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[Drama 2013] Flower Boy Next Door / My Flower Boy Neighbor (이웃집 꽃미남)


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There's a RUMOUR that this will also air in the Philippines this year or next year... Nothing has confirmed yet. They say GMA Network (Channel 7) will have an announcement on the 9th of June. I'm not yet sure, but I will visit here again if after the official news.
That's all. Thank you! :D

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HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 2nd Anniversary Flower Boys Next Door!!<:-P <:-P <:-P

Reminiscin' how did Dok Mi and Enrique meet for the first time.. :x
ep1_zpsazynffur.gif ep1a_zpsagum0ism.gif ep1b_zps2p6toiqd.gif ep1e_zpst9wzj0eg.gif

As Dok Mi is pressed up against Tae Joon's door, Enrique arrives and presses his face against the door as well and makes the same mewling expression. Dok Mi turns around and shrinks back in surprise when she sees him. He asks "what are you doing, ahjumma?" She doesn't answer and runs away. :xEpisode 1 “I steal peeks at him every day” 

and how their love story unfolds! :x



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Guest kyung-jin

I like both Enrique and Jin Rak..

but my OTP is Dok Mi and Enrique..

by being with Enrique, Dok Mi have improved a lot..

and that's the reason why I want Dok Mi to end up with Enrique..

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Guest kyung-jin

10 Things about K-dramas that make no sense (but we love anyway)

by Lauren Jinkerson on Thu, Apr 16, 2015

Ever have that moment when you're watching a K-drama and you think "wait....what just happened?". Sometimes our eyes are strained from all the rolling and our voices hoarse from all the screaming. But some of the things that make the least sense (I'll use piggyback rides to the hospital as an example) are the things that make us the most deliriously happy when it happens on the screen. Here are 10 things in K-dramas that we often find ourselves rolling our eyes at but that we secretly love. 

5. Wardrobe choices

K-drama is a leader in the world of fashion. There is so much inspiration to be had there (think Cheon Song Yi from My Love From Another Star's lipstick that spurred a massive shopping spree and sold out a particular shade around the world). Sometimes, however, fashion can go wrong. 

Flower Boy Next Door: Cha Do Hwi


Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/10-things-about-k-dramas-that-make-no-sense-but-we-love-anyway/

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It is just very recently that I got to watch FBND and as a lover of psychology, I have to say that I was very impressed at the way the character of YSY ushered in the healing of Dok Mi portrayed by PSH. The approaches he took were all well within the purview of the psychological treatment of anxiety disorders. I loved the explosive chemistry in Pinocchio but, FBND has got to be my most favourite PSH drama. Lovely drama. I really enjoyed every bits of it. All the actors did an amazing job. YSY was both wacky and wonderful. BTW, congratulations to Park Soo Jin who is marrying BYJ soon.

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