up with one of them, so maybe she can share the other four guys with us? :P hehehe...
And I'm counting down, only a month to go :D 

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Hey everyone I dare to try on this name making thing for our FBND couple... and I have come up with.... "GO-ENRIQUE COUPLE" since we were all probably cheering for spain on soccer this year and DokMi's last name is Go ! :3 or ... or... "KeumGo" "Come and Go" couple if you think about it it sounds like that :P or or Oh! ... um "Bichoseo Couple" "Crazy Couple" LOOOOL as he calls her crazy and she would probably think he's crazy too! otherwise... "The Flower 3 Couple"... :3 as in 3rd Flower plus Flower Girl + 2 Flower Boys YSY KJH x3 I dare to think xD oh oh one more name I swear... GO-RIQUE sounds very UNIQUE yes?? HEHEHEHEH~

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I'm not sure but I think Enrique is half Spanish/Korean. That or he was born in Spain where his parents own a chain of hotels... I think? :-??
I remember reading the webtoon with my limited understanding of Korean... Or maybe I dreamt that up? :))

January is going to be so fun!

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Yep, Enrique is Spanish. (according to Wikipedia, it's a Spanish variant on the German name Heinrich - which is basically Henry in English) 
I'm guessing he has either a Spanish mother or father - would Korean parents give their child a Spanish name just because he was born there or they live there? I would be very surprised! 
@Grimm_Jagg - Are you feeling better? I'm so happy you're here too! :D

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Annyeong! >:D< Yeah I am feeling better, let's hope it doesn't go back downhill again. :)) RL is pretty depressive but things are slowly improving.
FBND is going to rock with everyone here!!

Hmm. I wonder how everyone that is casted will play out in the drama, the other 3 flower boys are just there, lots of bromance is possible... And then two female rivals? Perhaps the school rival is for KJH and the other is YSY's first love...
We will get a new teaser this weekend... I think? And/or possibly stills and posters.

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I know, I'm dying for a character chart. (LOL) Kouki Mizuta seems familiar but I can't place where I've seen him before. I also can't wait for the posters. Seeing YSY and PSH at the awards show and after-party together has sorta thrown me into a frenzy=))
Off Topic:

RL for me was crazy but we're done with 4th quarter stuff at work so I have a lot more free time. (YAY)

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@Brian_1970 I vote for GO-RIQUE :))I heard PSH will appear in Strong Heart to promote this drama in December 25, why SY doesnt join with PSH :(

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