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  1. On a side note...working on another crossover. Modern day NQ reincarnated with a different face therefore SS can't recognize him
  2. Tbh, I don't care for YHY in the drama and super not in the novel. She can take herself and MSS out the exist door for all I care. Just don't come between the OTP and I'll be on good term with you lol. But @n3bula if they are making NQ having a thing for her its super stupid. Like really? Writer you made NQ so in love to the point where the word "love" has no more meaning of NQ's feeling toward SS, because what he is feeling is beyond that, so please don't make this feeling seem like crap. Stop making it seems like he is cheating on her yet at the sametime saying, you're my life..blah blah blah. Like the director said, they are listening to the viewers so please be smart and dont add stupid things in for more unnecessary drama. SS is such a pure soul to be put to this kind of love trial and esp coming from someone who said she is his world and life.
  3. @angelangie @n3bula I swear if they change the script to NQ going back to a certain someone, I will murder someone, specifically NQ and then that certain someone lol. It's really not fair that SS belong to NQ only but NQ can belong to multiple girls I swear sometimes I just wanted to see SS cheat on him for the heck if it haha. Yes SS won, Shao Ye. We need Prince Long Qing and Prince Hun Yuan to step up their games. but I'm pretty sure they will die by NQ's hands either way.
  4. My heart is already in a mess from that one saying. If I see another bts of SS and NQ being lovey dovey, my heart might just explode haha
  5. Hahaha. I need my own SS but I don't think we'll be able to kidnap her since Shao Ye will be super mad. Dylan saying "his own SS" dammit...hit the spot. NQ and his SS..sniiffff
  6. Can she get any younger? Lol. Love her with long hair.
  7. I think she is holding it. If you look closing, she is holding it across his chest.
  8. Tell me about it. They release more on that Momo girl and NQ than him and SS. Whoever release that fighting scene with her on his back, I just wanna kiss them. I know, me and my wishful thinking...lol but right some hands touching is totally fine with me too. Oh and do hope that those fans show some really good bts of all the cast too but mostly on the leads
  9. I don't know about you guys but I love seeing NQ carry SS in any ways. She is that precious to him. It's dangerous and yet they are so willing to try their hardest to bring us the best of EN. Now...can we get a sneek peak at the love scene? I believed its only after this scene or a little further lol. Likely not
  10. Omg guys. This LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD. Just how I imagined when reading the novel. I do however worried about NQ/Dylan back hahaha
  11. AGREED! SYR is just awesome and so adorable! I want my own little Sang Sang hahaha. Let's the bts and the drama.
  12. Your point of why you wanted to watch EN in the first place is your own and I'm not saying its wrong but blurting it out like that will cause people to pick on your idol. So yes, why you wanted to follow a drama based on your idol is none of my business but when you keep announcing "the why", you're gonna get some backlash for it sweetie. I think to keep it peaceful, we shouldn't be bringing up the reason why we're watching EN. Since its a sensitive topic, because Dylan was the replacement, and some of CFY's fans aren't happy about that. Like I already said above, every single casts memebers is important to the story and I know we all have this one particular person we are watching for but please just be respectful and support the drama moving forward. I'm not saying anything else. Watch EN for whatever reasons but please support the drama. Thanks everyone.
  13. TBH, I think one of the reason why many who shipped CFY (NQ) and SYR (SS) or fans of the novel, are not accepting Dylan as NQ because of what some of his fans are saying, like said above "only watches EN because of Dylan" and the "his popularity contribute to the success of the drama". Sorry but those sayings are making Dylan look bad and that is why many aren't giving him a chance. Ever Night was already popular to begin with, even from just the novel. Some people at first don't like that CFY got the role easy because he is a newbie. Most though it had to be because of his connection but damn did he proved those people wrong. Here, Dylan's fans are saying it's because only of him and his popularity, while seemly like they are dissing the rest of the casts, tho making every one looks like they don't matter to the story. His fans need to stop saying that and just support the drama. Any actors/actresses who get it big the first time or come into the picture with a big background will sometimes have a harder time being accepted. Honestly, I don't even know CFY before this but he is a good actor. I have not seen Dylan acted before but judging from his fights scene, he seems like he is trying very hard and I appreciated that. I wanted Dylan to work hard to be his own NQ and not based on his popularity. For me, an actor can be all handsome and pretty boy, but if he failed in the acting dept, then it's a big no. At this point it seem like we all are pointing the bads in each other bias to make us feel better, so let's just stop. If CFY is not a good actor, he wouldn't have chemistry with SYR nor was EN a successed. If Dylan wasn't a good actor, MG wouldn't be as popular as it is. Everyone have their own goods and bads. I'm sure the actors are already going thru so much and we don't need to add fans war to their list too. Please let's just let Dylan do his best and work to become a different/great NQ by himself so that others that doesn't know him can appreciate him in a new light. Let's stop all of this nonsense and support the drama. Everyone is working hard, as you all can see BTS. Lastly, I have to agreed that Song YiRen is the true star of the show. She was the hidden gem and her character is more complex than anyone else in the drama. First, when watching EN, CFY is like Frodo, the star of the show and everything is about him. But then as the journey continue, you see his sidekick Sam, who is just the most sweetest little hobbit. So loyal and dedicated to Frodo, just like SS to NQ. That's when you want a Sam or Sang Sang by your side. I've become such a big fan of this tiny girl and wanted Ever Night 2 to be a success. Although I may be a NingSang (CFY & SYR) shipper, I am excited to see Dylan and her together. Ever Night 2 fighting!!!
  14. They better stick true to the novel. SS is equally important as much as NQ since her status is no joke lol.
  15. Sigh...gosh and S2 is where her special power is awakening. But I guess it show more NQ because Dylan did filmed his part first. SYR came a bit later.
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